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Dear Friends,

There is this so-called Japan Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA), signed by President Gloria Arroyo and the Prime Minister of Japan at the sidelines of the Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM) on September 9, in Helsinki. Under this agreement, there is a great risk (or might already be happening now) that Japan will send their toxic waste to the Philippines to dump. There is also an email from Senator Pimentel that this is really happening now. The allegations are that, the Philippine Government allowed Japan to dump their toxic waste in the Philippines in exchange of jobs for Filipinos in Japan.

The Filipinos and their friends worldwide want to prevent it from happening. Please support too by signing this petition:

The message above is originally written by Shiel, an internet friend of mine who is also residing here in Germany. She opened this topic on Philboards Forums and I thought of helping her spread the words because this happen to be a very very urgent matter. Let us not just shrug our shoulders, mga Pilipino tayo di ba? Kaya hindi natin dapat pabayaan na tuluyang lapastanganin ng mga walang hiyang politicians ang ating bansa. Kong gusto nating manatiling malinis ang kalikasan ng ating bayan, kailangan nating magkaisa at alalayan ang petisyon na ito sa paraan ng pagpirma dito sa “Stop Making the Philippines the Dumping Site of Toxic Waste“.

Please visit the following links below to get more informations about the toxic waste dumping in the Philippines.

Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat.


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