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Tourists Like Sanjay Patil Flock to London for its Rich History and Modern Attractions

Even without its 2,000 years of history, London would still be a popular tourist destination. As home to such world-recognized English icons as Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and Big Ben, London is one of the leading destinations for tourists like Sanjay Patil.

London offers visitors a culturally diverse assortment of historic sights and royal pomp and pageantry set amidst a modern-day world capital that is as varied as the 300-plus languages spoken by its residents. Its status as one of the largest cities in Europe means that visitors like Dr. Sanjay Patil will have no limit to the dining and cultural experiences available to them.

Residents of London take pride in being ahead of many of their European counterparts. Its eight million residents make London the most populated city in Europe. A $200 million apartment in the Hyde Park area of London became the most expensive in the world when it sold in 2011. The oldest subway system in the world is the London underground that went into service in 1863. Its 253 miles of track make it larger than similar transportation systems in Tokyo, Paris and New York.

For tourists like Sanjay Patil MD, the difficult task is not to find something to do while in London but in finding the time to do everything the city has to offer. The art and treasures of 2,000 years of history are on display at the Tower of London, the National Gallery, St. Paul’s Cathedral and other galleries and museums throughout the city.

The West End area of London is home to the city’s major attractions including shops, restaurants, entertainment venues and theatrical offerings. Oxford Street runs through the West End and, at 1.5 miles long, offers Sanjay Patil and other shoppers more stores and shops than such world-renowned shopping meccas as Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

Other West End must-see attractions include Carnaby Street, Piccadilly Circus, the Chinese gates and Selfridges. Nothing surpasses the theater offerings of the West End. With at least 40 theaters offering musicals, dramas and comedies, the West End of London rivals Broadway in New York City for the theatrical choices available to visitors like Dr. Sanjay Patil.

One of the pleasures of a trip to London is having such attractions as London Bridge, Madame Tussauds, Tower Bridge, Baker Street and St. Paul’s Cathedral within walking distance or a short ride on the underground from each other. Budget-conscious visitors will find Hyde Park to be a 350-acre pastoral gem in the heart of the city. Hyde Park offers a woodland setting with ornamental gardens, a large lake and a meadow.

A highlight of any Sunday visit to Hyde Park is the section of the park known as Speaker’s Corner. Authorized by an act of Parliament in 1872, people gather at the corner of Park Lane and Cumberland Gate to listen or participate in speeches, debates and oratory on a range of topics limited only by the imagination of the speakers. In the past, such notables as Karl Marx and George Orwell have used Speaker’s Corner to express their beliefs.

Tourists like Sanjay Patil discover that what London has to offer is as varied and diverse as the many neighborhoods and districts that come together to make this one of the most popular destinations for world travelers.

Bisaya nga ako, may reklamo?

Gusto ko sanang sumulat nang nakakatawa. Pero di ko siya feel ngayon, kaya medyo ranting at bitching topic ang bumabagay sa gloomy feeling ko today kasabay sa gloomy din na weather dito.

Our topic of today class…is about Bisaya. Para sa mga tega northern part of our country, FROM DI ka (from the province) if you are a native Bisaya speaker. Hehehehe, eksperyens ko yan when I was in college (Manila). Tingin nila, I was lower than them dahil nga Bisaya eh. Pero dahil ako ay palaban, hindi umubra ang pang mamata nila sa aken. At lalong wa epek sa akin nang may nagsabi nito: “Tega Davao ka pala? Dinig ko marami daw mamamatay tao doon”. I raised my left brow and replied: “Yes, isa sa kanila ay kaharap mo!”. You may believe me or not, tumahimik ang mundo ko matapos kong sabihin yon.

Hindi lahat nang mga Bisayang katulad ko ang may lakas loob na sumagot. Some if not many, felt intimidated kaya madalas nilang tinatago ang tunay nilang background. Kagaya nang mga na-meet kong mga kababayan natin. Yong isa ay nakilala ko sa isang party noong araw sa Freiburg. She was the first who asked me kong tega saan daw ako sa Pinas. I said I am from Davao and she said she’s from Cebu pero hindi na daw siya marunong mag Bisaya dahil super tagal daw silang tumira sa Maynila. It could be true…kaso lang ang intonation nang kanyang pagsalita nang Tagalog is soo Bisaya. Alam niyo na…Bisaya matigas ang dila. Well anyways, few minutes later…may iba pang mga bisitang dumating. That lady tagalang hilaw approached the newly arrived guests. Ayon nagbeso-beso sila at bumanat na nang kuwento itong si Ms. Hilaw. She was talking in Bisaya!!! Kakasabi niya lang sa akin na hindi na siya marunong and all of a sudden…nag Bisaya siya? Ngeekk what a fake.

Just recently may na-meet ako ditong Pinay. Nagtagalog siya siyempre, madali lang ang usapan namin dahil may lakad pa akong iba. The next time we met, ayon binanatan niya na ako nang kuwento na tega Cebu nga siya and that hindi na siya marunong magbisaya dahil doon na sila tumira sa Maynila etc. etc. etc. Ilang beses ko nang narinig ang ganyang tell-tale, it’s getting tiresome na ha. I was annoyed na talaga pero pinagbigyan ko pa rin. In between her blahs…medyo nagkandahirap na siyang magtagalog. Kaya I told her na: “Oy alam mo, mabuti pang magbisaya nalang tayo para hindi ka na mahihirapan pa.”

The bottom line of the story is that one should be honest and true to oneself, to avoid embarrassment or awkward situation.

Why pretend to be someone you’re not? Are you afraid that people might belittle you? Or are you ashamed of your roots? Eh ano ngayon kong Bisaya? Ano ba ang dapat diyan ikahiya? Wala!

Concerning the people naman na mahilig mangutya sa mga Bisaya. I think they are brainless that’s why they do that…pangungutya sa kapwa.

I am a Filipina, a Bisaya one and I am proud of it. O ano, may reklamo?

What Your Heart Truly Desires

Something to ponder para sa atin at para sa mga nakaangat at nakalimot.


Money can buy a house but not a home.

Money can buy a bed but not sleep.

Money can buy a clock but not time.

Money can buy a book but not knowledge.

Money can buy food but not hunger.

Money can buy position but not respect.

Money can buy power but not authority.

Money can buy luxury but not culture.

Money can buy people but not acceptance.

Money can buy cosmetics but not beauty.

Money can buy lust but not love.

These are some basic truths of life, which present day man has failed to understand. Man suppresses his colleagues and marches forward stamping others behind. This depicts the raw brutal power of rational beings. Corruption is the major outcome of this mad race.

To live a life, the prerequisite is MONEY. It is of course true that life without money is not worth living but acquiring money by unfair means have made matters even more worse and critical. Money has left ‘fear’ to invade young minds thus leading to unexpected consequences. Why man forgets that he has come to earth empty handed and will go empty handed.

Money has steered man’s way towards the wrong channel and has set up wrong connections. He has started making ‘BLACK MONEY’ thereby disrupting the rapport that existed previously. The flowers blooming and blossoming depict that each flower enjoys the air it breathes. But Money did not spare Nature too. Man should establish cordial relations with nature and not entangle in knots of making money, I have the reason to lament on What Man has made of Man !!

MONEY, MONEY, MONEY has disrupted peace, harmony and understanding. It has made life superficial and materialistic and has paved the grounds for suffering and complication

Ask yourself, can money really buy the happiness that your heart truly desires?

Money is not everything. It is good to have it because we need it, but loving it makes it bad.

Source: Nistian Final