“Define Blog”

Blog n.Short for weblog or web log. A Web site that contains dated entries in chronological order starting with the most recent.

Blog v.To write entries, add material, or maintain a weblog.

Here’s what I have read from defineblog.com which I find very interesting and amusing dahil maraming natatamaan dito:

Be Yourself

    1. Sometimes people want to over glorify themselves within their blogs; they force a level of intelligence that is not miscarry.

    * Korek at true na true. Before I started blogging, I used to bloghop a lot to gather some ideas. Instead of finding ideas…I started feeling like giving up what I intend to do. Dahil nakita ko kong gaano ka galing at katalino itong mga bloggers. Hehehe, they write with all their glory. Siyempre as a noob I was so impressed.

    2. Often times people find themselves having this feeling by using large and rarely used words will make their readers think that they are very knowledgeable on the topic and highly intelligent.

    *Bingo! Pero hindi ako yon ha? Ok, I felt like giving up – hindi lang dahil I have a very poor writing skills but I have problem with my english as well. I’m not making excuses but living 21 years in Germany is not without a trace. Araw-araw na ginawa ng Diyos, german language ang salita. Kaya no wonder na kapag ako ay nag-iisip german na rin ang gamit ko. When I pray, siyempre german din…lalong-lalo na kong magmura 8-). The result: I lost my confidence to speak nor to write english dahil bali-baligtad na ito. Dati I think english and translate it in german. Now it’s the opposite. I remember as my site was selected as “Blog Of The Week” there was a comment about my choice of words “simple and clear”. It was a positive comment and I’m thankful for this recognition.

    3. And hell, they probably do think that, but at the same time you are alienating your audience. If it is not a word you use on a daily basis when interacting with people don’t use it on your blog.

*I didn’t find ideas not even a hint. But I started blogging. Blogging blindly. Blogging without pretentions and blogging for my own interest. Applying the words I use on daily basis. If my writing style is not good enough for others, well…wala akong magagawa. What matters most to me is yong nailabas ko ang aking dinaramdam or nadarama.


Beng Hafner is my name. I am proud to be who I am and I am proud of the way I am. I am alive because I have a lot to live for. I have many dreams that I wish to reach for and I have many journeys to make.

My life is like a soap opera, and you are the audience.


  • hi,

    i like your honesty…

    there are really people trying hard to build the image that they are ‘magaling’ at minsan pa nga people who express themselves in English tapos ang grammar ay mali. it is not that i am perfect pero meron talaga na simple phrase lang ay mali pa. so why make English the lingo of a blog e pwede namang tagalog – wat the hell do they care?

    but we should also remember that we are responsible to every word, detail and info we write on our blogs, di ba?

    continue being true to yourself! cheers!

  • hello ms. beng, naligaw lang po from stel’s blog. di po bola pero may hawig sa inyo si michelle pfeiffer or… maybe the other way around πŸ™‚ . ang galing ng design ng blog mo nakakatanggal ng depression. see you around !

  • i agree on that really. it doesn’t really matter what’s the medium of your blog. be it music, daily rants, personals or politics in that matter but at least when you visit someone’s blog, respect the author. blogging can be about anything. i don’t really mind getting no “comments” it doesn’t necessarily mean that your writing is rubbish or unintellectual. we are not blogging to compete, we are exchanging ideas and be humble of what we write.

    sus dami ko ng nasabi. may point ba ako ate beng? hehehehe.

  • Coucou beng! Kumusta ka na?

    Yer right madame beng, there are times pa nga na hindi ko mahagilap ang right term sa tagalog hehe.. natatawa nga minsan parents ko pag kausap ko sa phone, yun bang tipong “shit! ano ba yon? ano bang tawag don? sa english ganon yon pero sa tagalog ano ba yon??!!” Ang tatay ko naman, hahagilapin ang lahat ng salitang gusto kong tumbukin, haha!!!

    Imagine, 12 years pa lang ako dito huh? E di lalo ka na? Pati nga panaginip ko French na rin, and since I talk in my sleep, hubby sometimes answers…”eh? qu-est-ce que t’as dit?” (ano sabi mo?) then he’ll just later realize na nananaginip lang pala ko. lol!

    So, sa blogging, kung anong feel mong sabihin, sige lang! May it be in Tagalog, in English or in German, and so what kung may errors? Everybody makes mistakes! So, sige lang! It’s your blog after all. Sabi nga ni Knoizki, ” we are not blogging to compete, we are exchanging ideas and be humble of what we write.” and I agree with her. Kaya lang, I notice, kapag may isang blogger na hindi feel ang isang blogger, most of the commenters, “nakikisawsaw” (sorry for the term I used) can’t find one w/c is more appropriate. Yun bang tipong, “don’t worry, yours is well-writen compared to hers”, “don’t worry, they copy you because you’re famous, inggit lang sya…” etc. etc.. My God, sana naman walang ganoonan…

  • hi bing,

    maraming salamat sa iyong pagdalaw. kaya ko isinulat itong nabasa ko sa defineblog dahil nakita kong ito na ang pagkakataon para masabi ko ang aking mga obserbasyon sa mundo ng mga blogista.

    well, i don’t give a penny even if they are as great as goethe. the fact here is, it is not how well we write but how we convey. be it in tagalog-german-english etc. apropo, this reminds of my friend bokbok who’s blog title is frantaglais. which means french-tagalog-english.

    luckily, may mga magagaling na tutuong tao pa rin kaya saludo ako sa kanila.

    cheerio bing and once again thank you πŸ™‚

  • hi atinna,

    ikaw naman oo, gusto ko na sanang sabihin na “oo kahawig ko nga si michelle pfeiffer” pero naalala ko ang ilong ko na parang naupuan ng elepante πŸ™

    salamat naman at napadaan ka dito sa aking bahay kubo. maaliwalas ba ang dating? if i did not know ha, your favorite color pala is yellow.

    ok dear hope to see you around.

  • hi brother knoizki,

    well said, well said. diyan ako bilib sa yo eh…daig mo pa ang babae the way you express yourself. don’t get me wrong ha, it’s a compliment at oo may point ka πŸ™‚

    take care

  • bonjour mademoiselle boks,

    how are u din? teka teks lang…natanggap mo ba ang email ko? pinadala ko ito kanina. medyo nagkasalisihan lang sila
    nitong comment mo.

    haay naku bok, i really hate myself for being so imperfect. like u said kahit sa telepono you are groping for that certain word. ako nga, when i was in davao, nahahalata ng mga tao na ako ay galing ng ibang planeta. i asked them how they know? hihihi sagutin ba naman ako na baluktot daw akong magbisaya at saka may ibang punto. sa amin naman bigla na lang nila akong tatanungin kong ano yong sinabi ko, di raw nila na intindihan. i was wondering why dahil pareho naman ang salita namin. nope, na german ko pala sila na hindi ko alam. did u know what i mean? physically and consciously i was there present. but subconsciously nasa germany pa rin ako. well, itong foreign language na kasi ang ating nakasanayan. ika nga branded na ito sa utak natin kaya no wonder.

    bok, magagalit sigurado si Knoizki sa yo ;-). alam mo kong bakit? siya kasi ay tinawag mong “SHE”, lagot ka dahil siya ay isang “HE”. but don’t worry siya ay isang mabait na kababayan.

    ok now to our current topic. i agree with you too “so what kong may errors”. alam mo when i bloghop hindi ko binibigyan pansin ang mga grammatic errors. yong thoughts at moral lesson kasi ang hinahabol ko. i’m not bloghopping to correct other peoples mistake. and who am i to judge? yon nga lang i can’t disregard the kaplastikan ng author.

    alam mo bok yong mga “nakisasaw” or “nakikidildil” are boneless creatures. kasi they are not capable to say what’s on their mind at siguro hindi rin nila kayang panindigan. they think if they dance with the music they will get the attention or sympathy of the writer. just like in real life, di ba may mga ganyan din? mga sipsip.

    haay naku, what an issue huh. hayaan nalang natin silang magpasikatan diyan. basta tayo tuloy pa rin ang ating kwetutan…upps, kwentuhan pala. let us enjoy our nice samahan. cheers!

    bonne nuit cheri

  • tulad din ni boks yoko ko rin yung mga nakikisawsaw na yan hugas muna sila kamay este chicharon sawsaw suka ba topic?hehe

    seryosli ,agree with what Β΄madame boks just commented kapang-init lang kasi ulo,madalas ako na hahayblad sa mga nakikisawsaw na yan.ang kainis pa hindi nila alam real story behind it pero hayun bla bla pa rin.Natuto na ako kaya kung hindi ako sigurado kung sino tinutukoy ng blog,email ko agad yung tao bago react.

    preho tayo tita beng,maintain ko lang din na kunti yung mga circle of friends kow dito sa blogworld.Ika nga ni tita Sups ‘its the quality,not the quantity.have a nice day dear!

  • basta madame michelle este madame beng, continue blogging for yourself alone…the great artists don’t care who sees their paintings!
    heehee nagpapalalim lalong lumabo.
    have a great weekend!

  • hihihi, cheh…oo chitcharon bulaklak pa nga eh. kay bok sawsaw, akin..dildil. well cheh…tama si miss sup. the more you have kasi the more it gets complicated, be it in real world or blog world the outcome is the same.

    day cheh, naay mai fest diri sa amoa. dali suroy ta, dayon inom ug wine πŸ˜€

  • Ma’am Stella McCartney, howdy? Nice to have you back πŸ™‚ aba mader very deep nga naman ang binigkas mong kasabihan. don’t tell me complicated words dahil mangmang itong kausap mo. kagaya nga ng gustong ipahiwatig ng iba diyan na ako ay isang non scholar person who tried to imitate a star. kitang-kita daw sa pamamaraan ng aking pagsusulat. ay aba neber na sinabi kong ako ay matalinong tao at neber din na ako ay nakikigaya sa kanilang ishtayl (grrr). paano ko naman sila gayahin eh hindi naman ako carrer woman. ako ay graduate laang sa paging home-ikananay. simpleng tao na hindi nagsisipilyo at hindi naliligo. so see?

    low creature ang tingin nila sa akin, kong ako naman ang tatanungin. sila ay nana ng pigsa ng aking wetpunene.

    upps, sori kong ang bigkas ng aking bibig ay hindi mainam para sa tenga. medyo inis lang eh.

    have a nice weekened din darrrrling.

  • hahaha..ok ka rin manang bengski pfeiffer, sila ay “nana ng pigsa ng iyong wetpunene ” !!!??? yan, yan, ganyan ang magandang counter attack sa mga nang-aapi ng kapwa nila hahaha…teka muna sino ba sila? medyo nahuhuli yata ako sa balita. heniway,beyutiful inday beng, kool ka lang at sa blog mo e ikaw talaga ang bida n d’ onli miss universe at waay ng iba pa. kisses to your cute chikitings !

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Beng Hafner is my name. I am proud to be who I am and I am proud of the way I am. I am alive because I have a lot to live for. I have many dreams that I wish to reach for and I have many journeys to make.

My life is like a soap opera, and you are the audience.

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