Two weeks has passed since I wrote my last update. It’s summer vacation here and we happen to have a beautiful weather this year. So I decided to keep myself away from the pc and go out with the kids instead. We went swimming, biking and had a grill party several times. We built a small camp with one tent in our garden for the kids. A bonfire came to my mind (reminds me of my girl scout era), but it is unfortunately not allowed to do this in private grounds. Germans – as we all know has rules and regulations for everything. We can only have bonfire in designated areas with a written permit from the mayor. Anyway, we still had a perfect and joyfull nights even without it.

Today, we were planning to have a biking tour, but then I refused to do so dahil makulimlim at malamig ngayon. The temperature has dropped from 32 °C to 20 ° C and it’s sooo windy. Kaya mas gustuhin ko pang magmukmok sa bahay kapag ganito ang panahon.

Speaking of gloomy weather, I can’t avoid feeling depress when the sun don’t shine. Hindi lang ang temperature sa labas ang affected kundi pati na ang barometer nang mood ko. I thought, keeping myself busy will be the best remedy para hindi ako malulungkot. So I decided to sort out some old belongings of mine. While sorting, I found a small box…containing old photos of mine (when I was 3 yeras old), several letters from my family and friends, cards and an old music cassette from my mother (wala nang label dahil sa kalumaan). I played the cassette out of curiousity…and there comes an old but very familiar melody that my mother used to sing for us when we were small. A visayan songs “Matud Nila”, “Usahay”, “Uhaw Sa Gugma” and etc. The music brought me back all the sweet childhood memories…

I recall when I was a teenage, my mom and I used to fight when she bought those kind of music. I find it super baduy kasi or corny dahil masyadong melodramatic. Siyempre iba ang taste nang mga generation nang ating magulang, they love “Kundiman” while teenagers loves pop or rock.

Let me go back to the topic “Visayan Songs”. It may sound as a cultural bias because I’m someone of Visayan descent, my father is from Leyte and mom is from Davao, but I really do believe that Visayans write the finest of Filipino songs. Visayan songs convey emotion with a stronger power than the more popularized Tagalog music. So often Visayan music is turned in to Tagalog music and popularized in Tagalog while the Visayan origin of that song is forgotten. Non-Visayans are familiar with Visayan songs and dances such as Tinikling from Leyte, Matud Nila and Usahay. But the Visayan repertoire extends far beyond Matud Nila and Usahay. There are scores more songs, much in the same vain as Matud Nila, that the Visayas have produced. Much of these lesser known songs are far more original and expressive than the more popular Tagalog songs.

I’ve never been a Visayan music enthusiast. But years has goneby…the music that has driven me nuts before, is the same music that brought me to tears a while ago . Want to listen one Visayan Song? Click Here


Beng Hafner is my name. I am proud to be who I am and I am proud of the way I am. I am alive because I have a lot to live for. I have many dreams that I wish to reach for and I have many journeys to make.

My life is like a soap opera, and you are the audience.


  • :heartbeat:glad to hear you’re ok naman pala at di nawawala atebengganda hehehe…lashing ka lang pala at nagpapakalunod sa visayan songs ni pilita. namimiss kashi kita pag nawawala ka eh *hikbi*. good for you! spending time outdoors with the chikitings…si mommaboks din nasa normandie at nagbibilad sa araw daw. sige nga kantahan mo nga ako ng isang sweet and melodious visayan song at ng mawala ang insomnia ko :fan::fan::fan:ang init dito sa tokyo mamma!

  • atineneng, pinasaya mo ako inday…upon knowing you’ll gonna miss me :hug: o ayan hug. ikaw ay ma miss ko rin…no explainations, basta’t ganun.

    alam mo bang ang itim ko na ngayon? ngipin na lang ang makikita sa akin kapag madilim :scared:

    oh may insomnia ka pala? o sige gawin ko rin ang ginagawa ng mama ko kapag ako ay hindi makatulog noon. kantahan kita hangga’t ikaw ay maidlip. mainit diyan? padalhan kita ng lamig at ulan :rainy: dito para pantay. ok?

    • hi could you please dirict to the right website on how to acquire the bisayan folk song “bugsay, bugsay, kiling, kiling gamay”

      Thanking you in advance.


  • day my friend my dumaguete came back with yoyoy villame and max suburban sus kami sa ko sis nag sige kanta HHAHAHA amo mga bana wala kasabot sa amo kalipay..

    nakahilak hinoon ta da!!!!

  • 😀 sha, yoyoy villame’s songs are funny isn’t? tudla niya ug binisaya inyong mga mister para apil pod niya sila ug katawa. akong bana kasabot gamay, ning palit siya ug bisaya lesson cd and a visayan-english dictionary.

    but anyway…tinuod djud nga medyo makamingaw kong makadungog ta ug kantang inato di ba?

  • Mutti, buhay pa ako..pasilip-silip paminsan-minsan. Busy ako sa trabahao kaya masaya ako na medyo makulimlim (*aray, huwag mo akong batukan*). ‘haven’t been camping yet but very soon, ‘don’t know when.

    Meron akong alam na Visayan song

    “Bugsay, bugsay, kiling-kiling jutay”
    haha, tama ba ako?

  • 😀 muttilein…very gud!!!! where did you learn that? pareho lang tayong bisi mutti. nag update na nga lang ako bago tatawag si atinna ng polis 🙁

    pahinga ka naman and enjoy camping ha?

  • bengganda, nadagdagan pala ang homework ko :kitty:will work on it asap:scared:.
    post mo naman yung old pekchurs mo from childhood…ganda ganda sigurado…oo nga wak tayong magreklamo pag mainit ano mas gusto ko na rin yon kaysa madilim at maginaw…tapos sa loob ng aircon room heehee…take care kisskiss!:iloveu:

  • stel,

    sori ha…naabala ko pa ikaw sa tag na yan :shy: just do it when you have time okay? no hurry naman yon eh. i have to scan that childhood piktyurs of mine :blush: tapos i-post ko dito.

    i’m enjoying the heat dahil bihira dito yan. kaya nga ang itim ko na 😀

    i miss you a lot mader…ay yong phone number ko nga pala i-email ko pa sa yo. tatawagan na lang kaya kita. hinigiin ko kay thekyang phone number mo okay ba sa yo?

    luv u 2

  • For some reason, Visayan language is a bit of the Bicolanos. The traditional music like the Kundiman’s for Tagalogs are basically used for HARANAS nung panahon. It’s always nice to live in the province, andun pa den ang mga traditions na gustong gusto kong balikan.

    Is “Waray Waray” a Visayan song? Ay, ambot.

  • ay inday beng! I still have Pilita Corales Collection,old na old nakacassette pa,pag melodrama ang mode ko katu akong patukar.The silly thing part of it,naluhaluha pa ko sa kamingaw:hissy:

    have a nice weekend my dear!

  • Hi Demetrius,

    Thanks for visiting again and most of all for the compliment. I have an ongoing project that forced me to change the theme structure. I’m just finished embedding my Photo Gallery here on my blog. It was a hard work but it’s worth it.


  • I wanna learn that too. I want my photos “into” my domain – but I think there’s another program to do that or I’ll be paying additional charge for that. My domain is very limited – so maybe I’ll keep my flickr muna.

    I noticed that the numbering appeared on each comments are all just #1, maybe you could do something on that. I’d like to learn more from you. Hirap din kse to do it on your own, eh papano? Post ka naman tungkol sa mga plugins & basic stuff.

    Also, you can get rid of the cross-hair cursor & the side scrollbar color is too bright for scrolling down the page, just an opinion.

    All in all, ganda lagi ang ginagawa mo! Kudos!

  • 😀 Knoiz, I figured out you are using IE browser or you won’t notice the numbering failure. It’s the result of my roman numerals experimentation. This theme is not final yet…the most important thing for me at the moment is the whole structure and DIV positioning. All the rest are secondary. Salamat :-)…you have good taste ah.

  • it’s difficult to explain. If I hear a mushy Tagalog song, it’s either I like it or I call it baduy… But, when I hear a Visayan song, there is no other way to react but to make a BIG SMILE! :cheerful:

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Beng Hafner is my name. I am proud to be who I am and I am proud of the way I am. I am alive because I have a lot to live for. I have many dreams that I wish to reach for and I have many journeys to make.

My life is like a soap opera, and you are the audience.

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