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Fading Youth & Vanity


Imagine how life would be if one day, a scientist would finally discover “The Fountain of Youth”. Or if there were some type of miracle cream that would completely eradicate all signs of aging. Wouldn’t life be soo sweet for us women then?

Unfortunately, age sneaks up on us unexpectedly, and there is no escaping the fact that we are all growing one year older every 365 days (*sigh). So what to do then? Ay ewan, basta ako I gave up na dahil di ko mapigil ang process na ito. Not even expensive and “soi disant” great skin care products that works wonder (kuno) can help. Sa tutuo lang I really don’t mind getting old, palagay na sana ang loob ko kong di lang dahil sa dalawang bagay. When I was young, dati na akong may laugh lines dahil bungisngis eh. People used to say: “your laugh lines looks cute, it shows you are a jolly person”. At present, di lang yata nila makuhang sabihin sa akin na: “ouch your laugh lines looks nakakatakyut”. Cute laugh lines now turned into ugly crows-feet, di lang yan…may kasama pa itong eyebags. These two signs of aging is what I dreaded most at present. Well, I know I have to accept/love them because they’re mine and mine alone (ngehehe). Ang mga laugh lines ko ay medyo okay lang, dahil di naman ito lumilitaw if I am frowning. Pero dios meh, my eyebags…they look like betlogs (sorry for using this word) na tumubo sa mukha ko. I have tried several skin care na (see image above), from expensive to the cheapest. Pero walang epekto, the only effect is naubos ang pera ko dahil lang dito.


A friend of mine who is a bit older than me said that I should see a plastic surgeon. Pareho daw kami ng problema, pero dati yon…dahil galing na siya sa isang “butcher” at ipinahiwa niya ang mga ito. Kong di niya sinabi sa akin yon, hindi ko mapapansin na siya ay medyo bumata nga dahil wala na ang mga eyebags niya. Good idea, I thought. Pero bigla akong natakot ng maalala ko ang aking keloid sa tiyan. I can picture it in my mind na nawala nga ang ugly eyebags ko, ang pumalit naman ay keloids na mukhang bulati. Oh how horrible. I’d rather have my betlogs looking eyebags nalang than having those bulatis on my face.

Haay, admitting that I am no longer in my thirties is quite a hard task (I’m just being honest). But pains here and there often made me aware I’m old. I have to face the fact that my youthful look is forever gone. And that I can no longer do the same things as I used to do. Oh well, life is short and worrying about this might make my life even shorter and uglier. So the best I can do is enjoy life while growing old naturally. Schönheit ist eben vergaenglich genau sowie das Leben auch…


The moral of the story (Die Moral von der Geschichte) is the lesson the story is trying to teach you.

Meron nga ba? :thinking