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Now tell me what vacuum cleaner type is it you like? Upright or canister, cordless or hand held? And what type of filtration do you prefer? Bag, water filtration, ultra fine air filter or cyclonic separation? Whew, finding what best suit to your cleaning needs is just like finding an specific tree in the middle of the forest.

Well honestly speaking, as I bought our old vacuum cleaner I have never considered about style, color and functionality. To me it is just a simple device I find necessary for every household. To make regular dusting and cleaning a convenient and particle-free experience. Now I am aware of my failure of not considering a thing when I bought it. Next time, I know what to get and what vacuum cleaner attributes to consider.

Nowadays, vacuum cleaners have evolved from simple machines with no attachments to complex machines involving countless features. This make buying a tough job of course but don’t let the choices confuse you. The best step before buying is to determine how it’s going to be used in your household and choose one that matches your floor covering. Filters are also an important extra that we often overlook.

Before letting you go, here’s a reminder: make sure you check the warranty. And bear in mind that expensive vacuum cleaner is not always a better vacuum cleaner.