Object of Desire – Pasta with Homemade Tomato Sauce

The pungent summer flavor comes from a homemade tomato sauce slowly braised in olive oil, garlic, black olives and sage…

Here we go again, like every summer we receive plenty of veggies, eggs, fruits, homemade marmalades and honey from our patients. We have enough supply we can open a small fruit and vegetable shop :). This afternoon, my daughter asked me: “What’s for dinner tonight Mom?” and before I could respond she said: “What about pasta?”. Oh no not again I said. Well well, kids love pasta and everyone knows that. I had no idea what to cook anyway, so KC’s suggestion was not bad at all. It reminds me that we still have a basket full of tomatoes. I have never tried cooking homemade tomato sauce yet, so I flipped on a magazine “Meine Familie und Ich” (My Family and I) for a recipe. I found one that is easy to prepare but I still have to run to the grocery for black olives, parmesan and salami.

The sauce on the pasta was so delightful! Can you imagine, I cooked 500 grams pasta and there’s nothing left. Our youngest usually eats like a bird, but this time he had three plates full. Amazing, isn’t it?

Here is the recipe of the homemade sauce I’m talking about.

800 grams tomato
3 fresh sage twigs
2 cloves garlic
150 grams salami (sliced thinly)
100 grams black olives (w/o seeds)
3 tbspolive oil
salt, pepper and sugar to taste
500 grams spaghetti
parmesan cheese


Preheat oven to 200°C. Bring a pot of water to boil. Have a large bowl of iced water ready. Add whole tomatoes in boiling water for about 30 seconds until skin starts to peel. Remove with slotted spoon and place in ice bath for just 2 seconds. Drain and let rest until cool enough to handle, then remove peel and and slice into cubes or halves (if tomatoes are small). Chop some sage leaves, slice salami as thin as you like, peel of and crush garlic.

Mix sage twigs, tomatoes, olives, garlic, salami and olive oil together. Add salt, sugar and pepper to taste. Add mixture in a casserole dish (18 by 20 cm). Put in oven and braise for 25 minutes. Meanwhile, prepare pasta as directed on the package. Drain pasta in colander, transfer to a bowl containing 1 tbsp softened butter and toss quickly. Gently fold tomato sauce into pasta. Sprinkle parmesan and chopped sage to serve.

Bon Appetit!

As The Journey Continues

It was Aug. 31, 2009 when I last posted my last entry here. I even promised to update once in awhile, pero ayon hindi rin natupad. I have less time than I thought, yeah it’s as simple as that. Life has changed since we moved here in Brandenburg and since hubby opened his own medical clinic. Nag changed ang takbo nang buhay ko dahil isa ako sa kanyang fulltime alalay doon. I have to learn a lot of things…with success naman sa awa ng Diyos. Pero it is a challenge talaga to work in a field na labag sa kalooban ko. Lalo na’t hindi ito related sa aking profession, so I’m having a lot of difficulties adjusting to this new role. In addition to that, hindi rin ako sanay na kasama ang asawa sa trabaho or ang asawa ko ang BOSS ko. The problem in the case of a spouse is the potential emotional boomerang. Usually what happens is, if it doesn’t work out, the employee leaves and you never see them again, di vah? But in this case, if it doesn’t work out, you go home and have dinner together. That’s where the problem lies. Infact, we got so consumed with our business relationship that we end up talking/arguing business all the time even at home. So there’s no escape from business at all. The first eight months was a nightmare!

So one day, I was so fed up, I left the clinic without saying a word. Hubby was angry of course, he called and asked me to come back. But all I said was “no I’m not and that we really have to talk when you come home”. Because of that talk, our relationship has flourished to heights that weren’t possible after we start the business. Our heart to heart talk was what made our relationship to what it is now versus what it was before. A hundred times better. Well anyways, concocting the ideal recipe to combine a thriving business and a successful marriage is not easy, especially when you work together, but it can be done with understanding and compromise.

I know that our business is very important but so our marriage and family too. Inspite of all the difficulties…I am still lucky to have a husband like my husband. Who listens to my litany of complaints, opinions and ramblings and takes my feelings into consideration. It was actually my mistake that I didn’t open my mouth and talk about what bothered me earlier ago. We closed this chapter of our life, but we are still working together in our business as TEAM. And we are also working on our marriage to keep the shine. We will keep working on our marriage and working through whatever challenges we would face in the future. There are no experts on marriage and it is not something we learn in a book. But something we must learn by doing over and over again…a practice we must adjust as our journey continues…


We went to Bali for our second honeymoon last Dec. 20 til Dec. 31. We stayed at Nikko Bali Hotel Resort and Spa in Nusa Dua for 10 days. Bali is lovely. It is one of the few places in the whole world that I would actually want to go back. There are stunning sunsets, sculpted rice terraces and a temple on almost every corner. And for less-spiritual seekers, this steamy Indonesian island also has great surfing and a rollicking night life.

Kauderwelsch Is Definitely Not Dead Nor Forgotten

Yes, maybe ito ay inamag lang or natabunan na ng alikabok. Pero ang site na ito ay hindi patay kundi medyo natulog lang. Ang Tita Poorshya niyo kasi ay medyo nadaganan ng sandamakmak na trabaho sa bahay at clinic at pakikipagsosyalan. Alam niyo, hindi ko akalaing very stressing pala ang ganitong buhay. Yon bang you have to play different roles sa madla. Pero don’t ya worry folks, I may look older now, pero okay pa rin ako. Naging malawak na ang aking kaalaman sa pagiging practical nurse (kuno), at para na rin akong doktor na inject ng inject. Hehehehe, sino ba ang mag-akalang ako ay mapunta sa medical field. Pero ewwww! Medyo ngumingiwi pa rin ang pis ko when I see infected wounds at kong anek-anek pang wounds diyan. Bagamat labag man sa aking kalooban, hala go pa rin ang Tita niyo dahil nakatali na siya dito. Ika nga resignation not possible.

So what’s new ba dito sa blogosphere? I am sure super daming gimmick dito ngayon na di ko alam. Or is everything the same pa rin va? Sige nga kuwentuhan niyo ang lola niyo! Saken or sa amin naman, well maraming bagay ang naganap mula noong huli kong update dito.

Like for example:

Ang anak kong panganay ay nag-asawa na noong April.

Si Lolo G. niyo ay naging Knight of Rizal naman last May.

At siyempers ako din…I mean, on that same day inducted din ako bilang isang Lady of Rizal.

May 16, one uforgettable day of my life evah. Why? Eh naging celebrities kami nang isang araw noh? Nagshooting sa amin ang ZDF (local tv channel) from morning til past midnight. The documentary film about us was aired last June.

Rampadora si Lady Poorshya, kaya join din ang byuti niya noong ginanap ang First General Assembly ng Ladies of Rizal Europe doon sa Bonn end of May. Take note: Ang nag-iisa gentleman diyan ay si Consul General Romeo L. Manalo ng Philippine Consulate General, Frankfurt.

Aray ko, sumasakit na ang likod ko sa kakasulat at edit ng mga piktyurs. Marami pa akong ikukwento sa inyo pero sa next update nalang ang iba. Ayaw ko kayong pagurin sa ito nalang muna sa ngayon. Okay? Just wanted to let you know that we are all doing fine here in our new home.

I miss blogging a lot, but my time was very limited few months ago kaya I was forced to take a short break. Now I’m back and I hope I can update often this time.

Philippine Vehicle Innovation

Last Friday, on our way to Ulm…while flipping Auto Bild magazine, I found a picture which looks so familiar to me. The image was featured under Leserfoto ((reader’s photograph)) column. Underneath was written “Please count: One (!) bicycle with twelve (!) passengers discovered by our reader Dennis Schoof in Manila (Philippines)”.

I want to ride a bicycle…I want to ride a bike.

I can imagine how amused the photographer was as he saw it. O siguro laking mangha niya nang makita niya ito dahil walang ganyang sasakyan dito sa Germany. It can’t be possible too dahil hindi ito lulusot sa TÜV (Technische Überwachungs Verein) ((Technical Monitoring Association)).

Hehehe, hindi lang nila alam tayong mga Pilipino ay super innovative in different fields. But let us stick to the topic “vehicle innovation”.

What about this one here? Well I think the image below is very common to us. Yon bang may isa o dalawang taong aangkas sa motorsiklo. But you know, in the most outback part of Butuan or maybe some parts of other provinces, where jeepneys only travel once a day…a single motorbike as public transportation is a hit for locals and day-trippers.

Get your motor runnin’ head out on the highway, lookin’ for adventure, and whatever comes our way…

Last but not least, this is something you might have not seen yet. A skylab. Or sky love? I am not really sure of the name, but what the heck. I saw this one on our way to Butuan City last May 2008. I was wondering how passengers got on to it.

The driver needs or requires great balancing act. Di ba? Haven’t experienced riding a vehicle such as this one yet. But I think I’d rather walk than catch a ride on a Skylab. Not because I am maarte, pero natatakot ako na baka ito ay bumalintong. Paano nalang ang aking high heel shoes (charing), my false eyelashes, my whatevah? Ay basta’t akoy maglalakad nalang.

O, anong say niyo sa mga sasakyan sa probinsiya???

The Gala(an) and Who's Who Night in Freiburg

Life has been busy lately, but things are starting to settle down – just in time for me to attend the Charity Gala last Friday, October 31, in Freiburg (organized by my kumare and best friend Jojo). But long before the said Gala, I was sure I could not attend dahil nga busy kami sa clinic and the event was scheduled on a working day. And besides, Freiburg is 735.75 kilometers away from our place. Kahit gustuhin ko man hindi pa rin ako makating on time dahil almost seven hours ang biyahe by car. Last Tuesday, October 28, nagtaka kaming mag-asawa kong bakit walang pasiyenteng naka schedule for Friday. We asked our med. secretary why and she told us that its a holiday, the Reformation Day to be exact. It is the day on which in 1517 Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the church door in Wittenberg, criticizing certain aspects of the Catholic Church and thus starting the Reformation in Germany.

Well anyways, natuloy din ako sa madaling salita. Hubby made it possible for me to travel but not by car but by plane. I flew from Schönefeld, Berlin to Basel, Switzerland and arrived on time in Freiburg for the Gala. There I met several familiar faces from good old days and people whom I did not expect na makakadalo doon like Mr. Andy Pador, the President of Bicol Varsitarian in Cologne. As usual, nadoon yong beso-beso at picture taking. Para baga kaming true celebrities (ngehehehe). But the real celebrity that evening was Archie or known as Matt Ranillo III with his lovely wife Linda Tupaz. He was invited to co-host the beauty contest show with Joyce. Joyce was a former fashion model in the Philippines and now an Ambassador’s wife. The Gala was successful and well attended.

It is a very long story mga kapatid kaya hindi ko nalang isulat ang mga detalye dito. I decided to let pictures speak for themselves this time, so that you can get your own impression.

With my compadre Reverend Luis, the President of Works of Mercy Association in Offenburg.

A stage pose with some of the beauty contestants.

An awardee? Nope hindi akin yan kundi sa kaibigan kong si Tessie (hehehe).

Ayan na sila…

With Linda Tupaz this time.

Past midnight na kaya some are getting ready for the Halloween.

This was taken the next day as we went to Baden-Baden

From West To The East

Let me start with “from Philippines back to Alemanya” episode muna tayo ok?

Around February this year, I am sure you remember that I wrote an entry about going or migrating back to the good old bayan kong (nating) Pilipinas. The preparation and everything went smoothly. First week of June, Kathleen was enrolled in Ateneo de Davao H.S and Gillian in Circular Home Pre-School.

Right after the enrollment stress, I went to my birthplace Butuan City to manage my kapiranggot na lupa while waiting for the result of my queries regarding our planned business. Yes, hubby and I has planned to put up a clinic in Davao for tourist and expat patients. Siyempre, kong manirahan kami doon we need a source of income to live. Di vah? Akala ko/namin dahil may mga kaibigan kaming naka upo sa may talampakan ni GMA, (who promised to help us) things will be easier for us. That is what we thought, but later I realized that almost everything is different in real. Every move that I made means dukot sa bulsa, which was tiring in the long run at nakakaloka dahil slow ang feedback. Sa madaling salita, bago natapos ang June…95% ko nang alam na hindi matutuloy ang aming plano due to several ek-ek. Kids were sad as I told them that we have to go back. Siyempre nalungkot din ako but I had no choice. Anyways, THEY put stones on our way and make it hard for us to achieve success, so we left. Hindi sa pagmamayabang but we were ready to invest €XXX,XXX.XX, an adequate amount to operate a modern clinic with own laboratory. Well sayang, but it’s not our loss but theirs…


In spite of everything, hubby still decided to pursue his plan…dito nga lang sa Germany. Dito naman sa Germany, hindi basta-bastang makapagbukas nang clinic ang isang doctor sa kong saan niya gusto. Doon lang ito maari o posible sa lugar na may bakanteng “Niederlassung Stelle” or let say “Area of Need” where there is a shortage of specific medical practitioners. We actually had three (3) choices: 1. Usedom 2. Lindenberg-Allgäu and 3. Brandenburg. We decided for Brandenburg dahil mas malapit ito sa sibilisasyon, Potsdam and Berlin for instance.

We have to move din sa lugar na ito of course and so we found a new place to live. Ito ngayon ang aming bagong tahanan.

It’s a 284 sqm. country style house, with 6 bedrooms on the second level, 2 bathrooms and one dressing room. While sa ground floor naman, we have a huge kitchen and dining, storage room, spacious and comfortable living room. There is also a sauna, a fitness and laundry room and an office space din pala which is occupied by my better-half.

Our clinic started its operation last October 1. Now, let me show around…

Below is the former “Landes Ambulatorium” (outpatient clinic) building, where our clinic is located.

The reception area…

The waiting room…

Laboratory…(not done yet)

Consulting Office 1

Consulting Office 2

…and the two medical assistants :)

The couple behind it.

Certainly mas masaya sana ako kong natuloy ang lahat sa Davao dahil makakasama ko na ang pamilya ko doon. But I think it was not yet the right time, so until then…I have to wait by the edge of my seat nalang muna.

Begging To Survive

Every now and then, may iba’t-ibang mga tao o grupo ang namamalimos sa amin. Minsan may grupong nanghaharana kunyari and after wards may iaabot silang papel where it is written na sila kuno ay kasali sa isang charity group. I gave them some few Pesos one time dahil gusto kong makatulong kahit papaano. Just after a week, they came back and want to have some donation again. I refused this time, dahil medyo nagduda na ako sa kanilang pakulo. There are also times na may mga batang nanghihingi ng leftovers o “lamaw” (as we call it in Bisaya) para daw ipapakain sa kanilang baboy. After several times of giving them our leftovers, a bit later…hindi lang ito ang hinihingi nila kundi pati pagkain na rin. Dahil nga naman nakakaawa, pinagbigyan ko. Naging ganun na lagi ang nangyayari tuwing dumadaan sila dito sa amin. I became annoyed dahil nakita kong namihasa na sila. Kaya nung huli ko silang binigyan, I told them that this will be the last time I am giving them food. Hindi sa pandadamot, pero ayokong makasanayan nang mga bata na lagi nalang manghingi. Gusto ko lang na magkaroon sila nang kaunting hiya para sa kanilang sarili as well as dignity. Well anyway, that is what I told them…but I am not sure kong naintindihan nila ang ipinaliwanag ko sa kanila.

Yesterday around past 10:00 A.M, my nephew was playing with Gillian outside our terrace as I heard someone begging for some money (I was in the kitchen that time). My nephew said that he can’t help him and urged him to leave. Few minutes later, I peeped out the window to see if he’s gone. He was still there and I figured out that the voice I heard belongs to a very old man. Who looks so fragile and walking slowly with his self-made walking stick. My heart wrenched as I watched him.

Imagine, an old sickly man walking under the heat of the sun. Begging for some money in order to survive. And I am in my shady, comfortable house. This is where my guilt started. I ran fast to the gate, I called him and waved him to come back. I went to the kitchen, took a plastic bag and put one loaf of bread and a pack of Tocino (cured meat) in it. I also took some cash from my wallet and gave it to the old man. He looked at me and said twice “salamat sa Diyos” (thanks God), then he left.

I did not know that Kathleen was already awake and was watching us the whole time. Sinalubong niya ako sa pinto and asked me bakit ko yon ginawa? She was just wondering because I once told her na ayaw ko nang mamigay sakaling may mamalimos ulit sa amin. I explained to her na iba ang sitwasyong ito dahil matandang nakakaawa ang nanghingi ng tulong. There is always an exemption, I said. I also told her na what if ako yong tao? Isang matandang uugod-ugod, may sakit at wala ni isang kamag-anak or walang kamag-anak na tumutulong. Gutom na naglalakad sa init para magpalimos para may makain. Kaya mo ba akong talikuran at tikisin? Kaya ba nang budhi mong hindi pansinin ang tindi nang aking pangangailangan? There were tears in her eyes as she answered me NO.

A little help from us means big help to those who are in need. Yon nga lang, you have to choose whom you give because there are also abusers and pretenders among them.


In helping others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us.

Villa De Mercedes, Here I Come

Villa de Mercedes entrance (left side).

Entrance (right side)

Guarded Gate

Here I am…

Pose ulit, sorry ginanahan lang. Ngehehe bakit, kayo lang ba ang marunong?

Overlooking Davao Gulf

The club house which is still under construction. Behind the building is Mt. Apo, there’s unfortunately nothing much to see of the majestic slope because it was covered with clouds.

Beyond nature. The country club lifestyle.
Swimming Pool (still under construction), one of the club house facilities.

A myriad of sports and leisure activities will be offered including:

At Villa de Mercedes, the beauty of nature more than just sits as a distant view from your home. It is nature at your very doorstep and the world unfolding before your eyes. The natural terrain of slopes amidst grassy meadows and local flora and fauna, greet you each morning.

The majesty of Mt. Apo bidding you good day as you leave home in the morning, is rivaled only by the calming welcome of Davao Gulf as you drive home at the end of the day.

Combining the best that life has to offer, Villa de Mercedes is situated within Toril at 535 feet above sea level, yet only 30 minutes away from the city. It is a breathtaking residential development nestled atop the hills of Catigan.

How true, how true! We went there this afternoon para matingnan ang site (my first visit since we bought our lot year 2005) at talaga naman pong ako ay nabighani sa kagandahan ng buong paligid. Talo po kamo ang Tagaytay noh? Buti nalang hindi ako nagpadala sa mga paninira ng ibang real estate agents sa Villa de Mercedes, orelse, naibenta ko na ito.

Speaking of real estate agents, super dami nila dito. You can see them in the malls and even in some beaches. Kararating mo palang sasalubungin ka nila ng mga brochures and by the time you stop, you bet they will nail you with all their blahs. Anyways, madalas ko naman silang nalulusutan by telling them na meron na kaming nabili. Pero may mga pagkakataon ding may mga agents akong nakaharap na super kulit at malakas ang loob na siraan ang ibang land developer. Like in my case, some said that Villa de Mercedes is so far away from the city, that the area – (depends on the weather) is stinky due to Nenita Farms at anek-anek pang paninira.

Okay, granted it is a bit far. But what is 30 minutes drive? I’d rather live in a place away from the city, where I can enjoy serenity, fresh air and above all…the beauty of the nature. Sabagay, iba-iba naman ang gusto ng mga tao. Some people love the urban life, hubby and I prefers solitude. Where we still have the freedom to play Tarzan and Jane (hehehe).

O ano, housing lot amidst the nature anyone?