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My studies has finally ended last Wednesday, 4th of July. But my inner clock is obviously not yet adjusted because the next day, I was roused from a deep sleep and was terribly shock as I saw the clock. It was already 9:00 A.M in the morning and I was so frightened because I thought I was late. My first thought was to call the registrar’s office, on my way to get the phone, I suddenly realized that I have no more classes. Oh what a relief!

Few weeks before my studies has ended, I was really thinking of taking sometime to relax. But nope, there is absolutely no time to slow down my pace at the moment. There is a new client waiting, then today (I said today because it is now past 2:00 A.M), I have to report to the company where I am supposed to have my office internship. And lastly, I will be heading to Frankfurt Airport on Wednesday to pick up my father and my sister and her family from Orlando. They will be staying here for two weeks and you bet we will be on the road most of the time. We have no difinite plans yet where to go but that can be discussed later. I am not worrying about it because there are so many interesting places here to visit. At the moment, I am only anxious on how far I could get things done. See, I don’t have enough time left ’til my family arrive, and I’m not done cleaning the whole house yet. Oh gush, it seems I no longer know how to get things organized. Or am I simply putting myself under pressure? Oh I don’t know, maybe I’m just too old for a non-stop activities.

Unforgettable Moments 2

The Easter Egg Hunting (Isiningit lang na issue)


Easter Egg Hunting is normally for small kids, pero ang aking binatang anak ay naki-join pa rin sa mga kapatid niya. Tapos kumparahan pa sila ng laman ng basket, takot na baka may nakalamang.

The EB Of Lukrings


The images above are just part of so many, I wanted to add more kaya lang I am afraid na baka magsawa kayo sa katitingin sa mga pagmumukha namin. Continue reading…