Daily Archive: January 9, 2006

Behind The Scene

Now you see me now you don’t! I am not hiding nor I neglected my blog…its just that I have so many things to do and to attend thus I have no time to write an update. My bloghosting business is running well as year 2006 started, kaya dito ngayon nakatuon ang aking time and attention. I haven’t said a word to most of you about this so if you don’t mind I would like to grab the opportunity to introduce to you BeSeen Hosting

In case you guys decide to acquire your own domain and web space…well, just don’t hesitate to contact me. You can visit my hosting site any time for more details.

And oh, I almost forgot to mention about WordPress, Blogger and Pixelpost Theme Design. Because I realize that not everyone can get the perfect look for their site by using a free template, I offer custom design and modification services. Whether you need a few extra pages added to your existing template or need a template redesigned using your own special colors and images, I made a list of prices and fee schedule for your convenience.

A Site For A Good Cause
Here comes another project of mine which was silently launched last December 2005…introducing WE PINOYS, it is an online Filipino community for Pinoys around the whole globe. This site is not strictly for Pinoys alone…as infact we already have 2 Germans and one Swiss national as members. Our aim here is to build up a bridge or linkages, thru our community forum and Our Own Voices (articles or stories section). We also hope to have a network of support amongst us Filipinos just like the way it is back in our own faraway town. Through We Pinoys!

Beng’s Craziness

What is Beng without her crazy ideas? That wouldn’t be the real me if I completely turn into a serious and reserve person. And I think my life is completely dull without my kalukringan. Well, I remember when I was in Manila way back nineteen

kupong-kupong…I enrolled myself to a personal development school named KARILAGAN, in Pasong Tamo. Why? Simply because I wanted to learn how to move like a lady. To learn to smile like Mona Lisa and to learn to walk like as if I am floating on air (hibang talaga anoh?). And what happened? It helped to other girls but not to me. Tama ang Mama ko as she said I am a hopeless case. Kaya noon at ngayon same Beng pa rin ako. At the age of 43 very daring pa rin. Last week, I dared to have a tattoo just right above my ankle.