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Why Is It So Complicated?

It was raining hard I as went to downtown with my 5 years old son para magbayad nang mga bills. I used to go to SM Mall dahil meron silang collecting office doon nang mga utilities like PLDT, Davao Light and etc. Dahil nawala nang may-ari ng bahay na una naming tinirhan ang PLDT bill ko, I had no choice than to go to their office directly. It was already 4:35 P.M as we entered their office in Ponciano St., and I was glad because there were only two customers aside from us. The first time I went there to apply for a telephone and DSL connection, their office was sooo crowded. The guy who was standing in the front door handed me a stab with number 1147.

Few minutes later, tinawag na ang numero ko and I directly went to the table na itinuro nung mama sa akin. The guy encharge looks so unfriendly, he asked me in an unfriendly tone kong ano daw ang kailangan ko. I must admit that I was a bit intimidated, but then again…I had no choice. So ayon sinabi ko sa kanya na magbabayad ako and that I have no bill to present kasi nawala ito. He asked for my name and telephone number and after checking my account, he scribbled something on a kapiranggot piece of paper and handed it over to me. 3,210.97 Pesos ang figure na nakalagay doon. I was puzzled kong bakit ganun kalaki, so I asked him to tell me the details. The masungit guy said: “Maam, two months kayong hindi nagbayad kaya ganyan kalaki ang halaga.” And I answered: “What????? I paid my bill last month at sobra pa nga ito ng one hundred pesos. So please kindly explain kong bakit nagkaganyan!” He mumured something which I didn’t understand. Before he could open his mouth again, inunahan ko na siya. I asked him if combined ang bill from our former residence to the current. He asked me back kong wala daw ba akong bill na natanggap. “HELLLOOOO? Nakinig ka ba sa sinabi ko kanina? I told you na nawala ang bill kaya ako nandito.” He answered: “Ah basta! Two months ang nakarecord dito na hindi ka nagbayad.” Me:“&/@°^§!ß?%$ Mister, let me tell you something…two months palang kaming nandito sa Pilipinas, and as I said, I paid the bill last month kaya huwag na huwag mong ipagdiinan na two months akong hindi nagbayad! Please be so kind and print me a copy of that damn bill so I can see the details.” Naku, kumulo like lava ang ipot ko talaga sa mamang ito. Kunting-konti nalang at sasabog na sana ako.

So then, he printed nga the bill and I saw there na may charge na 1,200.00 pala ang connection change. Ganun lang yon kadali intindihin noh? But just the same I am not paying anything na naka scribble lang sa isang pirasong papel. The masungit guy was just too lazy to print it, too lazy to stand up para pumunta sa likuran ng counter divider. Pinapahirapan pa ako!

The next mishap happened nung magbabayad na ako. It was just few minutes nalang before closing time. I went to the guy cashier (na mukhang tiyupi) and handed him the bill. Aba, sabi sa akin I need to pull another stab again. Dahil masunurin si Tita Poorshya niyo, tumakbong pumunta ako sa may pintuan. Pero noong kukuha na sana ako…the guy who assited me earlier said na cut-off time na daw. Ibig sabihin wala na akong numerong mahuhugot sa kong saang butas. I went back to the cashier again, kaladkad si Gillian and told the person na wala nang number dahil close na ang box. He only answered coldly na “walang stab walang bayad”. I pleaded him na kong maari tanggapin niya na lang ito. He was so damned heartless and inconsiderate, talaga daw’ng NO. I was fuming with anger and left the counter saying WHAT A BULLSHIT UNFRIENDLY EMPLOYEES!

Hoy! Kayong mga tega PLDT Davao in Ponciano, if you think you have the kili-kili power just because you are sitting prettily at your desk. Please do not forget you are only employees and above all, servants of your customers. You should try to learn how to treat your clients nicely because you are not the only provider here in Davao. Got what I mean? Be considerable naman lalo na sa mga nanay na may kasamang anak. My son and I were all soaked as we got there dahil umuulan that time. Pumunta lang para magbayad, pero ni kaunting konsiderasyon ay WALA KAYO! This is not without consequences…meron pang BAYANTEL dito na malapit lang ang office sa aminnnnn.

Reyna Elena And Co In Durianland Day 3

While this is a leisure activity and a great deal of fun, it is also an extreme sport. Kaya ang gustong gumaya…take your own risk!

Zu Risiken und Nebenwirkungen fragen Sie Ihren Mann oder Metzger.

Rafting on the Davao River is an experience that is difficult to describe. Rafting the Davao River is truly an experience that you have to see and to believe. The scenic beauty alone is worth the trip, as you carve your way through towering mountains that are all covered by lush, vibrant green jungle. We even pulled into a small river cave at one point along the rafting trip.

But of course, the most amazing part of the trip was the rafting action. That is, after all, why we were there, and there was plenty of action and enjoyment amidst the white water waves. Pure Adrenalin! Pure Excitement! Pure Adventure!

And the adventure begun with a briefing…

At the end of the rafting video, we all loaded ourselves and our rafting equipment into a shuttle bus, with one raft and two kayaks strapped to the top, and began our journey to the put in point.

After driving for about an hour we reached the isolated community of Tamugan, Calinan, which was the landing point for embarking on the white water trip. Before going to our rafts, we received additional safety instructions. This started with simply making sure everyone had their helmets and vests properly secured, how to do “easy paddle”, “hard paddle”, “forward paddle” and “back paddle”. And told us that we should practice rescuing a person who fell off the raft.

And I feel my adrenaline before rafting has begun…

Click image to enlarge!

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and we were allowed to drift… (click image to enlarge)

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The lunch break…

And the watering in the water break…

Back to the rapids again, we paddled hard…

Click image to enlarge!

Until we reached…

the pull out point in Lacon. We had rafted 13 kilometers down the river’s rapids, nearly 10% of the river’s 163 kilometer length. (Click image to enlarge)

We were tired…but happy and crazier than ever! (Click image to enlarge)


Wanna watch it live? Click link below to access the video!
The NaughtyCats Gone Wild Water Rafting