Me A Thief?

Wow what an accusation! A certain KATE of ROCK-KITTY.NET accused me of stealing her graphics and used it on my created theme called VIVACITY. She left the below message as comment in my previous post.

You’re a thief!! You’re not allowed to use my graphics to make your own theme of them! I’ve already reported you to Matt! Thief!!

To your accusation Kate, here is my responce:

I’ve been creating WordPress Themes since 2003, my site exist long before yours. Here is your Whois details my dear:

Registrar: GODADDY.COM, INC.
Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Name Server: NS1106.DIZINC.COM
Name Server: NS1107.DIZINC.COM
Status: clientRenewProhibited
Status: clientTransferProhibited
Status: clientUpdateProhibited
Status: clientDeleteProhibited
Updated Date: 04-jul-2007
Creation Date: 09-jul-2006
Expiration Date: 09-jul-2008

And here is mine:

Domain Name: LUKARET.COM
Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Name Server: NS3.NS1-TECH.DE
Name Server: NS1.NS1-TECH.DE
Status: clientTransferProhibited
Updated Date: 30-jul-2007
Creation Date: 08-aug-2005
Expiration Date: 08-aug-2008

I had a different domain before this one, just in case you’ll start wondering why I said “I started creating WP Themes since 2003”. I intentionally added our domain details here for you to compare the time difference.

Now my dear Kate, I am sure you can imagine how angry I am at the moment. You’re lucky you are out of my reach orelse I have scratched out your eyes already. See, if you possess enough brain in your head…you should have contacted me first, so we could clear things before unrighteously accusing me and reporting me to Matt. Stealing is the last thing I would ever do girl. What you did was a big big mistake, now I’m going to stuff your mouth with the truth.

I honestly never heard of you, not until the moment you left that nerve-rocking comment. With the help of great GOOGLE, I found your whereabouts. I simply put your email address, pressed enter…et voila, I got everything what I need. So, I went to your site to find out what you mean, there I saw a theme you created named “nicecolors“. The layout graphic look very similar indeed to my Vivacity theme. But girl, how can you say I have stolen your graphics, you created it around ‎April ‎19, 2007, ‏‎whereas Vivacity on the other hand was made January 16, 2006. Well, I’m not only giving you dates of creations but below is the link of Vivacity’s PSD file.

Vivacity PSD *Warning: You are granted the permission to download my very own PSD file, but take note: never ever claim it as yours orelse you will be in deep trouble!

Download it, and look at it layer per layer. Do as you are told, and when you are done, come back here and tell me again that I am a THIEF!

You have done the damage, now mend it thru asking apology in public and tell Matt you were wrong. Show me you have balls!


Beng Hafner is my name. I am proud to be who I am and I am proud of the way I am. I am alive because I have a lot to live for. I have many dreams that I wish to reach for and I have many journeys to make.

My life is like a soap opera, and you are the audience.


  • I’m sorry to hear that Ms. Beng. A lot of people know how good you are in doing your craft and we know that you won’t ever make something that could ruin your reputation. I’ve seen both your graphics. There were similarities, yes, in the color schemes. But should this be a basis for calling you such a destructive word? Such an unprofessional manner. She should indeed be demanded for an apology.

  • oh man! what a strong accusation.
    I for one, know how hard you work for your designs, Ate Beng. Stealing is out of the question. That simple.
    I hope the other party will come back and set things straight.

  • So where is this girl that falsely accused the Lada of web designs? hiding I guess,lol _baby

    Think about it, what could she possibly feeling right now? guilty,lol Her face is so thick as that stone in the mountain of Bavaria.Jesus, kate should be crucified.period looolo Oooops sorry! I can’t help it but laugh at her accusation towards you.Poor thing! :furious:

  • KATE
    sorry, but it’s either you are dumb or you did not read what i posted thoroughly. i want you to open the psd file of my work and check it layer by layer so you’ll see how i made mine. is that clear to you? and besides, is the creation date of my vivacity not proof enough? if you have now downloaded the psd as i told you, why don’t you right click it and see the details.

    Vivacity theme was created one (1) year ahead of yours!!!!! Dammit! If there is someone stealing here, who is it then?

  • hi yoru,

    thank you very much. what she did to me is very insulting. i have tried not to lose my temper but i just can’t help it. she wrote a defamatory statement and i simply can’t let is pass.

  • hi thess

    thanks a lot my friend. she still kept emailing me and she even said i have stolen her ideas. what a shame. ayaw akong tigilan ng lintik. upakan ko na kaya ito :furious:

    • well I can understand what you r saying! Shes so stupid. She actually accused someone of rape!! thats the lowest thing she can do…but unfortunaly shes not a nice person. She’s the thief not you Ms. Beng. I admire your work! 10/10

      • Hi Ando,

        Thank you very much for the visit and for the compliment 🙂 Regarding this person, I think she’s suffering from attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder :arrg
        She wanted attention so you see, I gave it to her. And what did you say? She accused someone of rape? Oh my gulay. Horrible!!!

  • hi nika,

    wakanga ayaw akong tigilan ng gaga kahit nandiyan na ang detalye. she even emailed me that i have stolen her ideas. pag di siya titigil, ipapakulam mo ko na siya :devious

  • admittedly, the color schemes are almost the same; but come on, glaring differences esp on the dates as stated again by nika. this could have been resolved between the two of you without hurling accusations; but since kate started hitting you publicly, i cant blame you for hitting back; esp if you are right. sige nga, jakulamski mo na, hehe! hope it’ll be resolved soon…

  • hi kengkay,

    yes of course there is similarity in color schemes and partly on the design. but the fact that i made mine 1 year ahead of hers is proof enough. isn’t it? her fault is attacking me without knowing the facts first. the purpose of posting this issue is to let people know the truth just before she spread it out. and besides, i have nothing to hide and it is my reputation which is at stake.

    aba eh, ginising niya ang natutulog na lukring di kitam…nalintikan tuloy siya.

  • The nerve of accusing without proof! That is so embarrassing for her.

    It’s good you even showed the whois comparison. Hay naku Ms. Beng, I’m sorry you had to go through with that.

  • This lady is obviously an IGNORANT PSYCHO BIATCH. Your design existed before hers, so how dare her accuse you of stealing something that was conceptualized even before she had her “bright and unique” idea? This makes my blood boil.

  • @Kate: Have you ever heard of the word “coincidence”? Ms. Beng didn’t rip-off your graphics. Her evidence tells that she created her design a year ahead than you did. Now, if you’d be sensible enough to realize that she could be the one accusing you of “robbery”. You made a graphic that’s coincidentally the same as what she did. Besides, from a designer’s point of view, your layout is something everyone else can do.

    You took the header and and removed the boxes for the content and sidebar.

    Oh no. Look closely at every pixel of your graphics. The header of her design is different from yours.

    Do you honestly think that Ms. Beng isn’t capable of creating her own that she’d steal graphics to make herself popular. I encourage you to look at her works, then tell us again that she stole your graphics. I’m not taking this personally against you. But please, be sensible enough and say sorry.

  • i discovered your site yesterday through wordpress pinoy and i instantly admired your designs. then today i learned about this accusation about you through Ate Thess’ blog.

    i know that designing is a hard work and no one has the right to accuse someone of stealing without any solid proof. the least she could have done is discussed it with you in private.

    anyway, i think it is good that she had contacted matt. this will only highlight her stupid mistake.

    be proud! stay cool! :fan:

  • day,ako gui adto ang guisumbungan aning buang, ang usa sa ulo sa WP ba, gui link nako ning post nimo para maka hibalo sad sya ug ang uban. Kung mo adto ka sa site aning babayhana, iyang gui bura imong message sa iyaha. Uwaw siguro sa iyang mga fans ba,lol

    na hala huna huna pa ko sa atong sabot gahapon basig unya pang gabii ko maka oras, dia si sir hehe wa hing sulod sa trabaho, himo mi ug bata este, naay diay syay appointment sa dentista.hehe

    Akong kawa inday mas dako dako, huwami, kulama ra gud na! ang kang atinneng mas epektib siguro ang iyaha,kato na lang!!

  • Wala akong masabi basta sama ako sa upakan ha? Grabe di muna nag iisip bago ngumak ngak. Many of us can testify who Ben Hafner is when it comes to Web Designing, gagang yan! :furious: :))

  • That’s a bull. So immature. :duh

    I checked out both, they are similar nga pero iba ung top.. Anyway, that’s not the point, she should have sent you an email and not have ranted in public.

    I’m in your side, Ms. Beng. Ang wrinkles. :p

  • Hi Friends,

    Thank you so much for your support. This case is not resolve yet and i guess this will never happen as well. I emailed this person and her only reply is:

    I’m a busy person (unlike some other people who have time to send thousands of emails a day) and I have school. You will never hear a sorry from me cos it’s you who needs to apologize. You stole my idea!

    And this is my reply to her:

    Hah! I’m as busy as you are too but what the heck…now that I know your point. I’m not going to waste my time anymore with you. You’re a hopeless case anyway.

    Goodluck to you and may your conclusion about me gives you satisfaction and success in life.

    Over and out!

    Her behaviour is so rotten, pweh! Manigas sana siya.


    she said i am sending her thousand of emails a day. yuck, what an exaggeration.

  • Dang! My comment got ‘stolen’ by the anti-spam word. What I mean is, this Kate is a brat with zero gravity brain, very insensitive of your explanations. Keep it cool Ate Beng, you don’t need to waste your time with people who doesn’t understand CSS better than you do. If I were to steal something from you, I’d go search in your kitchen and slash Kate’s wrist with a double-blade sharp knife until she bleed to death *hahaha. :furious:

  • atelomi, bakanamankaya severeangpagiging awtistik netongsikeyt kayadimakadistinguish ngtamaatmali? obakanaman doseanyos palangsya namayreasoning ng 5years old kayaganyansya mag-isip? hmmnnnn….

    :run :run :run :run :run :run :motorbike :motorbike :motorbike :motorbike :motorbike :motorbike :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :bouncy :bouncy :bouncy :bouncy :bouncy :bouncy :furious: :furious: :grin :grin

  • tokneneng Panucha, amnotsureanymore peronaikuwentokoba sayo naanglolakoaylomiangtawagsakin? naalalakotuloysiya :yes:

    hayNakuyangkeytkeytnayan aymaymalubhangsakitsabreynutakniya. noongnagsabog ngkabutihansiLord mukhangnakapayongsiya. peronoongnagsabognamansiMr.Devil ngLagim-at-kasamaan nakahubadsiya kayasakanyaHalosLahatNapunta. pisbewidhernalang :candle hetoKandilaHandogKoParaManahimikna angKaluluwaNiya.

  • oh dear me… I have seen beng work on her designs…. she has been on this field for a while she is in no position to steal anyway her head is full of ideas

  • Let’s bomb that bitch. She is indeed stupid for not to comprehend a simple explanation. I guess she is on crack or something else.

  • tsk tsk mouthing off with no proof… as I suspected she’s either very young and ignorant, or just ignorant. She’s the worst kind of internet newbie (wannabe). No netiquette at all.

    Don’t waste your precious time on her. But if her precious theme is a copy-cat of yours, kick her a**.

  • ..hello Beng,
    Dios ko tinanung pa nya ang aking pag ka tao…hmm
    so..this is it where you make a mega work..bzzzzzzzznessss.. eh who is this person acusing you of stealing?…sheeeeeeeet!! why…does she knows who you are? heck with her..
    pataka lang cya no? akala mo cya lang may utak.. ngeeeeeek… ,no..never lower your category..ok lang ba….
    wag mo nang pansinin..baka maneuver lang nya yan para maging sikat din cya ..thru Ãœ…
    ..well we all know ,that your Forte is real good in web design..not to mention your cultural and other activities..ok na nga ..wag mo na lang e mention lahat…


  • @Kate – You messed with the wrong person. You wrongly accused her of stealing your graphics without checking the facts. Your accusations are just plain STUPID. Next time you accuse someone make sure you do your research and know the facts. Beng created the Vivacity theme a year before you created yours. With that, you should be the one suspected of stealing from her and not the other way around.

    @Beng – Ang puso mo madam. Take it easy. Ano gusto mo gawin natin? I’m sure hindi lang ako ang handang tumulong sayo. Resbakan natin to. Hehe 😀 We all know you’re not capable of that and besides, we know that you created all your beautiful designs yourself. And I’m sure when Matt or the people behind WordPress themes knows about it, her accusations would be ignored.

    Forget about her, she’s not worth it. Have a nice day! 😀

  • @charles,

    thank you so much for the information. i went to each link and saw what you mean, and yes you’re absolutely right. hehehe! isn’t it that ,the one who cackles is the one who lays the eggs? di vah?

    @mel, thank you 🙂 i already said everything to her. so now i can say to hell with her!

  • hi jaypee,

    thank you so much for your support. well, you’re absolutely right…she messed with the wrong person. pero huwag kang mag-alala, napawi na ang galit ko sa braindead na yan. noong una, gustong-gusto ko na talaga siyang upakan. my husband even told me to sue her, but then i thought why should i waste my hard-earned money? dito ko na lang siya sa internet harapin…mas effective pa.

  • @ hi auee,

    i know several newbies or wannabes webdesigner but they are not like this Kate who is sooo disrespectful, impudent and self-opinionated. she’s an ill-mannered brat indeed.

    @olympic blogger,

    she got the nerves to falsely accuse me, but she doesn’t have the nerve to accept her big mistake.

    • this isn’t the first time beng, she’s also a racist! She attacks people without no reason, mostly people who are dark skinned or ethnic backgrounds from Middle Eastern. I think her school is considering expelling her because of her ideas. She should be Hitler’s wife, they would make a perfect couple.

  • Btw ate Beng, I made a mistake with those three links. She said she is not the one who made those. But anyways I really suspect that she is the one copying your designs instead as Jaypee points it out.

  • ang taray ng lola ko .. sino ba yan resbakan natin …… kunwari atapang atapang ako lol!
    salamat po sa bisita 🙂
    siya nga pala
    di ko alam kung bakit di ko maayos na naddl yung nagustuhan kong lay-out mo 🙁
    pero tong lay-out mo na to type ko 🙂

  • I’ve read about this “Kate” before, from Matt’s blog. Read the entry and the comments. She caused quite a stir back then.

    Hi Beng, obviously mas maganda yung theme mo! Insecure lang sya at wala lang magawa. hehe! Dedma na lang. 🙂

    Kate says you “took the header”, somewhat saying that you ripped off her design. So does she mean to say she’s the owner of the Gradient Tool?? My gulay. Nawiwindang yata yun. *rolls eyes*

  • Okay, I saw the themes. Although they’re VERY similar, I see no images that are the same. I certainly hope that people verify details first before sending off those angry cease-or-desist emails.

  • Hi Joni,

    Everything is clear to me now. Sounds like she is a quarrelsome brat. Geee, she even attact WordPress. Kulang yata sa pansin ang bruhang ito or di niya alam kong anong gawin niya sa time niya. Pati ako napagtripan niya, tsura niya. Windang nga :drunk

  • ade,

    this is not the first time that somebody attact me openly without knowing/verifying things first.

    I certainly hope that people verify details first before sending off those angry cease-or-desist emails.

    I say AMEN to this.

  • napadalaw lang po….

    ANAK NG!!!!! Ang shunga-shunga naman nyang Kate na yan. Nakakainit ng ulo. :duh ansarap ngudngod sa pader. Ampf!

    KATE = 😥
    KATE = _baby
    KATE = :conehead
    KATE = :arrg
    KATE = :candle

  • It’s the first time I landed on your site. galing ako sa palasyo. nakita ko kasi ang comment ni joy na andito sa site mo yung notorious na pinaghuhula kung sino ang culprit. anyway, curious ako kasi biktima ako ng paninirang-puri ng isa dun. incidentally, sya rin nagdidikdik sa kin na nangopya ng logo. i totally empathize with you. i’ve been there. although yung nag-akusa sa akin eh hindi naman din kanya yung logo…nakita nya lang na kahawig ng logo ko yung logo ng isang site na never ko rin pang napuntahan kung di pa nya sinabi kung saan ako “nangopya” ng logo. after that incident nag-backout ako sa contest para lang hindi lumala ang init. super agresibo sya na patumbahin ako. hindi naman ako pala-away kaya withdraw nalang ako. tapos recently bumalik after a few months. actually hindi ko rin sure kung nawala nga ba sya for awhile kasi ako ang nag-refrain sa pagbisita sa palasyo. instead i chanelled my attention to my blogs and other sites. nung bumalik naman ako, ayun tinira nanaman ako. i don’t know what’s wrong with her. nung makita ko ang post mo na toh, parang may hawig sila ng ugali (although yung tumitira sa kin walang valid url na nilalagay…either wala lang talaga o ayaw talagang pakilala). ang sama pa nito, ride on lahat ng iba sa chuchu nya. sad to say they are people na i thought should be in their right mind na hindi pumatol sa sulsol nung isa. i guess i was wrong. sensya ka na dito ko tuloy naibuhos yung sama ng loob ko. first time ko pa naman dito. yan kasing kate na yan eh…napaiyak tuloy ako. sensya na ha.

    • hehehe. hi c5, ikaw naiyak ako naman napangiti sa huli mong sinabi. sus super bait mo naman, ikaw na nga ang pinagbintangan ikaw pa ang nagbackout. i respect your decision. pero kong sa akin nangyari yon…hindi ko siya aatrasan lalo na’t alam kong tama ako. hindi ako eskandalosa or palaaway by nature pero kapag right ko na ang inaapakan…ay talaga namang makikita nila ang sanga-sanga kong sungay :hummp at curled kong buntot. good example na itong si kate na to. at yong previous pang mga taong nanlait sa akin. hehehe, mga pinay naman yon sila…fans ng isang elite blogger. ng dahil sa isang domain na identical doon sa isa, nagkagulo ang mundo.

      ang masabi ko sa iyo, isnabin mo nalang sila…taasan mo ng kilay. at kong hindi pati yan uubra…hala sige, batuhin mo sila ng tuyot na loaf bread. tingnan natin kong hindi sila mahihilo :drunk

      thanks for visiting. hayaan mo’t pasyalan din kita doon sa bahay mo 🙂

  • ang bilis mong sumagot. salamat. 🙂
    pano naman akong hindi tatahimik eh yung sinasabing pinaggayahan ko eh older sa site ko so talagang may appearance of evil kahit hindi ko pa nakita ever. sabi mo nga ‘coincidence’ happens. sa bus nga namin brine-brainstorm ng asawa ko yung itsura habang papauwi palang. pagdating ng bahay ginawa agad para una maka-submit para di sabihin na kumuha ng idea sa ibang entry. anak ng tinapay eh dun din ang kinabagsakan, mas malala pa. ayoko lang talagang patulan at bahala na yung Tagapaghiganti ko. Pero you did well. Hindi palengkera. May breeding. Ok lang sana kung joke lang. Kaso war-freak talaga yata eh. Meron namang isang magandang nangyari as a result…dahil sa umatras ako at madalang na ko pumunta sa palasyo dahil dun sa palengkerang yun, nakapag-blog hopping ako and i’ve discovered a lot of other sites na worth spending my time on. dumami na rin mga blogs ko kakaeksperimento kung pano kumita online. 😀

    • hahaha, white leghorn breeding ikamo? :bigsmile

      okay, kidding aside. oo nga naman…minsan hindi maiiwasan ang mga sitwasyong ganito. lalo na sa pagde-design or imbento at kahit nga sa pagbili ng damit 😀 di maiwasang may kapareho kahit sa butik ka pa mamili.

      oy madami kang site? mabuti ka pa, i have 5 all in all pero dito lang ako nag-a upadate. i’m so tamad naman kasi tapos kulang pa sa oras dahil sa trabaho ko. regarding site monetizing, sinumulan ko ito dito last december, tapos ang resulta…ibinagsak ng google ang rank ko. putsa, lumiit tuloy ang halaga ng mga opps ko.

      *whisper sino ba yang palengkerang yan or better to say kanto lady?

  • oo nga, kanto (un)lady…hinde, palengkera talaga kasi yung mga nasa kanto mas tahimik pa eh. sya rin yung sumasakay sa issue ng utang at ako rin ang pinariringgan na kala mo alam na alam yung issue. umaalyas ba. kaya pinipilit kong pagdugtong-dugtongin yung mga clues. so far things are falling into place. ang hirap lang dito sa palengkerang toh, she’s just as good as anonymous since peke yung domain at kung sino-sinong walt disney character ang ginagamit in addition to her market name. gusto ko na ngang i-apply yung pekeng domain na ginagamit nya eh baka biglang magkaroon ng rank 😀

  • That was a very good defense you got there Beng! Did you link Matt and her? I would. I would even leave a comment on their blogs with a simple note that says: “Here is my response to your accusation” such that they would know that this post exists. There’s nothing wrong with doing it that way. It’s just so they would know that you’re not a chicken that just gonna swallow every crap they throw unto you.

    We will always have those types of people in our society. But then again, what are the chances that one design could exactly be the same especially when it comes to graphics?

    My experience with this is an entry I made on PPP, which is fully covered at I wrote a paid on sub-prime. Being a finance guy, these are my areas and I could write these items eloquently.

    One site copied the entire article and did not made any reference to my site. PPP saw it and charged me that they will suspend me if I continue to copy articles. I was furious!

    I left several comments on the site with no response. I even emeailed the owner on the WHOIS that all came back. I wrote PPP that THEY were in fact the ones who stole my entry. I sent several of my finance entries to PPP to prove that I am indeed the writer. Finally, I sent them my resume because I was very angry. That’s how I fought. Do you know how much that post was? Only freaking $7!!!! And I don’t care even if that was $1, I’ll fry the damn shit like he won’t believe it because I don’t want people doing those kind of things.

    In the end, PPP paid me $7. A very hard earned $7. Less tax and everything, probablly $1.

    But it was a good feeling.

    :bouncy :bouncy

    • Hi Reynz, I indeed left a message on her site but she deleted it the next day. Based sa kuwento mo, allow me to say na pareho tayo ng paninidigan pagdating sa ganito. I dont’t give a damn what people say sa naging reaction ko dito at kong bakit ko ito dito inilathala. Ha! I did it on purpose so people will see na hindi nila ako kayang apakan.

      In the end, PPP paid me $7. A very hard earned $7. Less tax and everything, probablly $1.

      But it was a good feeling.

      I can relate dahil ito rin ang naramdaman ko. I mean oo nga walang winner or looser dito sa aming labanan pero the fact na nailabas ko dito ang buong galit ko at ang katutuhanan, is reason enough for me to feel better.

  • dont pay so much attention to her. shes a slut. shes a nobody. she has a high tendency of narcissism…she even makes unnecessary threats towards people….

    you are a *beep* KATE! u will always always be ONE!



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