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Merry Christmas

To all my beloved friends, Christmas is upon us and this season, this year, this moment is the perfect time to remember wonderful Christmases of the past and reflect on how we want to make this Christmas just as joyful. I hope and pray that your holidays will be filled with thousands of little joyful […]


The Gala(an) and Who's Who Night in Freiburg

Life has been busy lately, but things are starting to settle down – just in time for me to attend the Charity Gala last Friday, October 31, in Freiburg (organized by my kumare and best friend Jojo). But long before the said Gala, I was sure I could not attend dahil nga busy kami sa […]


Fashionable Full Figure Clothing

Luckily, the days of shopping for Plus Size Clothing and having a hard time finding stylish outfits are through. With the great demand for trendy plus size clothing there also comes a much wider choice in designs for full figure women. Plus size women want to feel good about the way they look by wearing […]


The Opposite Of What We Are Or What We Have

Generally, lahat nang tao sa whole universe (lalong-lalo na babae) ay gustong-gusto makamit ang opposite nang kanilang let say APPEARANCE. Okay, let me give you an example: SKIN TONE In Germany: Noong nagtrabaho pa ako, during summertime kapag lunch break namin. My office mates and I always spend the rest of our time outside the […]


What Are You Shopping For?

Doesn’t online shopping sound rather serene this season, given gas prices and the feel-good knowledge that fewer mall trips can help the environment? What’s more, online shopping alleviates holiday shopping rage – no fights for a parking space, no traffic and no lines. When shopping online, we all want perks to save some money right? […]


Social Climbing Logo Contest by Reyna Elena

Haay naku kong hindi lang ako busy sa kakaimpake eh di ako sana ang panalo sa pakontest na ito. Aray! Ang sakit naman ng mga inisiip niyo. Pero hoy fwede bang pagbigyan niyo muna akong pumapel ng ilang sandali lang? Pasakalye muna: I was not able to join Reyna Elena’s “Social Climbing Logo Contest” dahil […]


The Convenience Of Online Shopping

With the gas prices going higher faster than we can blink our eyes, online shipping has become an attractive alternative than going to our favorite stores in person. When shopping online, we all want perks to save some money right? Different stores has been offering free shipping as an extra incentive for shoppers to buy […]


Winter Is Here Again

The winter season is here again and you may not believe me but winter has always been my favorite time of year. Not only because it is close to Christmas but because it is the season with the most variety of clothes to wear. Sure that’s shallow, but summer is much more simplistic in its […]