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My Workplace

I am now fulfilling my promise to answer the tags I got before and during my hiatus. Let me start with Marie’s tag which title is My Workplace.

I am supposed to just add a picture but I however want to write some words along with it to give you an idea why I have two places to work.

The image below is showing you my old desk in the corner of our livingroom. It was my favorite place to work most specially when all other members of the family were away (work, school and kindergarten). That time, design orders were infrequent, so it really didn’t bother me at all if kids were running around and or when tv was on. I simply did the graphic works at day time and continue with the codings late at night when everyone were sound asleep.


The situation has changed right after my continuing education. Family guests come and go since June, and web design orders flew in. It was not easy for me then because I was committed to keep my working pace in order to meet the deadlines. I therefore had no choice than to continue working even if guests were around. The noise of my surroundings became unbearable and the pressure of my work made me explode. The situation has made me insistent on having a proper work place. A place where I can withdraw myself when I feel like and most of all, work without any interruption. I am glad that hubby understand my point. The next day, he bought me an L form office desk and a leather executive chair. Then we re-modelled the spare room we have downstairs that he was using as his archive…into my office :).


My desk upstairs still exist and I’m still using it everyday when little Gillian is back for lunch break.