Ten Hard Facts (about me)

Cheh a dear friend of mine tagged me last January 24. Sorry misis kong ngayon ko lang ito natupad. Well, alam mo na ang dahilan kong bakit. It’s all about 10 ramdom facts about myself, I made it different by writing 10 hard facts about me. Some of you might have known me a bit already and might even find me nice and sweet (ngehehe) but surely not my bad side. Mas mabuti din naman kong malaman niyo ito di ba? Para walang surprises later on. So guys, take note.

Ten Hard Facts About Me

I am a smoker.
Yes I am and I know what some of you might say about it. I started smoking since 1996. That was the time where I was experiencing the ugly side of life. Cigarette was my companion during the countless sleepless nights, when I felt the world was tumbling down and when I felt so helpless (drama). I already smoke before but only occasionally, this time…talagang tutuhanan na. Hanggang naging chain smoker na ngang tuluyan. Today, I can consume one pack of Marlboro Silver (it’s the lightest among the light cigarettes). I stopped once when I was pregnant with my boy. And I started smoking again year 2004. I could have stop for good, pero super weak ako when it comes to sigarilyo. My hubby smokes cigar and pipe, so how can I resist when I see someone is puffing infront of me. Weak argument huh?

Stubborn me.
I remember when my mother and father told me often times before that I am stubborn. Kahit ngayon nga na matanda na ako sinasabi pa rin nila yan. Matigas ang ulo at laging nasusunod ang gusto…a spoiled brat indeed. As the eldest, I savoured all their attention and care, sunod pati layaw. Aba eh kasalanan ko ba na gawin nila akong spoiled. I was very difficult at my teenage. Lagi nga akong pinagsabihan ng mama ko noon na mararanasan ko raw ang nararanasan nila sa akin when I have my own family. Which is true. Now that I’m turning 44 (next week yan), stubborn pa rin pero sa tamang timing na at paraan. Kumbaga may style na ito para hindi masyadong halata sa madla.

Siguro naman hindi ako nag-iisa dito. Most women love luxury. And why not if we can afford it. I remember one time when a german friend of mine asked why almost all of my things are signature items? Is it really necessary to spend hundreds of Euro for a bag? She said. I simply answered her: “No offence, but you have to see the big difference between us. You live to work and I work to live. You might not understand my point but that’s how I enjoy life. Got me?”

Germans are famous of their being so “thrifty”. They spend what they earned very wisely…kaya kahit trabahador sa pabrika dito ay nakakayanang magpatayo ng bahay, mula sa kanilang natipid. Pero kong tutuusin parehong luho din yan eh. Ang kaibahan nga lang…may value pa rin ang luho niya after several years. At ang akin ay ni isang centavo ay wala na.

Noon pa man ambisyosa na ako. Ang ibang mga kakilala ko noon sa Pilipinas kapag medyo galit sa akin ay nagbubulungan tungkol dito. What’s wrong when you have ambitions in life? It is simply just a way of motivating oneself di ba?

I am just being practical and I regard things as they are.

I am obsessive about things that interest me and that I care about. I never give and so I keep on trying. If I fail. So I try again til I succeed.

A Fighter
I never give up and I never run away from any problems or challenges in life. And I always fight for my right.

Coffee And Computer AddictForgetful

Lousy Blog Author


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Beng Hafner is my name. Well, most of you know that already. I am a mother of 3 and a granny of 3 cute kids. I am proud to be who I am and I am proud of the way I am. I am alive because I have a lot to live for. I have many dreams that I wish to reach for and I have many journeys to make. My life is like a soap opera, and you are the audience.

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