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Merry Christmas


To all my beloved friends,

Christmas is upon us and this season, this year, this moment is the perfect time to remember wonderful Christmases of the past and reflect on how we want to make this Christmas just as joyful.

I hope and pray that your holidays will be filled with thousands of little joyful happenings that bring you peace, comfort and happiness.

With all my love,
Tita Beng aka Tita Poorshya

The Gala(an) and Who's Who Night in Freiburg

Life has been busy lately, but things are starting to settle down – just in time for me to attend the Charity Gala last Friday, October 31, in Freiburg (organized by my kumare and best friend Jojo). But long before the said Gala, I was sure I could not attend dahil nga busy kami sa clinic and the event was scheduled on a working day. And besides, Freiburg is 735.75 kilometers away from our place. Kahit gustuhin ko man hindi pa rin ako makating on time dahil almost seven hours ang biyahe by car. Last Tuesday, October 28, nagtaka kaming mag-asawa kong bakit walang pasiyenteng naka schedule for Friday. We asked our med. secretary why and she told us that its a holiday, the Reformation Day to be exact. It is the day on which in 1517 Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the church door in Wittenberg, criticizing certain aspects of the Catholic Church and thus starting the Reformation in Germany.

Well anyways, natuloy din ako sa madaling salita. Hubby made it possible for me to travel but not by car but by plane. I flew from Schönefeld, Berlin to Basel, Switzerland and arrived on time in Freiburg for the Gala. There I met several familiar faces from good old days and people whom I did not expect na makakadalo doon like Mr. Andy Pador, the President of Bicol Varsitarian in Cologne. As usual, nadoon yong beso-beso at picture taking. Para baga kaming true celebrities (ngehehehe). But the real celebrity that evening was Archie or known as Matt Ranillo III with his lovely wife Linda Tupaz. He was invited to co-host the beauty contest show with Joyce. Joyce was a former fashion model in the Philippines and now an Ambassador’s wife. The Gala was successful and well attended.

It is a very long story mga kapatid kaya hindi ko nalang isulat ang mga detalye dito. I decided to let pictures speak for themselves this time, so that you can get your own impression.

With my compadre Reverend Luis, the President of Works of Mercy Association in Offenburg.

A stage pose with some of the beauty contestants.

An awardee? Nope hindi akin yan kundi sa kaibigan kong si Tessie (hehehe).

Ayan na sila…

With Linda Tupaz this time.

Past midnight na kaya some are getting ready for the Halloween.

This was taken the next day as we went to Baden-Baden

Fashionable Full Figure Clothing

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