Behind Clouds

As The Journey Continues

It was Aug. 31, 2009 when I last posted my last entry here. I even promised to update once in awhile, pero ayon hindi rin natupad. I have less time than I thought, yeah it’s as simple as that. Life has changed since we moved here in Brandenburg and since hubby opened his own medical clinic. Nag changed ang takbo nang buhay ko dahil isa ako sa kanyang fulltime alalay doon. I have to learn a lot of things…with success naman sa awa ng Diyos. Pero it is a challenge talaga to work in a field na labag sa kalooban ko. Lalo na’t hindi ito related sa aking profession, so I’m having a lot of difficulties adjusting to this new role. In addition to that, hindi rin ako sanay na kasama ang asawa sa trabaho or ang asawa ko ang BOSS ko. The problem in the case of a spouse is the potential emotional boomerang. Usually what happens is, if it doesn’t work out, the employee leaves and you never see them again, di vah? But in this case, if it doesn’t work out, you go home and have dinner together. That’s where the problem lies. Infact, we got so consumed with our business relationship that we end up talking/arguing business all the time even at home. So there’s no escape from business at all. The first eight months was a nightmare!

So one day, I was so fed up, I left the clinic without saying a word. Hubby was angry of course, he called and asked me to come back. But all I said was “no I’m not and that we really have to talk when you come home”. Because of that talk, our relationship has flourished to heights that weren’t possible after we start the business. Our heart to heart talk was what made our relationship to what it is now versus what it was before. A hundred times better. Well anyways, concocting the ideal recipe to combine a thriving business and a successful marriage is not easy, especially when you work together, but it can be done with understanding and compromise.

I know that our business is very important but so our marriage and family too. Inspite of all the difficulties…I am still lucky to have a husband like my husband. Who listens to my litany of complaints, opinions and ramblings and takes my feelings into consideration. It was actually my mistake that I didn’t open my mouth and talk about what bothered me earlier ago. We closed this chapter of our life, but we are still working together in our business as TEAM. And we are also working on our marriage to keep the shine. We will keep working on our marriage and working through whatever challenges we would face in the future. There are no experts on marriage and it is not something we learn in a book. But something we must learn by doing over and over again…a practice we must adjust as our journey continues…


We went to Bali for our second honeymoon last Dec. 20 til Dec. 31. We stayed at Nikko Bali Hotel Resort and Spa in Nusa Dua for 10 days. Bali is lovely. It is one of the few places in the whole world that I would actually want to go back. There are stunning sunsets, sculpted rice terraces and a temple on almost every corner. And for less-spiritual seekers, this steamy Indonesian island also has great surfing and a rollicking night life.

The Gala(an) and Who's Who Night in Freiburg

Life has been busy lately, but things are starting to settle down – just in time for me to attend the Charity Gala last Friday, October 31, in Freiburg (organized by my kumare and best friend Jojo). But long before the said Gala, I was sure I could not attend dahil nga busy kami sa clinic and the event was scheduled on a working day. And besides, Freiburg is 735.75 kilometers away from our place. Kahit gustuhin ko man hindi pa rin ako makating on time dahil almost seven hours ang biyahe by car. Last Tuesday, October 28, nagtaka kaming mag-asawa kong bakit walang pasiyenteng naka schedule for Friday. We asked our med. secretary why and she told us that its a holiday, the Reformation Day to be exact. It is the day on which in 1517 Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the church door in Wittenberg, criticizing certain aspects of the Catholic Church and thus starting the Reformation in Germany.

Well anyways, natuloy din ako sa madaling salita. Hubby made it possible for me to travel but not by car but by plane. I flew from Schönefeld, Berlin to Basel, Switzerland and arrived on time in Freiburg for the Gala. There I met several familiar faces from good old days and people whom I did not expect na makakadalo doon like Mr. Andy Pador, the President of Bicol Varsitarian in Cologne. As usual, nadoon yong beso-beso at picture taking. Para baga kaming true celebrities (ngehehehe). But the real celebrity that evening was Archie or known as Matt Ranillo III with his lovely wife Linda Tupaz. He was invited to co-host the beauty contest show with Joyce. Joyce was a former fashion model in the Philippines and now an Ambassador’s wife. The Gala was successful and well attended.

It is a very long story mga kapatid kaya hindi ko nalang isulat ang mga detalye dito. I decided to let pictures speak for themselves this time, so that you can get your own impression.

With my compadre Reverend Luis, the President of Works of Mercy Association in Offenburg.

A stage pose with some of the beauty contestants.

An awardee? Nope hindi akin yan kundi sa kaibigan kong si Tessie (hehehe).

Ayan na sila…

With Linda Tupaz this time.

Past midnight na kaya some are getting ready for the Halloween.

This was taken the next day as we went to Baden-Baden

Family Beach Vacation

Hey folks, guess what? Me and my family went to Morey’s Piers and had our family beach vacation there! It’s an awesome amusement park in Wildwood New Jersey. I think it is the largest amusement piers in the world. Morey’s Piers is located on the boardwalk of Wildwood, New Jersey. And it is near to Ocean City and Atlantic City, and it has over 100 exciting amusement park rides and attractions.

There is also weekly specials at Morey’s Piers. Mondays are “Magical Mondays.” Some random guests will be awarded prizes such as wristband upgrades, and most of all free food and games. Tuesdays are a “Time Special,” get there at certain times and you can receive All-you-can-ride wristbands. Kathleen was lucky and got one of the wristbands. Wednesdays are xtreme! Ride all the xtreme rides and then enjoy unlimited rides on all six roller coasters, though this one here is not necessarily for me. Thirty dollar Thursdays are were you can buy an All-you-can-ride wristbands for thirty dollars and then get free all-you-can-eat buffets. On Fridays for $30 is a waterpark special. And on Friday nights you can light up the night by riding under the Coca-Cola’s fireworks display!

My family really had a great great time at Morey’s Piers that we are planning to visit there again next year.

Journey To The Past

Last Monday, June 26, 2008, I went to Butuan City with my brother Maian, my mother, my two kids, with my nephew Soy and niece Jacklyn. Dahil sa dami namin, I decided to rent a car para magkasya kaming lahat and in the hope na marami kaming mabibitbit na mga prutas, baboy, kalabaw at manok pagbalik. We left early in the morning kasi malayo asng biyahe eh. Bro said na it will take around 8 hours daw to drive going Butuan. I asked him why ganun katagal at ilang kilometro ba papunta doon? Ay ewan daw ang sagot saken. Sabagay, hindi na ako nagtataka sa sagot niya dahil karamihan ng mga tao dito sa Pilipinas ay walang keber kong ilang kilometro ang binabiyahe. I was expecting na around 600 kilometers ang distance Butuan City sa Davao. So anyways, ayon umalis kami at si Tita Poorshya niyo ang nagmaniho ng sasakyan.

Actually, parang ayaw kong magdrive dahil I witnessed how people drives here. To be honest, it’s driving me crazy because they do not follow rules. But I was forced to do so dahil wala pang license ang brother ko.

The highway going there is not bad at all. I was even astound kasi talagang konkreto na ang buong kalsada from Davao to Butuan. Tapos kompleto pa nang mga road signs at meron pang safety barriers sa roadsides. Mangha talaga si Tita niyo! The highway was deserted most of the time and I was really tempted to speed up. Kaya lang, I was so afraid na baka may biglang tumawid na tikbalang o kalabaw na nakapastol sa gilid ng kalsada. So my speed was between 80 kmph lang to 100 kmph, paminsan-minsan 120 kapag ang daan ay safe to accelerate.

You surely want to know why your Tita Poorshya went to that ever kalayo na lugar. First of all, your Tita was born there, second of all, my lola (mother’s side)

and the rest of my relatives lives there and thirdly, 21 years na akong hindi napunta doon. Kaya, it was about time to visit my people na talaga.
Ang kasarapan kapag uuwi ka nang probinsiya, lalong-lalo na’t alam ng mga relatives mo. It always end up like a fiesta. May isang baka silang itinumba at pinatayo naman kinabukasan (hehehe joke). What I mean ay pinaghandaan nila ang aming pagdating ng tudo.

On that evening, Lola and I had a talk and somewhere along the line. Napag-usapan namin ang tungkol sa kanyang lupain. She told me na most part of it ay pinamana niya na sa mga Tio at Tia ko. My parents even got few hectares pero sayang nga daw ito dahil hindi nila Papa at Mama inaasikaso. She added na if gusto ko raw, I can also have a piece of farm lot if I promise to cultivate it. I was of course surprised and touched din siyempre noh dahil hindi ko akalain na ganun. Naku, si Tita niyo mukhang magiging magbubukid na yata mga kapuso.

The next day, we went to visit/survey the area my grandmother told me.

Nafagod sa kakalakad si Tita Poorshya niyo at lumawit ang dila hanggang lupa dahil sa sobrang init.

I am not really familiar how big is my grandmother’s farm. I only remember na noon when my grandfather was still alive. They used to plant sugar cane and tobacco on the upper part of their farm. Para itong cake eh na may tatlong layer or levels. Doon naman sa mid level, puro lang ito kape at cacao, at mais naman sa pinakababa. Now at present, everything has changed…they only grow coconut dahil daw less work and maintainance. Most part of my grandmother’s farm ay high grasses nalang ang tumutubo. Which I find “sayang”. Halos lahat kasi ng male relatives ko ay nasa city na or somewhere outside Butuan nagtatrabaho.

Now what to do with my piece of land? Well, I already have ideas in mind at may worker na rin akong kinampanya doon. I am planning to go back there para masimulan na ang plano ko. Ano yon? Hehehe, secret ;)

Unpublished Photos

Sa mga hindi nakakilala sa circle ng maligalig group, malamang na sila ay mag-iisip habang nakatingin sa mga nakalathala ditong mga larawan. Love team? Mag syota? O ano nga vah? Well, I am going to give you the chance to guess what is true and what is not? Bast’t these are unpublished photos noong aming masayang pagkikita dito sa Durianland.

Please click on image to view larger size.

Lovey-dovey nga ba o hindi? Ang makakasagot ay may premyong isang gatang na NFA rice.

At ano naman kaya ito? Hehehe, I am sure some lurker I know, will make an issue out of this.

And how about this one?

Pagkapos naming inumin ang cocktail na nagngalang Weng-Weng. Kami ay na weng-weng na ngang tuluyan…

Ang Reyna ay willing nang isuot ang robe na bitbit ko the whole time.

At nang siya ay makabihis na, pose doon at pose dito ang ginawa niya.

At eto naman ako, dahil sa ka weng-wengan…tumira na nang sayaw sa bandang gilid.

Habang ang Reyna ay nag-iba ang feeling. Feeling superman naman siya ngayon, wala nga lang costume.

Bahay kubo kahit munti…


Au Revoir!

Reyna Elena And Co In Durianland Day 3

While this is a leisure activity and a great deal of fun, it is also an extreme sport. Kaya ang gustong gumaya…take your own risk!

Zu Risiken und Nebenwirkungen fragen Sie Ihren Mann oder Metzger.

Rafting on the Davao River is an experience that is difficult to describe. Rafting the Davao River is truly an experience that you have to see and to believe. The scenic beauty alone is worth the trip, as you carve your way through towering mountains that are all covered by lush, vibrant green jungle. We even pulled into a small river cave at one point along the rafting trip.

But of course, the most amazing part of the trip was the rafting action. That is, after all, why we were there, and there was plenty of action and enjoyment amidst the white water waves. Pure Adrenalin! Pure Excitement! Pure Adventure!

And the adventure begun with a briefing…

At the end of the rafting video, we all loaded ourselves and our rafting equipment into a shuttle bus, with one raft and two kayaks strapped to the top, and began our journey to the put in point.

After driving for about an hour we reached the isolated community of Tamugan, Calinan, which was the landing point for embarking on the white water trip. Before going to our rafts, we received additional safety instructions. This started with simply making sure everyone had their helmets and vests properly secured, how to do “easy paddle”, “hard paddle”, “forward paddle” and “back paddle”. And told us that we should practice rescuing a person who fell off the raft.

And I feel my adrenaline before rafting has begun…

Click image to enlarge!

Click image to enlarge!

and we were allowed to drift… (click image to enlarge)

Click image to enlarge!

The lunch break…

And the watering in the water break…

Back to the rapids again, we paddled hard…

Click image to enlarge!

Until we reached…

the pull out point in Lacon. We had rafted 13 kilometers down the river’s rapids, nearly 10% of the river’s 163 kilometer length. (Click image to enlarge)

We were tired…but happy and crazier than ever! (Click image to enlarge)


Wanna watch it live? Click link below to access the video!
The NaughtyCats Gone Wild Water Rafting