Daily Archive: January 21, 2006

Why On Earth?

Minsan, hindi ko maintindihan ang ibang tao…

May isang Pilipina na halos araw araw tumawag sa akin…nag-iiyak, magulo ang isip at humihingi ng payo kong ano daw ang kanyang dapat gawin. I’m blogging this not because it is my intension to embarrass the concerned person but because I am furious towards her reaction and decision. She started calling me before Christmas…kahabag-habag siyang pakinggan ng ikuwento niya sa akin ang takbo ng kanyang marital life. She told me that she has been beaten by her husband often times…but the last incident was worser than before. Her husband slapped her, kicked her and banged her head on the wall. I adviced her to see a doctor immediately and that she should ask for a medical certificate. And from there, she should go to the police station and report the said incident. Ito ang ipinayo ko sa kanya dahil siya na rin ang nagsabi na hindi na daw niya kaya ang sitwasyon kaya gusto niya ng makipaghiwalay. Lalong-lalo na at pinagtangkaang gahasain ng kanyang asawa ang kanyang anak na pitong taong gulang (her husband is not the biological father of her daughter). God in heaven…dapat niya talagang layuan ang taong ito bago may masamang mangyari sa bata.

She semed hesitant of doing her plans at first, she was worrying about where to live and how they survive because she has no permanent job. I fully understand her worries, so I reassured her and promised that I’ll arrange everything and that she has nothing to worry because she will get a full support from the goverment. After our phone conversation, I called my lawyer for the legal matters, I also called the Frauenhaus in her area (Women’s Shelter) para sila may matirhan temporarily habang wala pa siyang makitang appartment. I even called my best friend para siya masamahan at may masakyan.

I arranged and organized everything for her in just two days…kinakailangan niya na lang pumunta sa Bureau of Social Welfare so she can get some financial support. She asked or begged for my help and assistance kaya ko ginawa ang lahat para matupad ang kanyang hiling at kagustuhan. All she has to do was to grab the chance and opportunity if she really wanted to start anew. I no longer heard from her for almost 2 weeks. I thought she was just busy…but I was already thinking of calling her this weekend. But speaking of the devil, alas…she called me this morning, telling me: “oh Beng…I have a good news for you…we reconciled”. Natulala muna ako ng ilang saglit bago nakapagsalita. How would you react if you were in my shoes?Would you jump for joy? Knowing the fact that the guy is pedophile? Huh what a shit!!! Oh yes, she told me her reasons why she accepted the reconciliation approach of her husband. According to her, she is afraid that she and her daughter might be deported to Philippines if she is separated with her “bitter-half”. May ibang Pinay daw kasing nakapagsabi sa kanya na pauuwiin siya soonest aalis siya sa poder ng lalaki. Lalo na at tatlong taon pa lang siya dito at wala pang permanent resident permit. True! But her case is very different. This regulation has been made to prevent “sham marriages” in german ‘Scheinehe‘.

I know the rules and regulations here very well…she actually has the big chance to acquire visa without that monster. Pero mahirap kumbinsihin ang taong ayaw maniwala at walang tiwala. It’s her life, it’s her decision so she has to be ready for the coming consequences. I’m worried and I feel concerned about the child…but this woman’s only concern is their fucking visa.

If I were in her place…I’d rather risk loosing it and go back to where I came from, than risk the life of my only child. The child’s welfare is more important than anythingelse in this world!