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Online Casino is very popular nowadays. I guess playing any game that requires betting is not bad as long as you do not abuse it. Going online which is done by professional players prove to be really popular that’s why more online gaming sites offer many new games to choose from. And online gaming are now regulated in order to protect the players. But in my opinion, no matter how regulated or strict these websites are, still it depends on the player himself to stay smart and not let gaming or gambling rule him.

So, speaking of poker. I would like to inform you that there is going to be a live broadcast of the final offline WPC tournament. What is WPC? WPC stands for World Poker Crown and is their official website and it is one of the biggest online gambling companies who decided to give all poker players around the world the chance to win millions of dollars.

While this is mostly an online poker tournament, the 888WPC final event will take place at a casino as a live poker event. The final 8 players that reach the final stage of the online tournament will be invited to play in this exclusive event.

This huge prize is for anyone to take. The World Poker Crown Final Event will be held at Perlada Castle in Barcelona, Spain between May 8th to May 10th will be broadcast live on television and the internet. To those who are interested, visit world poker crown for more information.


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