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Global Blogging

Fluid three columns theme with a corporate touch. No plugin required.

Blogs need to be attractive, clear and distinctive. Whether you blog about current events, music or personal, choosing a unique theme will attract people to your blog. It will be easy for you to manage a blog that is organized and nice to look at. Choose something that suits your writing style and content. Experiment, try something different instead of just your average, classic layout.

This theme is geared to blogs with a more corporate tone. A financial or political blog, marketing or law– these kinds of topics would be perfectly balanced by this sober and elegant theme. Your blog must present a unified image, much like a brand. By developing your original mark and voice, your blog will find its niche in cyber space. Get your theme today!

Screenshot | Download: [download id=”18″]


Autumn Blues

My second seasonal theme creation. The structure is derived from my previous released Fluidity theme but a bit narrower and has a shaped footer graphic. Requires no plugin and is also widgets ready.

Screenshot | Download: [download id=”17″]


Summer Fresh

Two columns theme, fixed width and has a wider sidebar. Floral graphic on header and footer area.

Screenshot | Download: [download#18]



Pour Homme

Two columns theme that shows the latest post first on a wider column. Widgets ready and it requires two plugins:

  • Searchlite
  • ASP Recent Comments

Plugins are included in the folder.

Screenshot | Download: [download id=”15″]

Previous Releases

Beauty Within

The Beauty Within

A simple but elegant fixed width three column theme. Both sidebars are on the right side. The right sidebar is reserve for Flickr your badge.

Screenshot | Download: [download id=”14″]

Corporate Look

Corporate Look

My first corporate theme. Fixed width, three columns and uses the following plugins:

  1. cat_as_tags
  2. customizable-post-listings
  3. get-recent-comments

Plugins are included in the package.

Screenshot | Download: [download id=”13″]



Fast Lane

Two columns, fixed width theme. Color combination -> yellow, orange and black.

Screenshot | Download: [download id=”12″]

Funky Beat

Funky Beat

Funky Beat is created for young and young at heart WordPress users. It is a two columns theme. On the upper part of the sidebar, a table is added to hold: recent comments, and & recent entries.
This theme is using the following plugins:

  1. searchlite
  2. exerpt reloaded
  3. get recent comments
  4. Ultimate Tag Warriors

Screenshot | Download: [download id=”11″]

Mini Romantic

Mini Romantic

Mini Romantic is a slim type of theme with two columns. It has a foliage background graphic from the top to the mid.
Screenshot | Download: [download id=”10″]

Morning Dew

Morning Dew

A neat looking Widgets ready two columns WordPress theme.

Screenshot | Download: [download id=”9″]




Down memorylane…
Nostalgie is a german word which means “Nostalgia”- A bittersweet longing for things, persons, or situations of the past. It has an olive green, yellow color combination and has two columns. As usual fixed width.
Screenshot | Download: [download id=”8″]



Two columns, fixed width theme. Color combination -> black, white and orange.
Screenshot | Download: [download id=”7″]

Refresh 2 Columns

Refresh! (2cols)

Refresh theme is the most famous theme among my creations. Simple yet elegant and very easy to navigate and customize. With top navigation and sidebar on the right.
Screenshot | Download: [download id=”6″]

Refresh 3 Columns

Refresh 3 Columns

Three columns version of Refresh! The sidebars has the same content, so please add the functions you’d like to apppear here.
Screenshot | Download: [download id=”5″]

Shades Of Blue

Shades Of Blue

A minimalist fixed width two colmuns theme that uses three plugins (included in the file).
Screenshot | Download: [download id=”4″]



Turquoise theme is from “The Beauty Within” series. A three columns theme, widened to give entries and sidebars content more space.
Screenshot | Download: [download id=”3″]



Fixed width two columns theme.
Screenshot | Download: [download id=”2″]

Out Of The Bue

Out Of The Blue

One of my basic three columns theme. Decent looking simple design.
Screenshot | Download: [download id=”1″]

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