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Lawsuit Woes

Sometimes if not often, a lawsuit or claim takes a great measure of time and energy from anyone involved. In my case it was my divorce. My work was affected up to the point that I had to leave it. My case lasts for more than two years thus I have to sell my car […]


Let's Talk About Money Baby

Sa ikauunlad ng ating bulsa, pera at marami pang pera ang kailangan. Korek? Yong ayaw umamin o walang interest ay magsialis dahil ito ay usapang pang mukhang pera lang (hihihi). Okay, okay I just want to let you know that I am now officially launching… Ayon sa mungkahi ni Mister Ambo doon sa e-palasyo ng […]


How Do You Overcome Bad Credit?

Most of us are facing financial difficulties due to some influence that has an effect on a particular situation of our lives. Somewhere along the way, we end up having bad credit and that can be a real pain. Now what to do and how to correct it? Have you considered applying for a bad […]


Mobility And Car Financing

Nowadays mobility is very important. We are used and culturally need to move around a lot for business, for shopping or in free time. But nowadays, we also know that prices of cars are at an all time high. Now what to do if you need a car but you are on a tight budget? […]


Credit Card Woes

A credit card is almost necessary in the world in which we live. It is needed for some very basic functions on occasion but also for help in times of emergency when cash is low. Having a credit card can be beneficial if you use it in a responsible manner. However, for many people credit […]