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Laser Hair Removal Ensures Long Term Effect

Last year, I went home for a vacation. My friend who is vain introduced me to laser hair removal and I decided to go for it. Tell you what, it was one of the best decision I’ve ever made. Laser hair removal is the best choice in removing unwanted hair in the body. Well, it takes several session, but in the end, it will ensure long term effect.


I am so stressed out I need a massage

There are times when I am so stressed out that I just need a massage. It’s totally relaxing and calms my mind and nerves brilliantly. We spend so much time giving of ourselves and helping others that sometimes, we need to stop and let someone else give to us for a change. I’ve realized that […]


The Opposite Of What We Are Or What We Have

Generally, lahat nang tao sa whole universe (lalong-lalo na babae) ay gustong-gusto makamit ang opposite nang kanilang let say APPEARANCE. Okay, let me give you an example: SKIN TONE In Germany: Noong nagtrabaho pa ako, during summertime kapag lunch break namin. My office mates and I always spend the rest of our time outside the […]


Body Cleansing And Relief

I have heard so many different opinions that I am now totally confused. Some said that Colon Cleanse is a necessity and that it is similar to maintaining a hygiene to keep our body clean. And some even said that it can bring you to a state of enhanced wellness. But I have read some […]


Effective Solution For Hair Loss

Hair is the very roots of who we really are deep inside of us. When our hair disappears then we have a tendency to back away from the crowd and hideaway until we feel good about ourselves. For many of us, losing hair is a frustrating and stressing experience because it seems we cant do […]


The Importance Of Health Insurance

How important is health insurance to you and your family? We all know that our health is our most valuable asset and the tragedy of illness or injury should not be compounded by not having a proper health care. Health insurance is an important investment and that’s why you need to know everything there is […]