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Turning Fourty Five!


She’s indeed turning fourty five this coming Thursday, March 8, 2007.

Little aches, little pains
Something’s pounding in my brain.
I have this thing under my chin
I have strange wrinkles when I grin.

I have love handles, I think I have gout.
I think my hair is thinning out!
Sometimes I think I’m still “with it” that I still fit in.

And then I say “I remember when” or “Life’s too short”.
Or repeat a story I’ve already told.
Oh my gosh! I’ve gotten old!!
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Some of you surely still remember about the first launching of my Blog-O-Holics site. It was a BLOG TOPSITES project and it was actually doing fine until the day I started getting hundreds of spam registrations. I had been trying to find a better spam fighter but to no avail. The software developer was not really communicative and there was no support available. So I decided to remove the topsites publishing system from my server and stopped blog-o-holics temporarily til I find something better.

Now my dear friends, blog-O-holics is finally back again. Not as Topsites List but as Blogging Community – using the famous Worpdress MU. This newly put up blogging community is exclusive for Pinoy/Pinay bloggers only.

Blog-O-Holics is no WordPress.Com. Meaning to say, registration is limited. I can only host eight selected wannabe blogoholics member. So now, if you are a non-complicated blogger, lukring and kikay like me, has a great sense of humor and nice. Then you are welcome to join. This is a first come first serve basis, kaya send me your details bilisssss!
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