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My daughter KC is a thirteen years old girl, who is so boyish. When one “compares” her to other cross culture youngsters (I mean Filipina-German offsprings) here, one would say she’s different because she doesn’t look girly at all with all those bling-blings and other fancy things. KC is not really a loner but she prefers to stay home and study or practice some soccer kicking techniques instead of hanging out with her friends/classmates. When I buy her a dress, you bet she’ll only wear it once and then dump/hide it later somewhere in the rearmost part of her closet. She’d rather wear wide t-shirts with jeans along with her favourite cappy. Other kids at her age, already have a boyfriend or let say they already know how to flirt. These girls do wear make-up and are fashion victims. I however has nothing against to that and besides, it is none of my business. And on the other hand, it is part of their growing process and kids grow up in invidual manner or ways. I came to mentioned this part because the mothers of these kids has no restraint to creticize the appearance of my daughter, and folks take note, they say it directly to my child when I am not beside her. It is not seldom that KC came to me crying. It hurt me as well but I can’t do anythingelse than to give her comfort. I think if people could just stop judging people by their looks, if they will try to look at the inside of a person instead, I am sure they would see something beautiful. For after all TRUE beauty lays in the inside. Isn’t it?

Well anyways, so much about that. I actually wanted to tell the world that the boyish girl whom people looked down is a gifted one. When KC was three, she already played soccer like adult. Now, she is a member of “LFSM Mädchen Fussball Mannschaft”. I don’t know the exact translation of this in english but it simply means that she became an official member of the girls soccer team. I may sound bragging, but tell you what? Their team is the best in NRW region. Last week (while I was playing teacher), she received a gold medal for individual performance.


KC’s talent is not only in sport but also in drawing. Her works got awards thus their school director told us to send her to the University of Art later when she finished Gymnasium (she’s on the 8th grade now).


That’s all well and good but KC has a very different aspiration. Her dream is to study medicine – specializing in pediatrics, because according to her…she wants to go with us when we retire in the Philippines. She said she will work there and help less fortunate children in Davao on her free time. I know that KC is indeed still very young to make such plans. What she has in mind now could change by the time she gets older. It could either become true or not, but what really counts at the moment is her thought of helping the needy children. God bless you my child, möge deine Träume wahr werden…


Beng Hafner is my name. I am proud to be who I am and I am proud of the way I am. I am alive because I have a lot to live for. I have many dreams that I wish to reach for and I have many journeys to make.

My life is like a soap opera, and you are the audience.


  • Those undesirable remarks will probably mold her into a strong woman in the end. She’s very talented. You must be really proud of her! 🙂

  • Sometimes people show too much appreciation for people who follow the flow. They tend to criticize people who goes against the bandwagon. I salute people who don’t let their individualities suffer just because people don’t like them being different or being a unique individual. These are the people I admire not just because of their courage in defying other people’s perception of what should be and shouldn’t be. I admire them because in this fast-changing world of ours, they don’t lose themselves. They are able to see deep within themselves of what they want to be and who they want to be, not because others want them that way, but because that is what they want to be.

    Its a matter of principle I suppose. Being different doesn’t mean your against what others want. It simply shows you chose a different path, a road less traveled on. From what I read, I see KC as a great person and will be capable of great things when she grows up. She just needs an environment which will nurture her abilities and her goals, and from what I feel she’s just getting the right TLC from her mom. 🙂

  • Kat, congrats!! Maybe in the future you’ll be playing for the National team?!!
    ate beng, you have every right to grab :yes: K is really talented!

  • Your daughter looks younger than 13. That’s a compliment. I wish I was a more active kid.
    Congrats on all her achievements. I’m a fan of drawing too.

    You know there are a lot of german/filipino kids. I’m just wondering if there are a lot of Filipinos in Germany. I use to live in Davao but I didn’t met any German people all were half.

  • Kung ako nga fren lang ng mommy, eh proud how much more na yung mommy di ba? Congrats my friend! I know how it feels like to be blessed with lovely kids although, I still do not know if they’re gifted enough as K,lol She’s very talented indeed.Germany’s women soccer team won the world title,super galeng! talo mga lalake,lol

    Keep it up Kat!

  • wow, galing ni KC a, congrats, pakisabi na lang, at siempre sa proud na mommy.

    Ang galing pati ng drawing niya…

    Hay naku, ‘wag mo na lang pansinin. Pero sa tutuo lang, di talaga maganda yong attitude ng mga sinasabi mong nanay. Minsan di talaga nag-iisip yong iba, ano?

    Hindi nasusukat ang katauhan sa pananamit. Maganda nga damit mo, pangit naman ugali mo, e di wala rin. Nagiging pangit ang damit pag bumuka ang bibig ng may ugaling pangit. Di ba?

    O shya, enjoy niyo na lang ang weekend niyo! :bigsmile

  • Kc, congrats!!!, ipagpatuloy mo yan hilid mo baka one of these day, isa ka ng national player or famous Malerin.Sino ba yan tackless na babae?!,di nya alam mas mataas pa ang IQ ni Kotelett kaysa sa girl na yan.

    Proud kami lahat sa iyo, :kitty:

  • that’s my cousin’s KC… wish she’ll truly acheived her dream and i know Kat that you can fight them trough your great power inside.. just remember that they could not hurt you at all if and only if you did let them hurt you..!!! continue striving hard couz..

  • god day beng she is an angel and tell her thank you for lettingme share her room too
    what ever she chooses at the end. she will turn out fine and a great woman too

  • wow! she’s indeed gifted–i am impressed. you have every right to brag, my dear Beng. while the other people can only see their daughters by the dresses they wear and the dates they have, you see your daughter’s inner self, her talent, and the goodness in her heart. tell her not to worry about them, she must be proud of herself and her self worth.

  • wow, that’s quite a daughter you have there. i can relate to her, though, because not a lot of people understand that there are some girls who don’t care about looking like everybody else. your daughter doesn’t care much about her looks because she has other things to think of and cares about other things as well. there’s nothing wrong about that. 🙂

  • Oh what a talented young lady you have for a daughter Ms. Beng! I don’t mind her being boyish since I was so boyish too playing basketball and I even played for our college team. It’s great that she excels in soccer as she is better off with sports than flirting with boys at this stage.

    Her drawings are so detailed! Artistically gifted like her mom. She even has such a golden heart to go to the Philippines to help out children. What a gem! Congratulations on her gold medal. You have all the reason to be proud of her.

  • Hey you got a “Bend it like Beckham” star :bigsmile
    I love the drawings. She’s got an artistic flair.
    With motivation and direction I won’t be surprised if KC becomes the next Banksy huh.
    And with Germany’s (like England’s) football mania, her footwork can only bring her great things.

    So what if she’s not into girlie stuff. Tell her to let the comments slide. Or better yet, why not teach her some retorts? :grin

    Proud mama ka Beng and rightly so.

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Beng Hafner is my name. I am proud to be who I am and I am proud of the way I am. I am alive because I have a lot to live for. I have many dreams that I wish to reach for and I have many journeys to make.

My life is like a soap opera, and you are the audience.

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