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Annoying Dangerous Fire Ants

Fire ants in our garden are not only annoying but can also be dangerous most specially if we have small children. Fire ants have stingers on their abdomen that releases a poison which burns on the skin. If you have problems with fireant, a guide on how to kill this annoying pests could be very […]


If You Are An Eagle, Don't Hang With Chicken

Lelet a non-blogger, newly met friend (internet) of mine left this as comment on my other site. I thought of publishing this here on Lukaret because I find her message really encouraging. And I also would like to share this to some friends in real life na ‘medyo’ nagulat or puzzled sa aking pagbabago. Hello […]


Villa De Mercedes, Here I Come

Villa de Mercedes entrance (left side). Entrance (right side) Guarded Gate Here I am… Pose ulit, sorry ginanahan lang. Ngehehe bakit, kayo lang ba ang marunong? Overlooking Davao Gulf The club house which is still under construction. Behind the building is Mt. Apo, there’s unfortunately nothing much to see of the majestic slope because it […]


Carpet Care

Your carpet is a major investment, and just like anything else, it will last longer with the proper care and maintenance. There are several guides to carpet and rug cleaning and maintenance. But why bother finding tips how to care your carpet if you can hire professional carpet cleaners? Dalworth Clean Carpet Cleaning Dallas provides […]


Perfect Touch For Our New Home

I need to find some blinds for the new home we will be moving into next month. Since I still have no idea what I want, I decided to surf the net to see what I could find. Imagine my delight when I found premium basswood blinds. The wood blinds I fancy looks nice, modern, […]


Conserve Energy And Save Money

A couple of months ago, I wrote something about the economy situation here in Germany, how prices increased and etc. In addition to this topic, an energy multinational company announced a price increase for heating oil and natural gas few days ago. Now what does that mean for us consumers? It simply means higher heating […]


Remote Viewing At It's Finest

Home and business security systems are becoming a necessity with the increasing burglary. One needs to protect family members as well as their valued possessions and businesses. Nowadays, there are many kinds of home and business security systems which can have one or many kinds of devices working together. Surveillance cameras for example can be […]