Laser Hair Removal Ensures Long Term Effect

My father is hairy and so am I! Lucky me, I got my father’s great genes. Having a thick hair and thick eyebrows is an asset. But having a hairy legs is a pain on the neck. To be honest, the fact didn’t really bother me when I was young. It’s because the hair growth was still sparse, and a bit lighter.

Years had passed, so many things has changed in my life. I got married and got three kids. Even my leg hair has changed too, it’s now darker and thicker. I tried waxing it once and had trouble getting the wax off. My husband bought me epishave, he said it’s good. So I tried it once, and I will never do it again. I have a pretty high threshold for pain, but that was insane!

Last year, I went home for a vacation. My friend who is vain introduced me to laser hair removal and I decided to go for it. Tell you what, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Laser hair removal is the best choice in removing unwanted hair in the body. Well, it takes several session, but in the end, it will ensure long term effect.

I am so stressed out I need a massage

There are times when I am so stressed out that I just need a massage. It’s totally relaxing and calms my mind and nerves brilliantly. We spend so much time giving of ourselves and helping others that sometimes, we need to stop and let someone else give to us for a change.

I’ve realized that not all kinds of massages are the same – some are more relaxing than others. I myself prefer aromatherapy massage. This type of massage combines soothing and deep-tissue touch with the therapeutic properties of essential oils and their scents. It’s extremely relaxing and afterward, you can take a hot steamy shower to wash off the oil, leaving you soft an enveloped in scent. Figure out what kind of stress relieving treatment would suit you best and the right massage therapist here on San Diego Massage.

The Opposite Of What We Are Or What We Have

Generally, lahat nang tao sa whole universe (lalong-lalo na babae) ay gustong-gusto makamit ang opposite nang kanilang let say APPEARANCE. Okay, let me give you an example: SKIN TONE

In Germany:
Noong nagtrabaho pa ako, during summertime kapag lunch break namin. My office mates and I always spend the rest of our time outside the building. Madalas akong nakaupong mag-isa sa isang bench na nasa ilalim nang kahoy. Habang ang mga kaopisina ko naman ay nakaupo lantad sa araw. Kinantiyawan pa ako nang mga ito bakit daw ako nagtatago. Aba eh, wala akong balak na maging nognog ano? Imagine, kong ang balat ko ay kulay uling, ngipin ko nalang ang makikita sa akin sa gabi. Di vah?

During wintertime, madalas na hindi lumalabas ang araw (nakakadepress at nakakaputla) kaya karamihan ng mga Aleman and other Europeans ay pumupunta sa tanning studio. Talaga naman pong ang kinalalabasan ay mas brown pa ang mga hinampak sa akin. Take note may mga tao doong sumobra ang gamit nang tanning bed (addicted na), kaya nasira ang balat nila. Nagkaroon tuloy sila nang balat elepante, gone is the balat porselana. Most people using tanning booths or tanning beds are not aware that it can lead to skin cancer and premature aging of skin.

In the Philippines:
People here admires white flawless skin. Kaya dito, may sangkaterbang produkto na pampaputi ang tinitinda. You can see/buy them in the malls and pharmacies. May mga sabon na pampaputi, lotions like Block & White, facial creams at take note may tabletas pa noh? Nung dumating kami dito last March, I was so mestiza looking talaga (ubo ubo). Hoy huwag niyo akong taasan nang kilay at ako’y hindi pa tapos magrelate. Mestiza looking lang ako pagdating sa skin tone. Flawless as in talaga at umaamag pa kamo sa dilim (ngehehe). Pero matapos akong mag scuba diving nang ilang beses (kinarir ko na talaga ito), wild water rafting (exposed sa araw whole day) at magdrayb-drayb sa malalayong lugar. Guess what happened to my snow white skin (kuno)? Dark brown na po! Hindi na ito umaamag sa dilim (aside from my teeth and my bum). ‘tsaka alam niyo bang kapag lumalabas ako nang bahay sa gabi, kinakahol na ako nang mga aso nang kapitbahay namin dahil akala nila isa akong maligno. Teka, maitim nga ba ang maligno? Anyways, basta’t hindi na nila ako nakikilala.

I was so frustrated na talaga ano dahil pati aso eh gusto white skin lang. So what your lola did is pumunta nang mall and bought the complete Belo Essentials face and body whitening products, kasi whiter skin in seven days daw eh. So ayon, kuskos dito kuskos doon ako at pahid dito pahid doon naman. Aba eh, two weeks na ang nakalipas…wala pa rin akong epektong nakikita noh? My mother scolded me dahil reklamo daw ako nang reklamo samantalang paano naman daw ako puputi kong halos sa dagat na daw ako tumitira. Ayon, tama nga naman siya. When I look at myself, parang may tumutubong kaliskis na nga sa legs ko…I’m almost a mermaid na sa kakasisid sa dagat. Kailangan ko na lang magpahaba nang buhok para mas bagay. Di vah? Ay teka, napalayo na pala ako sa topic. Okay, balik tayo sa pampaputi. Yong ginawa ko ay subok lang naman ano? I can not keep a fairer skin if lagi akong naarawan. Kaya hindi na ulit ako bibili nito. I promise to do my best and to love God and my country and to obey the girl scout laws.

The Opposite Of What We Are Or What We Have

  • Ang mga puti ay gustong magkaroon nang darker skin.
  • Ang may dark skin (na katulad ko) ay gustong pumuti.
  • Ang mga kulot ay nagpaparebond (kagaya ni Kathleen).
  • Yong mga straight naman ang buhok ay nagpapakulot.

Hay ang labo! Bakit nga kaya ano?

Body Cleansing And Relief

I have heard so many different opinions that I am now totally confused. Some said that Colon Cleanse is a necessity and that it is similar to maintaining a hygiene to keep our body clean. And some even said that it can bring you to a state of enhanced wellness. But I have read some negative things about colon cleansing too. Since everyone seems to have a different opinion on this matter. So let me share mine. I don’t think the colon cleansing is crap at all. It makes perfect sense. Toxins do build in the body from IBS and you do need a way to get rid of them. Its natural and good to cleanse you’re body. Most of the products offered on the market through health stores and etc are safe and most are all natural.

Effective Solution For Hair Loss

Hair is the very roots of who we really are deep inside of us. When our hair disappears then we have a tendency to back away from the crowd and hideaway until we feel good about ourselves. For many of us, losing hair is a frustrating and stressing experience because it seems we cant do a thing about it. Well, we can accept it as part of nature or we can do something about it.

If you are experiencing hair loss and would like to learn about the solutions available to you, I know of a site that offers pre-screened consumer rated hair transplant surgeons in your area. is the leading site for those who are ready to explore or intend a permanent hair loss treatment. Hair Loss Specialists will provide you factual information and personal support to help you meet your desire to solve hair loss problem.

So now, if you are suffering from hair loss problem I highly recommend you to visit their site and find out what solution is best for you. I also suggest you to take advantage of their highly informative consumer resource tool to gather the information you need. Or you may contact them directly if you think you need a Hair Transplant Surgery information. Consultation is free. Have I mentioned free?

Fight baldness with Philadelphia hair transplant surgery from a trusted hair restoration surgeon.

The Importance Of Health Insurance

How important is health insurance to you and your family? We all know that our health is our most valuable asset and the tragedy of illness or injury should not be compounded by not having a proper health care. Health insurance is an important investment and that’s why you need to know everything there is to know so that you make an intelligent decision.

There are many different group health insurance plans and it’s important to examine different plans closely and find the best options that meets your needs. It’s important that you understand how one Health insurance quote can vary from another so that you make the best choice. The cheap health insurance is not always the best nor is the moist expensive.