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Hello blog world and hello friends, hier bin ich wieder (here I am again). Pasensiya na kayo at hindi ako nagkaroon ng panahon para mag bloghop lately. I would like to thank everybody who visited and left messages kahit ako invisible. Sunod-sunod ang dating ng aming mga bisita kaya ako naging busy, as infact our last guest from Unter Franken region just left this afternoon. I’m so exhausted dahil kuwentuhan blues kami til early in the morning at namasyal naman buong araw in four consecutive days. I desperately need a lukreng-byuti rest :crazy: so I can clearly think whom to vote this Sunday. Yup, you hear it right — election, err general election pala.

The word election means nothing to me and can not even arouse my enthusiasm to go out and vote. Honest to goodness politicians whether here in Germany or in the Philippines are the same – they are all LIARS and LEECH . So whom should I vote? The weak female leech Angela Merkel (Christian Democratic Union) or the greatest liar male leech Gerhard Schroeder (Social Democratic Party)?

The country is in trouble. Unemployment is high, the economy seems to be locked in a long, slow decline, and there is widespread unrest, especially in the depressed areas.

Is Germany Desperate Enough?

Things have to change, a fact that most citizens acknowledge, but who’s going to make those changes happen? Reckoning on the popularity of the man in charge and the mixed public attitude towards the female leader of the opposition, the governing party has decided that its only real chance is to call elections earlier than expected. With elections fast approaching, however, it looks like it may have made a big mistake.

Sound familiar? It should. It’s a concise description of the choice facing Germany this Sunday as the country votes between an unpopular government run by Social Democratic Chancellor Gerhard Schröder and the only slightly more palatable prospect of a government run by his Christian Democrat (CDU) challenger Angela Merkel.

Whoever wins the general election on Sept. 18 faces some daunting economic tasks, including bringing down unemployment and tackling Germany’s burgeoning deficit. Either Schröder or his conservative challenger, Angela Merkel, will need find a way to get people back to work in the eurozone’s largest economy to help rekindle moribund domestic demand, which has been in the doldrums for years.


Beng Hafner is my name. Well, most of you know that already. I am a mother of 3 and a granny of 3 cute kids. I am proud to be who I am and I am proud of the way I am. I am alive because I have a lot to live for. I have many dreams that I wish to reach for and I have many journeys to make. My life is like a soap opera, and you are the audience.

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17 Responses

  1. kars says:

    “….The country is in trouble. Unemployment is high, the economy seems to be locked in a long, slow decline…….”

    same here… :headache:

  2. thess says:

    so who are you voting for, really? I’ve seen the debate on the tele and it was still Schroeder garnering more nods than Merkel (that’s according to the statistics)

    Germany, like our very own country needs help..come to think of it, Holland needs help too (you’ve seen how expensive it is here 🙁 )

    have a good weekend..and a lot of rest.

  3. ting says:

    Elections, wala akong alam diyan, kahit maghapon mo akong kausapin. Yon na lang 20 years ago ang pag-usapan natin. 🙂

    ‘musta ka na mutti? ako busy rin.

  4. stel says:

    :heartbeat:halu beng, pahinga ka na ha.
    dito din decline of civilization and back to the Dark Ages *sigh*go with your gut feeling i guess. piliin mo yung maipagtatanggol ang karapatan ng mga bata, babae, may pinsala, matatanda(tulad ko).:-D
    take care!

  5. foxyboxy says:

    coucou, beautiful bengski deary! how are you?

    hay naku, yan ang problema, when it comes to election di natin alam sino talaga ang ideal na pwedeng mamuno, so ang hirap mamili :thinking:…

    Pero siguro, I’d rather have a weak but honest (kung honest nga, hehe) merkel than to have a leech and liar schröder, to lead the country. just my two cents worth, frau bengski.

    enjoy your sunday! :cheerful:

  6. missP says:

    hello madame BIngskie!

    :innocent: well salamat naman at hindi pa ako botante dito sa bansang ito, otherwise, :yes: laking kargo ng konsiyensiya ko kung ang binoto ko ay palpak at anti-foreigner :duh: …buwahahaha!

    time for your beauty rest, tita… :rose:

  7. Lukaret says:

    hello karina, in some points ay hindi na magkaiba ang germany at pilipinas.

  8. Lukaret says:

    hi thekyang howdy? to be honest my dear wala akong binutuhan sa kanilang dalawa. i stayed home yesterday at natulog buong maghapon.i don’t know if you monitored the election pero dios mio ang gulo nila. both cdu and spd claimed to be the winner…eh papaano kaya yon ano?

  9. Lukaret says:

    hi mutti,
    sa tutuo lang wala akong interest sa politic nagiging involved nalang dahil dito sa asawa ko. hindi ako bumuto dahil walang mapagpilian :irked:

    global talaga noh? dati rati, germany was a social state, pero lahat ay gusto nila ngayong baguhin dahil wala ng pera ang gobyerno. siguro ganun na nga ang mangyayari katulad ng sinabi mo “back to dark ages”. papaano na lang ang ating mga anak 🙁

  10. Lukaret says:


    kumusta din diyan? i know merkel is honest pero very weak…as a result 35.2% lang votum nila. lamang lang sila ng kunti sa spd who got 34.3% votes. ah basta ako ay nakapahinga na…bahala na silang maglabo-labo sa berlin. malamang na uulitin ang election…


    napikon ang asawa ko nang sabihin kong republikaner ang butuhan ko. hmmp, i was just joking lang naman anoh. sabi niya ako daw ang unang sipain ng mga ito palabas sa germany kapag sila ay mananalo :eyes: sows eh di :plane: lipad agad di bah?

  11. sha says:

    itong si markus naki alam din sa eleksyon na yan…

    read a good article sa newspaper about german economy opps maka recover pa ba

  12. annabanana says:

    hello beng1
    hehehe i can’t help but smile at your url, kung ako sumpungin lang, ikaw lukaret pala…talbog ako sa byuti! hehehe:cheerful: i have been seeing your name in thess’ suplada’s blog, i have even visited your site several times, totoo yan, you can confirm! ang ganda ng templates mo! galeng galeng! i love your smilies! ;-):roll::idea::cool::beee::heartbeat:

  13. KnOizKi says:

    Honestly, I don’t VOTE because I hate politics. They are just bunch of liars & all they want is you for their seats. :iloveu:

  14. CheH says:

    Inday beng hugsss ,nagkakagulo yung dalawa maski pareho silang verlierer mga pabadlong dyud!

    o sagol sagol na ning akong sinuwatan da,hehe

  15. Lukaret says:

    hihihi. knoiz…appear, parehong-pareho tayo 🙄

  16. Lukaret says:

    day cheh,

    kanang duha diha nga mga labad atua na lang pasagdan kay mao ra ug dili gyud mabangbang ilang pagkakutaw ug utok :crazy:

    how are you :iloveu:

  17. grace says:


    Kmusta na? asa na man ka? cant go to ur food blog? dili ko kasabot! he he… mukhang buzy ang beauty mo ngayon ahh.. cge, d2 nalang.. kisses :cheerful::running:

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