Italian Tirami-su Cake

Tiramisu is one of the cake that I love to eat. There is no doubt, Tiramisu is the popular Italian dessert…known worldwide. No wonder, it is sooo delicious! I usually bake this on special occassions, and family gatherings. I simply want to serve something different than the usual or typical german cake.Take note, this cake is not for young kids due to Amaretto. The alcohol amount is not much but I’d rather warn you upfront :). The recipe also contains fresh eggs, so I advice you to consume the cake at the same day you bake it or keep the rest refrigerated.

Oh by the way, you need a pastry when baking this Tiramisu recipe. Since I am a lazy cook…I mostly buy a ready made one from the bakery. It makes the preparation time shorter, but just incase you are willing to bake the pastry yourself. Below is the Angel Food Cake recipe.


1 3/4 cups sugar

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 cup cake flour, sifted

12 egg whites (room temperature)

1/3 cup warm water

1 teaspoon orange extract, or lemon (*Zitrone)

1 1/2 teaspoons cream of tartar


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
In a food processor spin sugar about 2 minutes until it is superfine. Sift half of the sugar with the salt the cake flour, setting the remaining sugar aside.

In a large bowl, use a balloon whisk to thoroughly combine egg whites, water, orange extract, and cream of tartar. After 2 minutes, switch to a hand mixer. Slowly sift the reserved sugar, beating continuously at medium speed. Once you have achieved medium peaks, sift enough of the flour mixture in to dust the top of the foam. Using a spatula fold in gently. Continue until all of the flour mixture is incorporated.

Carefully spoon mixture into an ungreased tube pan. Bake for 35 minutes before checking for doneness with a wooden skewer. (When inserted halfway between the inner and outer wall, the skewer should come out dry).

Cool upside down on cooling rack for at least an hour before removing from pan.



6 eggyolk

250 grams confectioners sugar

600 grams Mascarpone

zest and juice of 1 fresh lemon (*Zitrone)

ร‚ยฝ cup cold Espresso

3/4 cup amaretto liqueur

125 grams butter

cocoa powder for dusting

How to:

Cut angel food cake in 2 equal layers. Melt butter and let cool. In a cup, combine espresso and 1/2 cup amaretto. Spoon mixture evenly over each layer of cake. Whisk together eggyolk and confectioners sugar until thick and creamy. Add mascarpone, lemon zest, lemon juice, the rest of amaretto and melted butter. Place 1 layer of cake on plate and spread 1/2 cup mascarpone mixture on top. Place remaining layer on top and cover entire cake with mixture. Grate chocolate on top of cake. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Refrigerate for 1 hour. Just before serving, dust top of cake with cocoa powder.


Beng Hafner is my name. I am proud to be who I am and I am proud of the way I am. I am alive because I have a lot to live for. I have many dreams that I wish to reach for and I have many journeys to make.

My life is like a soap opera, and you are the audience.


  • It’s really not a good idea to go bloghopping after dinner. Kasi, I feel like eating again kahit busog na. Weakness ko pa naman cheesecakes. Tiramisu and crostata di ricotta are my favorites! Pero I cannot make them. ๐Ÿ™

  • Hahaha, you are right Connie…it’s not a good idea. Just like one should not go to the grocery or supermarket when hungry. Mas marami ka kasing mabibiling wala sa plano.

    Hey wala namang problema if you can’t make your favorite cakes. Eh di ako na ang magbake nito para sa yo…kapag nandiyan ako ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Promise ko yan sa yo…mag bake tayo when I’m there at siyempre, may kasamang chika yan. Nakita ko nga na delicious day is also using this theme. Ewn ko kong may public release ito, but this theme I’m using is based on “Golden City”, heavily modified ito. Originally, nasa left ang sidebar nito…inilipat ko lang sa kanan ๐Ÿ™‚

    The structure of this current design is actually very common. Madali kasing i-modify eh and very easy to navigate as well.

  • this looks yummy benggay!!!nde ko pa na try to, I mean tiramisu ja! but tiramisu cake nde pa!!ma try nga,mukhang matrabaho nga lang,
    haha tamad

  • Connie…aba bilib na bilib talaga ako sa yo ๐Ÿ™‚ hehehe ang galing ah. Tingnan mo pala ang footer area. Review your theme with IE browser…footer image is not showing but a greenish bar. Kapag naalis mo yan…perfect na perfect na. Thumbs up!

  • I found your link from Connie’s comment box. I was intrigued when she mentioned your tiramisu. This is my favorite dessert ever. This entry is making me drool. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • inday ano to
    kala ko ba wala ka na time mag luto
    purp web design ka na lang dyan

    ikaw ha may cake cutter ka pa dyan
    psst pila ni day in euro ning imo gabas sa cake?

  • Sha,

    naku Sha, it happen na minsan wala akong inspiration sa paggawa ng template. mind is blank or just tired kaya pumupuslit ako sa kusina for a change. i baked that cake on Gerd’s birthday ๐Ÿ™‚ wanna see him blowing 49 candles?

    Oh I almost forgot tell you about the cake gabas it cost รขโ€šยฌ 4,95 lang. We can go to the wholesaler shop where I bought it and get you one pagdating mo dito okay?

  • Hello Dixie,

    Thanks for visiting :). Tiramisu is my favorite too…hmmm, for me it’s unbeatable. I have an easier recipe which is the classic Tiramisu. Hayaan mo I’ll post it here soon once I bake it again para may picture.

  • mura yan day… will confirm soon ok
    think we will go shopping for cooking stuff
    i just push gillian “car” and you are my driver
    i also need some pie dish kasi etc.

    anyway send me pics of papi gerd…

  • Just out of curiosity, why did you name it “italian” tiramisu if you used sponge cake? Normally ladyfingers are used in italian tiramisu, ‘di ba?

    Just the same, your version looks enticingly good. *slurp*

  • Hi Tania, the classic Tiramisu is using ladyfingers. But see, it is not the sponge cake or the ladyfingers that makes tiramisu a tiramisu but it’s the cream mixture :). Thanks for dropping by.

  • This cake looks fantastically yummy. What is that you’re using to cut the sponge in half please? I would love to try this. The sponge looks perfect too.

    Btw, i love your picture [ang ganda mo!] and the reviewer’s quote made me laugh.

  • Hi Mae, it’s a sponge or cake cutter. Know what? Sha bought one as she was here. Would you like to have one?

    Dios mi ka oo, hindi maganda si misis noh…antay pagnakita mo ko sa personal :). Ah the reviewer’s quote ๐Ÿ˜€ I just want to save them from having headache kaya sinulat ko yan.

  • wer can i buy Mascarpone?? ive been wanting to make my own tiramisu for days now.. but i have no idea wer i could find a Mascarpone cheese??

  • hiya,

    very interested in trying your tiramisu recipe but i’m more interested in what language you are typing in. Is it an English-Portuguese creole?

  • Day, what a great tiramisu.Here where I stay, they always talk salmonela. Kung puede bang ibang alternative ng eggyolks. What about pasturized frozen one, I am a cake fanatic. Thank you and more luck in the future. Take care.


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Beng Hafner is my name. I am proud to be who I am and I am proud of the way I am. I am alive because I have a lot to live for. I have many dreams that I wish to reach for and I have many journeys to make.

My life is like a soap opera, and you are the audience.

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