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Fixing Blog

Had the urge to do some tinkering here on my blog and I thought it take long. But it’s always the same problem, when I start – I can’t stop! Now it’s 2:20 and I have to get up early tomorrow, work it is.

Brute Force Attacks Is Kicking My Nerves

I’ve been working on my blog since last weekend. Brute Force Attacks also attempted to break-in in my admin area, thus my host blocked it or shut this part down to avoid damage. I was not aware of it then, that is why I was wondering when I tried to login last Saturday and could not. I only got 403 – forbidden access is denied. It was only yesterday that I was able to call my host (yes no 7/24) to tell them about my problem. The solution was simple: create .htpasswd file then modify .htaccess et voila.

Twenty Eleven WordPress Theme

Hello blogmates, have you tried using WordPress default theme TWENTY ELEVEN? Last night, I spent several hours tweaking here and there and having a hard time to find out how to use the functionality it provides. It’s been a decade since I have last created WP theme you know…so I was kind of groping in the dark :). Twenty Eleven is really great, I like it!!!