Finding the Right Song with Arthouse Entertainment and Stephen Finfer

In the music industry, the right song can skyrocket an aspiring singer to the top of the charts.

Elvis Presley initially met with little success in the music industry. He was repeatedly rejected by producers, radio station managers and vocal groups until he performed one of Arthur Crudup’s blues compositions in the studio. This combination of the right voice and the right composer established Elvis as a major force in the Memphis music industry and launched his meteoric rise to the top of the charts. Without “That’s All Right,” Elvis Presley might have remained an obscure footnote in the pages of music history. That single song was the beginning of a musical legend that endures to the present day.

The Role of the Songwriter

Many popular performers began their careers or spent significant amounts of time in the songwriting industry. Roy Orbison worked alongside Elvis Presley at Sun Records and received royalties for a number of original songs performed by other artists during his illustrious career in the music business. Soundtrack composers like Marvin Hamlisch, John Williams and Ennio Morricone have created musical works that are just as memorable as the movies they accompany. The importance of songwriters, composers and musical producers in the entertainment industry cannot be overstated. These creative artists produce works of lasting value for modern culture.

Arthouse Entertainment and the Art of Composition

Under the leadership of Stephen Finfer, Arthouse Entertainment engages the most innovative songwriters and composers to meet the needs of clients around the world. From jingles and commercial compositions to soundtracks and hit songs, Finfer provides comprehensive services for an array of industries that include the following:

• Film and television production companies
• Commercial entities and advertising agencies
• Record companies

Arthouse Entertainment has an extensive lineup of top songwriters with impressive resumes and proven abilities. These music professionals span the full range of musical genres and styles to create an exceptional resource for clients in the entertainment industry.

Added Services for Arthouse Clients

As a boutique music publishing company, Arthouse Entertainment delivers a wide range of services to complement its songwriting and composition offerings. Arthouse represents writers, artists, publishers and songs to ensure the optimal compensation for their hard work and talent. The company also provides consulting and production services for the entertainment and advertising industries to ensure the right musical accompaniment for commercials, films, television and other media venues.

It All Starts With a Song

The combination of the right song and the right artist at the right time has been responsible for the launch of numerous music careers. Arthouse Entertainment specializes in creating synergy for performance artists with songs that suit their styles, their vocal range and their public image. Stephen Finfer, Kara DioGuardi and the entire staff at Arthouse Entertainment offer a deep pool of proven songwriting talent and can deliver one perfectly chosen composition or an entire album’s worth of songs for new and established performing artists.

The right song can make or break a musical career. Arthouse Entertainment offers valuable resources for performers on their way up and established musical artists alike. Writers and producers can also depend on this elite agency to protect their financial interests and ensure the most beneficial public performances for their works.


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