WordPress 2.0 Theme Design Competition

A WordPress plugin called "Counterize" brought me to the link of the above mentioned competition. Last week as I was checking the list of my Counterize Referer I saw a link that catched my attention. I clicked on it out of curiousity and voila…there I found out that there’s a competition for WordPress 2.0 theme design running. I thought of joining but I became hesitant as I saw the long list of participants. Hubby and AnP encouraged me and so I made up my mind and spent one and a half week creating/designing three (3) WP Themes for submission.  It may sound so ambitious of me to participate…but what the heck! In german we say it "dabei sein ist alles" *to take part is all that matters. I would like to encourage all other hobby designers like me to join the fun. Please go here KCYAP for more details.

All three themes will be available for dowload after 28th February 2006. By the way, be my judge. I’d like to hear your opinon about my work…and oh please be gentle with your comments :). Yours truly is not a professional designer…I’m just doing this for fun.


Beng Hafner is my name. Well, most of you know that already. I am a mother of 3 and a granny of 3 cute kids. I am proud to be who I am and I am proud of the way I am. I am alive because I have a lot to live for. I have many dreams that I wish to reach for and I have many journeys to make. My life is like a soap opera, and you are the audience.

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38 Responses

  1. Diane says:

    Fave ko yung green leaves. Funny yung orange. 😀

  2. charles says:

    They look all nice but the best for me is the 3rd one, the green theme the one with the morning dews and green leaves

  3. charles says:

    ate i cant seem to post a comment

  4. KnOizKi says:


    You did a great job. I’m sorry to say this but you just made me frigging jealous. All three are definetely stunning!

    You will win!

  5. Beng says:

    Hi Diane, thank you :cheerful:, the green one is also my favorite among the 3. Yung orange naman, I had a hard time searching for a suitable graphic that would match to the color combination of the whole theme…til I found the Butler. The image is somewhat funny but has a touch of class and the color scheme is perfect…and so is Clueless theme born.

  6. Beng says:

    Hello Charles,

    So pareho pala tayong tatlo ni Diane ;-). Kumusta na? Haven’t been bloghopping for almost two weeks now dahil dito sa competition na ito.

  7. Beng says:


    all your comments are posted. well, this site is sometimes acting weird after i updated to the latest version. haven’t had the time to check the backend kasi ang dami kong trabaho sa ngayon. kong pwede lang hindi na ako matutulog so i can accomplish all things that has to be done. my eyebags charles looks awful :crying:. my earnings is not even enough to pay for a bottle of AnnaYake eye care. :thinking:

  8. Beng says:

    Hahaha, wow Knoiz ang laki ng tiwala mo sa akin…how sweet of you :hug:. Well I doubt if I ever win a price…see one of the participant is CallistaWolf of http://www.lilacpixels.com/ she is a real designer. Wala akong laban :irked:

    Thank you :cheerful:

  9. Beng says:


    You have no reason to be jealous :hyper:

  10. pinayhekmi says:

    Uhhhm…wow…speechless here…don’t know what else to say except your are definitely talented in this arena!

  11. kars says:

    i like all three. :heartbeat:

    Im waiting the day wordpress would inser that to the ‘presentation’ section of their free blogs. The, i would be able to use all 3 themes. hehehe.


  12. cheH says:

    I luv them all benggay but I luv the first one with orange header best, that guy figure is very unique!! congrats manash!

  13. cheH says:

    nyaks nawala comments kow

  14. Jing says:

    Minimalist ako (kuno) so i take the first one with the old man nga nag verbeugen, bagay sa buktot kong uyab LOL!!! So profesional looking.

    Beng, I am coming to our party ha. reserve a suite for me and m y driver MUAHHSSS

  15. go go Beng!!!!! Very nice designs. Impressive…

  16. KnOizKi says:

    Well she’s a designer and you’re not but it turned out you’re already a pro. C’mon let’s keep our fingers crossed. Do we need to vote? Where and How?

    On commenting: In my humble opinion, de-activiate “waiting for verification”. This thread comments is safe because sometimes it makes me think kung na accept ba yung comment o hindi.

    BTW, can you design three-column layout and black themes?

  17. cheH says:

    btw,benggay nde kami maka join, mag debut man sad ning akong long nose ana, we’ll be off to stuttgart.Anyways, si jinggay na lang ang kakain sa aking parti,hehe

    call lang unya ko kung maka time next week! Ingat inday!

  18. Beng says:

    Flattered na ako niyan :-), okay, since I asked you to judge my work…your opinion is accepted :blush: (hiya). Salamat pala for reminding me about the comment option…I forgot to turn it off. And regarding to your question about a 3 column theme in black…yes I can. Gusto mo?

  19. Beng says:

    Tin, alam mo bang hindi ako marunong kong papaano tumanggap ng compliment :blush: honestly…nahihiya ako. Thank you so much :heartbeat:

  20. Beng says:

    hehehe, kong si Jing pa ang pasultihon…kanang naay tigulang nga ning bow :-D.

    Salamat palangga numero uno. Siyempre number 1 ka kay buntit :hug:

  21. Beng says:

    Kars, I am glad to hear that…sana nga ano? Pero Inday…sakaling you feel like having or acquiring own web space, just timbre me, hane?

  22. Beng says:

    oi wla nawala…bitaw giingnan na kong dodong knoiz about it…akoa ng gi off ang moderation.

  23. Beng says:

    Ikaw Jinggay wala djud kay buot :beee: bantay ka kay isumbong teka ni dodng C. nimo…pero inig mahubog nako 😀 salamat bitaw kaayo :heartbeat:

    Owowow…makaari mo :hyper: yupppeee!
    Moanhi pod sila ni Melissa ug iyang sister. Dayon ang akoa pong mga friends from Miltenberg…kadto bang akong giingon nimong taga Cebu pod. Hala kamo gyuy ma-inatubangay ug tagay. Dili to moatras day kong bahin na ug tuma. Nabalaka pod kunuhay to pareha nimo bahin sa diabetic…pero mo tagay man to gihapon. Guwafa sad to pareho nato :yes: :innocent: 🙄

  24. Beng says:

    Alll, maraming salamat :hug: keep your fingers crossed para manalo ako ng isang payong :rainy:


  25. Beng says:

    Sayanga Che oi, unsa man joint celebration kaha mi? :bday:

    kong dili, di si jingga nalang gyuy akong pakan-on ug maayo…bahala na ang uban :cutie:

  26. KnOizKi says:

    Ate, I’m considering of moving to a new webhosting service, say sign-up at your own service plan but want to keep my own domain name. How do I do that?

  27. Beng says:

    That is very easy. I only have to send you a copy of “Connectivity Coordination”, then you sign it and send a copy via fax to your current provider and to me and that’s it. All the rest will be taken care by us. It will take 2 to 5 days…depending on how fast your provider work.

  28. KnOizKi says:

    Please do. Can you send the copy thru my email? I will make a necessary informations about payment methods, fees & other essentials. I will be giving advance notice to my current provider. My bandwidth has exceeded its qouta and they charged me pro-rata. I went blah. Thanks Ate.

  29. sha says:

    shit i have to look for ticket diay
    mag tupad mi ni kitty na lang didto sa storage room

    i love the green its crispy clean
    the orange is cool too with that man

    the 2nd one will go well with a daring straight forward blog…..

    looks like I will have a new skin sa summer hahaha the green will be the candidate…

    hoy i lab that black sa side bar aha sus day
    daghan na ta mapili diri da…

    swiss unta imo pang eye bag abot lang ug 100€ la prairie but i tested the eye cream effective kaayo day beng mawala gyud imo MAOT NGA EYE BAG
    hmmm mao lang ngali na ato ma regalo sa imo debut ug sa imo serbisyo sa ako no

  30. sha says:

    oen category ra ni beng???

  31. charles says:

    Oh you have been busy!! Anyways, ate just take some time off from the pc or work and close your eyes for even 15 minutes or so. And if you have frozen cucumbers, that will be nice to place on top of your eyes! I usually do that from time to time.

  32. Beng says:

    Sha walay problema sa tulugan kay magtindog man ta kong mga tulog para paigo tang tanan 😉

    Bahin anang la prairie wala pa ko kasuway anan day. effective djud? oy paningkamuti baya day nga makaari ka ha. muahhh

  33. Beng says:

    one do you mean sha?

  34. I mean as you said one is a pro designer
    will this contest be one category lang…
    dili i bulag ang mga pro
    ug mga hobbyist ba…..

    TLU flies athens dusselldorf

  35. Beng says:

    yup, there is only one category. medyo unfair di ba? 4 profi designers na ang nakalista. i said profis dahil they are really designers. their fees for a custom theme is more than $200.

    anyways, i really don’t care…ang sampung juries na ang bahalang mag judge. i really hope you can come sha…AnP is looking forward to see you too.

  36. Beng says:

    Yes Charles I had been so busy the whole time due to this competition and my hosting business. Kaya pasensiya ka na muna ha at medyo limited ang time ko ngayon.

    Re cucumbers, I tried that once…that was last year. Wellness nga kuno but the after effect was horrible :crazy: allergic pala ako dito. Kamillen Tee or what is it again? Camomille? O siya tee bag nito…it also help ease eyebags a bit :wow:

  37. charles says:

    Hello Ate Beng!!! I love the new look now as well here! It is so clean and all!

  38. charles says:

    Too bad ur allergic to it ate!

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