Thank You Dear Google!

You guys should congratulate me because I made it to the bottom. Some of you may also say “Welcome to the club!” See the image below? Google has slashed my PR from 5 to 3 just few minutes ago! Thank you dear GOOGLE for doing this to me. With this, I can continue dreaming. See, I’m just a pathetic paid blogger who dreamed to finance the education of my children from what I earned. Now what are you going to do next? Put my PR to 0? Just go ahead and I’ll say thank you again from the bottom of my whatever.


According to Ratified, I even reached PR 6 but unfortumately I never saw it.



Beng Hafner is my name. Well, most of you know that already. I am a mother of 3 and a granny of 3 cute kids. I am proud to be who I am and I am proud of the way I am. I am alive because I have a lot to live for. I have many dreams that I wish to reach for and I have many journeys to make. My life is like a soap opera, and you are the audience.

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61 Responses

  1. manilenya says:

    hehehe dami nga nagagalit sa google ngayon, mukhang me nagbabalak pa ngang pagwelgahan e.

  2. Lis says:

    Wow, that really sucks.

  3. thess says:

    syeeeebbbsss!! LINSYAK LINSYAK!!! and all the while I thought domains that are exisiting for many years will not be ‘condemned’ ..I was soooo wrong!

    hay naku! hay naku! ako naiinis para sa iyo :hummp d bale, babalik yan..babalik yannn!!

    • Beng says:

      thess, siguradong akong babalik ito if ihihinto ko ang pagsusulat ng paid reviews.

      galit ako talaga and i really find it unfair dahil wala naman akong ginawang pandaraya like john cow.

  4. sofie says:

    Hello Beng!

    Wag pansinin, wag pansinin! Google lang yan! πŸ™‚

  5. sofie says:

    Ngek, nawala yong smilies…

    Sabi ko nga Google lang yan… Hehehe… isnabin! :bigsmile

    Ay, pinasalamatan mo pala, deadma nga pala siya! :grin

  6. Paul says:

    Sorry to hear about it man. Your blog is still higher than mine.

  7. Jaypee says:

    Hi Beng, sorry to hear about that. Btw, what site or tool do you use to check your PR? Coz earlier I was checking mine between different websites and this Firefox plugin that I have but the results are different. However it shows in some PR checkers that my blog now has a PR0! πŸ˜›

    I’m already thinking of dumping paid posts and sponsored reviews coz that’s the only reason I can see for my PR to drop like that. Anyways, hope we can all find a way to fix this issue. Hope you have a good weekend!

    • Beng says:

      Hello Jaypee, thank you very much. I am using google’s PR checker dahil mas sigurado doon. Regarding paid post, I am dead sure this is the only reason of my PR change. See, I’m not buying or selling links nor spamming keywords or using redirections.

      Have a pleasant weekend too!

      • Ambo says:

        sana wag akong masilip ng gugwel na yan. kainis ano pang matitira sa akin puro $1 for 100 words? tsk tsk. i must admit inalis ko lahat ng names ng ppp sa site ko. para di madetect ng gugwel na yan. try lang nyo guys baka umepekto sa blog nyo. try mo yan momski.

        • Beng says:

          ambo, puro nalang tig $7 dollars ang opps ko. yong malalaki ay hindi na available sa akin πŸ˜₯

          i hope nga na hindi ka masilip ni gonggong. hayaan mo na mag linkworth nalang tayo or TLA. di ba’t meron ka niyan noon?

          ako din meron kaya dini-activate ko ng may review na ang text links.

  8. chuvaness says:

    :huh: Oh noooo!!!! :angry: anak ng mga gunggong yan oh!

  9. KK aka Tina says:

    I couldn’t believe it myself, I thought my FireFox got stuck again. I’m really sorry to hear that Ms. Beng. πŸ™

    • Beng says:

      Hi Tina, maraming salamat. It was certainly not you FF dear kundi talagang I dropped to PR 3. Pustahan tayo na magiging zero ito in a few days.

      • KK aka Tina says:

        It went to 3 before you can even rake up the cash. I hope you won’t go to zero anytime soon.

        I think now what you can do is create Ad friendly themes and sell them for download because not everyone can afford a customized theme. I’d pay like $15 for a download for a good theme. Or put a donation paypal link.

        • Beng says:

          Hi Tina, balak ko ngang i-release for public itong current theme ko. donation Paypal link? hehehe meron ako noon niyan sa download, but then i removed it kasi wala namang nagdonate kahit piso :(.

  10. zamejias says:

    My first time here. Mine was slashed to zero couple of months ago. My only consolation was it’s a blogger site. Anyhow, I made lots of effort to raise its PR to 3. Now,jero. Zero. Itlog na jud!

    • Beng says:

      Hi Zamejias,

      Thanks for dropping by :). My PR was stable the whole time, it only dropped as I started posting paid reviews.

      Basin ug maitlog pod ko pareho sa imong site very soon. Ambot sa langaw, naglibog gyud akong kutaw nga utok bahin aning google. A site of mine which is as blank as a bond paper (kay wala pa djud koy time mo sulat didto) has PR4 can you imagine? :duh

  11. SexyMom says:

    that’s sad, what could have happened? i am technically challenged when it comes to these things.

    • Beng says:

      Hi SexyMom,

      Yes it is sad, but there is nothing I can do about it. The only reason I can tell you is that Google is punishing bloggers like me who are engaged in paid blogging.

      Thank you for everything.

  12. Ambo says:

    Momski i’ve just read ratified that your blog was in PR5! tapos 3 na agad ngayon? Grrrr. Like kotsengkuba, his blog downed to zero nga eh. :angry:

  13. Ambo says:

    oh i mean from 4 to 2 pala. Peace KKK! hehehe

  14. Susan says:

    My blog, LifeIsRisky, like so many others including this one were penalized for what I feel to be totally bogus reasons. Anyway, what’s done is done. Personally I no longer care that my PR dropped to 0. If Google doesn’t want to give me a PR then fine, since I no longer have paid advertising of any type it no longer matters. Unfortunately not all blogs can be that way and those are the ones I feel really got a bad deal. Hopefully blogs like this one will find a way to get around this absolutely ridiculous action.

    • Beng says:

      Hiya Susan,

      Thank you very much. To tell you the truth I was against paid blogging in the beginning. I only started it last month due to some reasons. Like you, I don’t care about how high my PR is. I only hope that advertisers will consider our slashed ranks. It anyway happen due to them, so I think giving us the chance is just fair.

  15. Amor says:

    Sad to hear that Ate Beng. It’s really unfair that Google downgraded your Pagerank… you don’t deserve it! Your site deserves a much higher PR!

    • Beng says:

      Hello Amor, maraming salamat. Ngayon lang ako nagkaroon ng interest sa rank rank na yan noong nakisali ako sa paid blogging last month. I didn’t even know I reached PR 6.

      Well, Google are punishing people like me who are involved with PPP and etc. May araw din na gagabaan ang mga yan.

  16. K says:

    Yehey, I am a Zero gravity in blogosphere, which means, no spams attack.

    Take it easy Ate Beng, high ranking ka naman sa mga prends mo dito and that’s what matters, right?


    • Beng says:

      K, many many thanks :). Oy pantay-pantay lang naman tayo sa circle natin di ba? I appreciate all the support, kahit noon pa man nandiyan kayo. Hehehe, nang dahil sa pera bumagsak ako.

      Alam mo bang it is not just for fun what I’m doing. I know I don’t owe anybody an explanation but see gusto ko lang na malaman niyo. I started paid blogging as hubby decided na sa Pilipinas na kami titira. Mahal ang buhay sa atin di ba? Kaya yong kikitain ko sana sa PPP at iba pa ay pandagdag ko sana sa school buget nang anak ko. I am not kidding.

      So if earning money form paid blogging is a crime para sa putang inang google na yan. What they think people like me should do to earn money? Mandukot or shall I go rob a bank? If they are willing to share their wealth, fine. I’ll stop writing paid reviews ora mismo.

      I am not sad na bumaba ang PR ko, I’m only sad dahil bababa ang mga opps ko. Bakit naman kasi dependent sa lintik na rank ang rate :injured

      • K says:

        “So if earning money form paid blogging is a crime para sa putang inang google na yan.”

        BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ang lutong nun! Ako wala ng opps, hindi ko nasundan ang first intro sa PPP so kulelat ako. Dibale winner naman ako sa free hosting. Pero totoo you’re residing in Pinas soon na? Papano na yung…. *wink*.

        Regards Ate Bengm ang kilay ingatan.

  17. scart says:

    hay nakow ate beng bwisit talaga yang google na yan buti ka nga may natira sayo sakin wala talaga naging itlog ako from 4 3 mons ago. Hayaan mo yan google na yan. sumali ka nalang dito sa realrank

    try lang natin mukang maganda eh kasi kina-count nila yung bumisita talaga sa blog mo. hindi yung quality ng mga naka-links mo. lamo nasa pr 6 ka nga dati kainis talaga yang google.

    • Beng says:

      maraming salamat scart, i registered na kahapon sa Izea and I saw my rank this morning – 380. ewan di ko pa gets ang ranking system dito.

      heneweys, ngayon kita na natin kong gaano ka unfair ang mga hinampak na google na yan. nasa itaas na kasi sila kaya, they believe they have now the power to rule. tse!

  18. reyna elena says:

    BEHOLD THE POWER OF ___(fill in the punyetang blanks!)!!!

    Anyone knows how to voodoo????

    • Beng says:

      Reynz, maraming salamat :hug: kong alam ko lang papaano gawin yan ginawa ko na. Hmmmn :thinking punta kaya ako ng Africa. What do you think?

      Hihilingin ko sa Voodoo master na sana magtae ng blade ang may kagagawan niyan. At saka magiging kasing laki sana ng munggo ang kanilang ulo tuwing low tide. Ano kaya ang magiging hitsura nila? :8

  19. repah says:

    :cloud9uy ate beng.. ambilis na magload ng bahay mo ah.. congratumalations.. wow ibang level na ang page rank mo.. paparty ka ate beng… galing ng bagong forum mo… :yes:

    • Beng says:

      repah, hehehe…oo nga dapat kong magpaparty nito :). by the way, ang nagpapabagal ng site ko ay ang flickr, technorati, mybloglog tsaka blog catalog. gusto ko na nga sanang alisin eh.

  20. Ivy says:

    Lekat na google yan :furious: Pero grabe ‘te Beng, nakaabot ka ng 6 WOW :cloud9 Galing, bilib talaga ako :rosy

  21. chuva says:

    hay nako mama – – nakakairita talaga sila. I was running PR4 as well and just last night, my PR went down to PR3. Forget the 75USD opps now!

    there’s a lot of speculation and i couldn’t really get to the bottom of this PR re-rating. some say it was due to the words “sponsored”, “paid” etc. i have over 350 of those?! what do i do? go back and remove them one by one.. nuvey?!!

    pero, tita – still you can take opps pa rin.. and hoping the evil G will find a way to re-rate again and find how wonderful and beautiful ek ek ek ek your blog is!

    no worries tita beng… mwuah mwuah…



    • Beng says:

      chuv, marami nga ang nalilito. no one really knows why. i think they are try to show how mighty they are. hehehe, yes may opps pa rin ako pero puro $7 nalang :duh

      haaaay, palpak ang plano ko. pero okay lang chuva, i am sure may iba pang paraan. :hug:

  22. pinayhekmi says:

    I’m so pissed. I kept my pinayhekmi site free of any paid posts. I have tla and that is google ads, and now my page rank is a big fat goose egg.

    Anong problema nila? Punyeta! :furious:

    • Beng says:

      Hi Tin,

      I am very sorry to hear that. Pati ikaw din pala? May TLA din ako dati pero itinigil ko ito dahil narinig kong isa daw ito sa dahilan. Hindi ko akalaing sa google din pala yan? Ewan ko ba kong ano ang problema ng mga iyan. I don’t care na kong ano ang magiging PR ko. Bwusit sila. :hummp

  23. Jon says:

    Ha! You should be happy! I went from a 5 to a 4 to a Big FAT ZERO!!

    I’m still not over it.

  24. pao says:

    talaga yang google na yan! malapit nang mapuno ang salop ko ha! hehehe. sagasaan ko yang mga yan eh :car:

  25. Edward says:

    buti ako wala pang problema. kasi wala pa akong pagerank..hahaha…i’m still quite new in the scene. =)

  26. Khayte says:

    Gawd, mine had gone to N/A too, I hate the fact that they have to reduce our PR’s just because we monetize our blogs. What’s the catch anyway? They do the same thing, too I guess on their β€˜other’ websites perhaps. Damnn, it makes me go all crazy :headache

    • Beng says:

      Hi Khayte, I am still not over it yet. It is really so unfair of them to just slash our PR without any warning or ample reasons. Somebody left a nasty comment on my friend’s site and the person wrote about why are we complaining? It is after all Google’s own tool provided to us for free. Okay she’s right where free tool is concern, but by all means we have all the reason and the right to complain noh.

      I guess the ads competitors are getting popular therefore they thought of pulling out the chair (PR) where a blogger is sitting comfortably. We bloggers are the easiest target di ba?

  27. g~ says:

    Hi, Beng. I’ve used your Nostalgae template for … well, forever! πŸ˜‰

    On Goopoople >:( I had no clue why my PR went from 4 to ZIP!! :hummp: I’m SO glad I found this post! I just couldn’t for the life of me figure out WHY that happened!!!

    I’ve been posting for PPP since late Sept of last year. So now that my PR is lower, I find that I have WAY LESS opps to even post from. :furious:

    What the heck are we to do?! :angry:

    Obviously, I can’t read ALL the comments, but if anyone here has some tips, I would receive them with much gratitude!

    Thanks for sharing your superb work, Beng!


    • Beng says:

      Hi G,

      Oh really? Wow, that long? I felt honored and thank you very much for choosing “Nostalgie” πŸ™‚

      Re Godiyupgol, oh my I am so sorry to hear that you too experienced the same thing. I have read a lot of blog articles regarding this matter. And it is said that big G is punishing bloggers like us who are engaged in paid blogging. What puzzles me is that those who are plain bloggers got their PR slashed too. I started paid blogging late November 2007 and just after a few weeks, my PR went down from 5 to 3. Now my opps payout went down too which is really sad.

      I am sorry but no one among the commenters know what to do. We are all hoping that the advertisers will rate us publishers not on our page ranks but links and numbers of readership. PayPerPost has created their RealRank system already but it is not yet widely accepted by advertisers. Let us just wait and see what will happen next.

      Thank you very much for visiting. Kudos!

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