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Object of Desire – Pasta with Homemade Tomato Sauce

The pungent summer flavor comes from a homemade tomato sauce slowly braised in olive oil, garlic, black olives and sage…

Here we go again, like every summer we receive plenty of veggies, eggs, fruits, homemade marmalades and honey from our patients. We have enough supply we can open a small fruit and vegetable shop :). This afternoon, my daughter asked me: “What’s for dinner tonight Mom?” and before I could respond she said: “What about pasta?”. Oh no not again I said. Well well, kids love pasta and everyone knows that. I had no idea what to cook anyway, so KC’s suggestion was not bad at all. It reminds me that we still have a basket full of tomatoes. I have never tried cooking homemade tomato sauce yet, so I flipped on a magazine “Meine Familie und Ich” (My Family and I) for a recipe. I found one that is easy to prepare but I still have to run to the grocery for black olives, parmesan and salami.

The sauce on the pasta was so delightful! Can you imagine, I cooked 500 grams pasta and there’s nothing left. Our youngest usually eats like a bird, but this time he had three plates full. Amazing, isn’t it?

Here is the recipe of the homemade sauce I’m talking about.

800 grams tomato
3 fresh sage twigs
2 cloves garlic
150 grams salami (sliced thinly)
100 grams black olives (w/o seeds)
3 tbspolive oil
salt, pepper and sugar to taste
500 grams spaghetti
parmesan cheese


Preheat oven to 200°C. Bring a pot of water to boil. Have a large bowl of iced water ready. Add whole tomatoes in boiling water for about 30 seconds until skin starts to peel. Remove with slotted spoon and place in ice bath for just 2 seconds. Drain and let rest until cool enough to handle, then remove peel and and slice into cubes or halves (if tomatoes are small). Chop some sage leaves, slice salami as thin as you like, peel of and crush garlic.

Mix sage twigs, tomatoes, olives, garlic, salami and olive oil together. Add salt, sugar and pepper to taste. Add mixture in a casserole dish (18 by 20 cm). Put in oven and braise for 25 minutes. Meanwhile, prepare pasta as directed on the package. Drain pasta in colander, transfer to a bowl containing 1 tbsp softened butter and toss quickly. Gently fold tomato sauce into pasta. Sprinkle parmesan and chopped sage to serve.

Bon Appetit!

As The Journey Continues

It was Aug. 31, 2009 when I last posted my last entry here. I even promised to update once in awhile, pero ayon hindi rin natupad. I have less time than I thought, yeah it’s as simple as that. Life has changed since we moved here in Brandenburg and since hubby opened his own medical clinic. Nag changed ang takbo nang buhay ko dahil isa ako sa kanyang fulltime alalay doon. I have to learn a lot of things…with success naman sa awa ng Diyos. Pero it is a challenge talaga to work in a field na labag sa kalooban ko. Lalo na’t hindi ito related sa aking profession, so I’m having a lot of difficulties adjusting to this new role. In addition to that, hindi rin ako sanay na kasama ang asawa sa trabaho or ang asawa ko ang BOSS ko. The problem in the case of a spouse is the potential emotional boomerang. Usually what happens is, if it doesn’t work out, the employee leaves and you never see them again, di vah? But in this case, if it doesn’t work out, you go home and have dinner together. That’s where the problem lies. Infact, we got so consumed with our business relationship that we end up talking/arguing business all the time even at home. So there’s no escape from business at all. The first eight months was a nightmare!

So one day, I was so fed up, I left the clinic without saying a word. Hubby was angry of course, he called and asked me to come back. But all I said was “no I’m not and that we really have to talk when you come home”. Because of that talk, our relationship has flourished to heights that weren’t possible after we start the business. Our heart to heart talk was what made our relationship to what it is now versus what it was before. A hundred times better. Well anyways, concocting the ideal recipe to combine a thriving business and a successful marriage is not easy, especially when you work together, but it can be done with understanding and compromise.

I know that our business is very important but so our marriage and family too. Inspite of all the difficulties…I am still lucky to have a husband like my husband. Who listens to my litany of complaints, opinions and ramblings and takes my feelings into consideration. It was actually my mistake that I didn’t open my mouth and talk about what bothered me earlier ago. We closed this chapter of our life, but we are still working together in our business as TEAM. And we are also working on our marriage to keep the shine. We will keep working on our marriage and working through whatever challenges we would face in the future. There are no experts on marriage and it is not something we learn in a book. But something we must learn by doing over and over again…a practice we must adjust as our journey continues…


We went to Bali for our second honeymoon last Dec. 20 til Dec. 31. We stayed at Nikko Bali Hotel Resort and Spa in Nusa Dua for 10 days. Bali is lovely. It is one of the few places in the whole world that I would actually want to go back. There are stunning sunsets, sculpted rice terraces and a temple on almost every corner. And for less-spiritual seekers, this steamy Indonesian island also has great surfing and a rollicking night life.

Kauderwelsch Is Definitely Not Dead Nor Forgotten

Yes, maybe ito ay inamag lang or natabunan na ng alikabok. Pero ang site na ito ay hindi patay kundi medyo natulog lang. Ang Tita Poorshya niyo kasi ay medyo nadaganan ng sandamakmak na trabaho sa bahay at clinic at pakikipagsosyalan. Alam niyo, hindi ko akalaing very stressing pala ang ganitong buhay. Yon bang you have to play different roles sa madla. Pero don’t ya worry folks, I may look older now, pero okay pa rin ako. Naging malawak na ang aking kaalaman sa pagiging practical nurse (kuno), at para na rin akong doktor na inject ng inject. Hehehehe, sino ba ang mag-akalang ako ay mapunta sa medical field. Pero ewwww! Medyo ngumingiwi pa rin ang pis ko when I see infected wounds at kong anek-anek pang wounds diyan. Bagamat labag man sa aking kalooban, hala go pa rin ang Tita niyo dahil nakatali na siya dito. Ika nga resignation not possible.

So what’s new ba dito sa blogosphere? I am sure super daming gimmick dito ngayon na di ko alam. Or is everything the same pa rin va? Sige nga kuwentuhan niyo ang lola niyo! Saken or sa amin naman, well maraming bagay ang naganap mula noong huli kong update dito.

Like for example:

Ang anak kong panganay ay nag-asawa na noong April.

Si Lolo G. niyo ay naging Knight of Rizal naman last May.

At siyempers ako din…I mean, on that same day inducted din ako bilang isang Lady of Rizal.

May 16, one uforgettable day of my life evah. Why? Eh naging celebrities kami nang isang araw noh? Nagshooting sa amin ang ZDF (local tv channel) from morning til past midnight. The documentary film about us was aired last June.

Rampadora si Lady Poorshya, kaya join din ang byuti niya noong ginanap ang First General Assembly ng Ladies of Rizal Europe doon sa Bonn end of May. Take note: Ang nag-iisa gentleman diyan ay si Consul General Romeo L. Manalo ng Philippine Consulate General, Frankfurt.

Aray ko, sumasakit na ang likod ko sa kakasulat at edit ng mga piktyurs. Marami pa akong ikukwento sa inyo pero sa next update nalang ang iba. Ayaw ko kayong pagurin sa ito nalang muna sa ngayon. Okay? Just wanted to let you know that we are all doing fine here in our new home.

I miss blogging a lot, but my time was very limited few months ago kaya I was forced to take a short break. Now I’m back and I hope I can update often this time.