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Dresden Custard Topped Cheesecake Style Cake

I am so glad I finally found the best Eierschecke (Dresden Custard Topped Cheesecake) recipe. Of course, I have to bake it right away to be able to know if the recipe is the right one or not and if it really tastes the same like I have it in your memory (had tried it […]


Eggnog Cherry Torte

This Eggnog cake is mouth watering. I am actually not a fan of eggnog but on this cake…it’s irresistible! Friends of mine on Facebook are crazy about this. Eggnog Cherry Torte #ratingval# from #reviews# reviews Print Recipe Type: Cake Prep time: 1 hour 30 mins Cook time: 1 hour Total time: 2 hours 30 mins […]


Strawberry Cake With Almonds

I guarantee you, this one is so delicious! Ingredients for 16 pieces For the sponge: 3 eggs 90 g sugar 60 g flour 40 g cornstarch 1 pinch salt For the filling: 8 sheets of white gelatin 600 g strawberries 400 g cream cheese 125 Creme fraiche 5 tablespoons sugar Juice of one lemon 250 […]


Sweet Bread And Adieu Germany

Dear Readers, I know that this site has been neglected for quiet a long time now. Sorry for this but I’m so tied up with my work thus I never got the chance to post an update hence I made a thought of closing this foodblog.The only thing that keeps me from doing it is […]


Sweet Cinnamon Rolls and my Diet

I was so depressed after my birthday party last March. I felt insecured after seeing my old friends still slim and sexy, while I am weighing double to their weight. So, soonest they left…I started having a diet. Diva Jing sent me a copy of her diet plan she got somewhere, this Weight Loss Diet […]


Pan de Sal – Deliciously Pinoy!

Hindi nga ba at nakasanayan nating kumain ng mainit na Pan de Sal sa atin tuwing umaga at kong minsan kahit sa merienda? I myself is a Pan de Sal lover, natigil lang ito ng ako ay lumabas ng bansa. Nakakatikim lang ulit kapag umuuwi. Since inspired ulit akong magluto at mag bake lately, I […]


Moist Chocolate Cake With Creamy Chocolate Frosting

I had been trying to bake chocolate cake with that creamy chocolate frosting like the one I’ve tasted in Davao. But unfortunately, I never succeed. So last Friday, I searched on the whole web to find for the frosting recipe again. There were more than a hundreds of recipes I found but selected only two. […]


Italian Tirami-su Cake

Tiramisu is one of the cake that I love to eat. There is no doubt, Tiramisu is the popular Italian dessert…known worldwide. No wonder, it is sooo delicious! I usually bake this on special occassions, and family gatherings. I simply want to serve something different than the usual or typical german cake.Take note, this cake […]