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Five New WP Themes

Upon request of several people who emailed me, I am now releasing five new WordPress Themes. I thought of doing this before I get busy with my new client’s project. The company owner asked me to devote my time and attention just for them for a certain period of time since the said project is quite huge. So as promised here are the latest and not so latest themes for you to grab.

Two of the themes I am releasing were part of my school projects which I have already forgotten and one was ordered by a client who backed out. Some of you may have seen them already on my Test Blog. Now dear ones, I am so very sorry but I don’t have the ample time to write a detailed representation for each theme. For more details please visit my Test Blog and serve yourself :bigsmile (sounds like fastfood resto huh) and or you may go directly to my WordPress Themes download page.

All themes are of course widgets ready and validated.

Global Blogging

Screenshot | Download: [download#21]


Autumn Blues

Screenshot | Download: [download#20]


Whatever Life Is

Screenshot | Download: [download#19]


Summer Fresh

Screenshot | Download: [download#18]


Pour Homme

Screenshot | Download: [download#17]


Fluid 3 Columns Theme


Releasing my second latest free WordPress Theme for this year. Fluidity – I think the name sayz it all huh? This is my very first fluid/liquid creation and top of it all…it’s three (3) columns. I applied the famous Web 2.0 graphic design a bit to make it look trendy. I said a bit because I myself doesn’t like too much gradient and too bright colors. In my opinion, web design is exactly the same like fashion, everything should match and harmonize. Okay enough blah.

So, speaking of Fluidity, it’s widgets ready theme. But take note, only the right sidebar is widgetized. You can add your ads, Flickr Badge and whatsoever on the left sidebar. Just follow the structure of the tags if you don’t want your sidebar to be messed up. No plugins needed here. And yes, before I forget…this theme is optimized for search engines, and completely standards compliant. Continue reading…

Wanderlust Theme

…is another contribution of mine to WordPress users. Wanderlust is designed for a personal blog, it’s a fixed width two columns theme with a light gray (#fdfdfd) background. The theme title is derived from header graphic, well…it’s summer time so I was inspired to create something suited to the season.

Wanderlust theme is Widgets ready, optimized for search engine, XHTML and CSS valid and tested on four (4) different browsers, namely: Opera, Firefox, Netscape and of course IE.


Download: [download#15]

View it live here (widget active) | Or here (widget inactive)

Installation instruction:

  1. Unzipped file on your local folder.
  2. Upload Wanderlust folder to your /wp-content/themes/ directory using your FTP tool
  3. and also upload the plugins (included in the folder) to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    *upload the complete searchlite plugin folder, as for the get-recent-comments plugin – please upload just the php file
  4. go to your WP Admin panel and activate the theme under Presentation, then proceed to Plugins area to activate the plugins