The Domain Name Issue

I have never been humiliated in my life before, never encountered trouble. But everything has changed since yesterday evening. Just because of a damned domain name. I’m not going to explain why on earth I have chosen it. I understand when some people doesn’t like the idea of having a “kapareho”. At natatakot dahil baka masira ang image ng kanilang proyekto. Well, if that concerned person doesn’t find it right and is not amused. Approaching the other side directly would have been the proper way to solve the problem, isn’t it?. But why blog it? Akala ko ba ang mga matatalinong tao ay marunong mag weigh ng sitwasyon. And knows how to handle it in diplomatic way. See what happen now? People are harassing me. Sending me emails, calling me names na kahit aso mismo ay hindi ito masisikmura. Gaano ba talaga kabigat ang crime na nagawa ko? Hoy gumising kayo, internet lang ito. Medyo bumaba naman kayo ng kunti diyan sa tinayuan niyong pedestal.

I assure you guys that it is never my intention to imitate/copy your writing style neither your personality. We are two individuals. My site is not the content of my life, as infact it has no importance to me. I’m blogging and I built a portal for another reasons and not because I wanted to become famous. My domain name is identical to the popular and original one but this doesn’t mean gusto kong litohin ang mga tao. Or I want to fuel my site stats. Or gusto kong makisakay sa pagka superstar ng isa. Or dahil inggit ako. My God, napakababaw naman ng isipan niyo. Before you judge me alamin niyo muna ang buong pangyayari. Bago kayo manglait at mangutya ng tao, humarap muna kayo sa salamin. Hindi ba’t mas nakakahiya para sa inyong mga intellect ang umasta ng ganyan? I’m talking about the commenters here na kong magsalita akala mo wala ng kamatayan. If you elite people are really that special and educated like you claim yourself to be, come on and face me. Malaki lang naman ang buka ng mga bibig niyo dahil hindi niyo kaharap ang tao.

Oh by the way, I found something for you to read. If you don’t believe me, well…go and surf like I did. And would you mind stop harassing me? Dahil kong bastos kayo, mas bastos ako!
Go there where you all belong and leave me alone. Sa mga nagpadala ng message sa akin, I have your IPs and it is not hard for me to locate you. Just don’t think dahil mangmang ako sa paningin niyo ay hindi ko alam kong ano ang dapat kong gawin. Go ahead and try me!!!

Domain Name Rights

There are no proprietary rights in a domain name. The registrant does not “own” their domain name. Instead, they have a licence to use the domain name for a specified period of time and subject to the licence terms and conditions.

Because a domain name is not a property asset, registrants cannot purport to sell their domain name to another person. There are limited circumstances under which a registrant may transfer their domain name licence.

No one has an automatic right to a domain name. Just because you have a company or business name, or a Registered Trademark, does not automatically give you a better right than anyone else in the corresponding domain name. The DNS is entirely separate from the company/business name or trade mark registration systems. Having a domain name in one domain (eg. “”) does not give you the right to stop others from holding the same or similar domain name in another domain (eg. “”, “”, “”, etc).


Beng Hafner is my name. I am proud to be who I am and I am proud of the way I am. I am alive because I have a lot to live for. I have many dreams that I wish to reach for and I have many journeys to make.

My life is like a soap opera, and you are the audience.


  • ate beng, HB kayo ngayon… hehehe. i think whoever-that-blah is, ayaw atang may katunog na domain. kaya nga ako i use BATHROOMFEELINGS para walang gumaya, pero end of the day, the LOO is the place we relax and clean ourselves dahil pare pareho lang ang baho ng ebaks natin. so why are these people think THEY ARE BETTER?

    puso mo ate, hehehehe DRINK more water, remember?

    HAPPY WEEKEND from the City of Noodles.

  • what??? who says she’s “famous”??? how come i’m not aware about the existence of that blog?

    there’s only one blogger whom i think DESERVES this title, that’s the Sassy Lawyer!!!

  • knoiz, medyo bumaba na ang presyom ko
    after sometime. you are absolutely right pareho-parehong mababantot ang mga ebaks natin. pero yong iba diyan hindi lang ebak ang mabantot kundi pati na ang kanilang personality. they thought they are better than the rest of the world but when you take a closer look…

    tubig? yes i drink plenty of it na ngayon 🙂
    have a nice weekend.

  • boks cheri,

    they claim and thought they are famous. and they think they are the most brilliant bloggers on earth. ang tao nga naman…
    may kabayaran din ang mga ginawa nilang panglait sa akin… diyos na lang ang bahala sa kanila.

  • these are the people who just feel so damn good about themselves. as you know everyone with highest education are usually the ones who act like fools (you know sarcasm). tell me if i’m wrong. quite frankly, if i were in this situation, i am not going to make an argument with it. you know, coding style, editor’s writing. you name it. i actually would mean it as.. “whatever”.

    kaya, i’m just being conservative to what i generate, and be liberal in what i accept.

    btw ate, bakit hindi pwede sa free blog account ko ang RADIOBLOG? lam mo naman i really wanna put one for myself. hayyyy, HELPPP!

  • noi, typical ugali nating mga pilipino yan. buti na lang hindi lahat ay ganun. i know several titled germans pero low profile lang sila. when you see them and or become acquinted with them, you won’t hear a word about who they are. you will learn it from others na lang.

    ipagpatuloy mo ang iyong prinsipyo sa buhay…you’re in the right path. mga taong katulad ay pinagpala ng diyos.

    btw, regarding radioblog. you can only install this program if you have your own domain na ikaw talaga ang administrator. you need to upload the music files kasi via ftp then u can add the radioblog link to wherever u want it to appear. you’re using a hosted blog tool kaya hindi pwede. i have an idea. tell me what kind of music u like or perhaps burn your collections and send it to me. igawa kita ng sarili mong radioblog using my webspace. o anong say mo?

  • email mo ko mommybeng if you have time, ikaw naman ang kukulitin ko hihi.
    just noticed that the radioblog is up, natuwa ako! jukebox ko kuno eh… 🙂

  • what kind of music u like :
    – R&B, punk, indie & jazz

    burn your collections and send it to me:
    – lula ako sa tanong na to! i WILL. salamat po.

    igawa kita ng sarili mong radioblog using my webspace:
    – parang ayoko. kunyari nakakahiya.

    anong say mo?
    – masasabi ko lang ate, LUVYA!

  • Hi beng! thanks for dropping by blogkadahan. you know i always enjoy your comments.

    chill out,mader..wrinkles mo dadami..

    seriously, i hope everything will turn out ok with this domain blah blah..

    kisses, sachiko

  • That would be me you are talking about.

    A blurb of what I wrote in my blog:
    “Out of necessity, people have different names as ways to identify each other and to avoid confusion. I do NOT own nor do I have patent hold to all the domain names of pinoy/pinay and expats pero naman… delicadeza, diba? Lateral thinking is possible without using the exact same words. A hyphenated version just doesn’t make it different. Perusing an online thesaurus would only take a few seconds. There are other words available.

    Just a disclaimer and whining a bit, is all. Promoting an ezine is like promoting a product; you rely a lot on name-recall and would try to avoid confusion, at all cost. That is my main concern.”

    As many times as I read my blog, I never did write anything about you copying my writing style nor did I write that you wanted to confuse people. Wanting to avoid confusion and confusing people are two different things.

    You said: “”Just don’t think dahil mangmang ako sa paningin niyo ay hindi ko alam kong ano ang dapat kong gawin. Go ahead and try me!!!” Who said anything like that?

    As for domain rights… well, that is exactly why I wrote that I know I do not know nor claim any patent right.

    If you choose to misunderstand what I have written and try to put words in my mouth, it is up to you.

  • Hi Anp,

    First of all…thanks for visiting. Like I have mentioned already in my blog sana you should have approach me directly if this case really disturbed you. Madali naman akong kausapin. But you sensationalized it at nag react lang ako after receiving a couple of hateful messages from your “Anhaenger”. It was your commenters whom I’m pointing na nagsabing I am or want to copy you or your style, and etc. Read their comments and you’ll see what I mean.

    You said: “Just dont think dahil mangmang ako sa paningin niyo ay hindi ko alam kong ano ang dapat kong gawin. Go ahead and try me!!!” Who said anything like that?

    Nobody said that directly but the message was clear enough.

    I want to make this issue an end…what is it you really want me to do? People always find it amusing when two are in conflict, have you heard of “Schadensfreude”? Now are we going to give them the favor or shall we find a way to stop it?

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Beng Hafner is my name. I am proud to be who I am and I am proud of the way I am. I am alive because I have a lot to live for. I have many dreams that I wish to reach for and I have many journeys to make.

My life is like a soap opera, and you are the audience.

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