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Philippine Vehicle Innovation

Last Friday, on our way to Ulm…while flipping Auto Bild magazine, I found a picture which looks so familiar to me. The image was featured under Leserfoto ((reader’s photograph)) column. Underneath was written “Please count: One (!) bicycle with twelve (!) passengers discovered by our reader Dennis Schoof in Manila (Philippines)”.

I want to ride a bicycle…I want to ride a bike.

I can imagine how amused the photographer was as he saw it. O siguro laking mangha niya nang makita niya ito dahil walang ganyang sasakyan dito sa Germany. It can’t be possible too dahil hindi ito lulusot sa TÜV (Technische Überwachungs Verein) ((Technical Monitoring Association)).

Hehehe, hindi lang nila alam tayong mga Pilipino ay super innovative in different fields. But let us stick to the topic “vehicle innovation”.

What about this one here? Well I think the image below is very common to us. Yon bang may isa o dalawang taong aangkas sa motorsiklo. But you know, in the most outback part of Butuan or maybe some parts of other provinces, where jeepneys only travel once a day…a single motorbike as public transportation is a hit for locals and day-trippers.

Get your motor runnin’ head out on the highway, lookin’ for adventure, and whatever comes our way…

Last but not least, this is something you might have not seen yet. A skylab. Or sky love? I am not really sure of the name, but what the heck. I saw this one on our way to Butuan City last May 2008. I was wondering how passengers got on to it.

The driver needs or requires great balancing act. Di ba? Haven’t experienced riding a vehicle such as this one yet. But I think I’d rather walk than catch a ride on a Skylab. Not because I am maarte, pero natatakot ako na baka ito ay bumalintong. Paano nalang ang aking high heel shoes (charing), my false eyelashes, my whatevah? Ay basta’t akoy maglalakad nalang.

O, anong say niyo sa mga sasakyan sa probinsiya???

Oh lala siya ay lola na


Mga sisterekas, bros and friends…would you ever believe na lola na akesh? Yes I am since December pa. Hindi ko lang ito naibalita sa inyo dahil papel busy as usual ang Tita Poorshya niyo. Si Mamuschka ((Mama)) Cheh palang ang nakaalam nito among blogger friends. My eldest son is now a father and I am so happy for him and his girlfriend.

Cheh asked me nga pala kong ano daw ang feeling ngayong lola na ako. Mwehehehe, ano fa eh di lukring pa rin as ever. Yon nga lang, parang I don’t like na tatawaging “Oma” ((grandma)). It’s the German term of abuela and it sounds so pang oldies talaga and I am not that old pa naman di vah? Well anyway…I have to baby think twice pa muna kong ano ang babagay para sa isang lolang pranela.

So my friends…here is my kyota ((cute)) kong kyotatalet ((sanggol)) na apo kong si Giulien. Say niyo…may pinagmanahan di ba? Ahem!!! Oy walang kokontra ha? Bwahahaha.

At itechlavu naman ang picture nang mag-ama of the year. Hay naku, parang kailan lang yon na karga-karga ko pa anak kong ito. Ngayon…siya ay isa nang ama.

Siyanga pala, I would like to thank you for the New Year greetings which I heartily reciprocate. Let the New Year 2009 brings you and your family loads of good luck and prosperity.

  1. Sofie
  2. Ambo
  3. Nina
  4. my nephewDandan
  5. K
  6. Cheh
  7. Scart
  8. Miss P
  9. Sha
  10. Marie
  11. Amor
  12. AnP
  13. and my sister Celia

The Hafner's Christmas 2008

Christmas Tree 2008

This year’s December 25th is not only Christmas but it also happen to be my 25th Christmas celebration here in Germany. Dati rati, lagi akong umiiyak kapag Pasko dahil miss na miss ko ang aking buong pamilya sa Davao. Napaka-dry and near to lifeless kasi ang selebrasyon nila dito. It took me a while before I finally get adjusted, but still I can’t avoid feeling melancholy and pensive. Well…c’est la vie!

But tell you what? This time it is absolutely different. This Christmas is one of my happiest and most memorable of all times. Why? It is because we are lucky WE achieved many of our goals this year. AND I am lucky to have a husband with a good business head on his shoulders. I am lucky to have my eldest son to be proud of. Lucky to have a daughter like Kathleen, lucky to have Gillian who tells me daily he loves me “and everything” and he will often thank me for making him meals or playing with him. And I am lucky to have a loving, supporting and understanding parents, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews. Like I said we achieved a lot of our goals this year, not only us here but also my whole family back in Davao.

I can write a long story kong bakit ang Paskong ito ay isa sa pinakamasaya kong Pasko, but I’d rather not say anything. Hehehe, as if hindi ko alam na maraming *familiar non-blogger enviers lurking here na nag-aabang lang nang pagkakataon para masabi nilang: “Ayan nagyabang na naman si Beng.” *Merry Christmas and peace be with you bad tongues and wicked ears.

Life is full of…mysteries, happiness, pains, difficulties, possibilities, beauties and blessings.

Simple Christmas celebration at home. Thank you Lord for everything!

My son Ivan took his masters last year, and now he’s working at a big firm in Neuss and appointed to a high position just after a few months.

My two sweet makulets…waiting for more Christmas gifts.

The most loving and selfless person I’ve ever met. He keep on telling me not to buy gift for him, but I did this time. He simply deserved it…

Family’s Christmas present: Cookie! A Labrador Retriever.

Last but not least…si Lola niyo.