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Tourists Like Sanjay Patil Flock to London for its Rich History and Modern Attractions

Even without its 2,000 years of history, London would still be a popular tourist destination. As home to such world-recognized English icons as Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and Big Ben, London is one of the leading destinations for tourists like Sanjay Patil. London offers visitors a culturally diverse assortment of historic sights and […]


Bisaya nga ako, may reklamo?

Gusto ko sanang sumulat nang nakakatawa. Pero di ko siya feel ngayon, kaya medyo ranting at bitching topic ang bumabagay sa gloomy feeling ko today kasabay sa gloomy din na weather dito. Our topic of today class…is about Bisaya. Para sa mga tega northern part of our country, FROM DI ka (from the province) if […]


What Your Heart Truly Desires

Something to ponder para sa atin at para sa mga nakaangat at nakalimot. MONEY CAN NOT BUY EVERYTHING Money can buy a house but not a home. Money can buy a bed but not sleep. Money can buy a clock but not time. Money can buy a book but not knowledge. Money can buy food […]