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From West To The East

Let me start with “from Philippines back to Alemanya” episode muna tayo ok?

Around February this year, I am sure you remember that I wrote an entry about going or migrating back to the good old bayan kong (nating) Pilipinas. The preparation and everything went smoothly. First week of June, Kathleen was enrolled in Ateneo de Davao H.S and Gillian in Circular Home Pre-School.

Right after the enrollment stress, I went to my birthplace Butuan City to manage my kapiranggot na lupa while waiting for the result of my queries regarding our planned business. Yes, hubby and I has planned to put up a clinic in Davao for tourist and expat patients. Siyempre, kong manirahan kami doon we need a source of income to live. Di vah? Akala ko/namin dahil may mga kaibigan kaming naka upo sa may talampakan ni GMA, (who promised to help us) things will be easier for us. That is what we thought, but later I realized that almost everything is different in real. Every move that I made means dukot sa bulsa, which was tiring in the long run at nakakaloka dahil slow ang feedback. Sa madaling salita, bago natapos ang June…95% ko nang alam na hindi matutuloy ang aming plano due to several ek-ek. Kids were sad as I told them that we have to go back. Siyempre nalungkot din ako but I had no choice. Anyways, THEY put stones on our way and make it hard for us to achieve success, so we left. Hindi sa pagmamayabang but we were ready to invest €XXX,XXX.XX, an adequate amount to operate a modern clinic with own laboratory. Well sayang, but it’s not our loss but theirs…


In spite of everything, hubby still decided to pursue his plan…dito nga lang sa Germany. Dito naman sa Germany, hindi basta-bastang makapagbukas nang clinic ang isang doctor sa kong saan niya gusto. Doon lang ito maari o posible sa lugar na may bakanteng “Niederlassung Stelle” or let say “Area of Need” where there is a shortage of specific medical practitioners. We actually had three (3) choices: 1. Usedom 2. Lindenberg-Allgäu and 3. Brandenburg. We decided for Brandenburg dahil mas malapit ito sa sibilisasyon, Potsdam and Berlin for instance.

We have to move din sa lugar na ito of course and so we found a new place to live. Ito ngayon ang aming bagong tahanan.

It’s a 284 sqm. country style house, with 6 bedrooms on the second level, 2 bathrooms and one dressing room. While sa ground floor naman, we have a huge kitchen and dining, storage room, spacious and comfortable living room. There is also a sauna, a fitness and laundry room and an office space din pala which is occupied by my better-half.

Our clinic started its operation last October 1. Now, let me show around…

Below is the former “Landes Ambulatorium” (outpatient clinic) building, where our clinic is located.

The reception area…

The waiting room…

Laboratory…(not done yet)

Consulting Office 1

Consulting Office 2

…and the two medical assistants 🙂

The couple behind it.

Certainly mas masaya sana ako kong natuloy ang lahat sa Davao dahil makakasama ko na ang pamilya ko doon. But I think it was not yet the right time, so until then…I have to wait by the edge of my seat nalang muna.