The Weather

The Germans are obsessed with the weather. They can moan, rejoice, and generally talk at great length about weather conditions – changes in temperature, humidity and moisture levels, varying degrees of sunshine, amount of rain and snowfall, barometric pressure, fluctuating mercury levels….

At first I couldn’t fathom this strange phenomenon. After all, I come from a country where the sun rises without fail everyday, climbs high up in a clear blue sky, and makes the people flee indoors or under leafy trees by midday. Terrible as it sounds, I’d taken sunshine for granted in my life – till I came to Germany, that is.

Now I understand all these fuss and relentless talk about the weather. I myself wilted like a drooping flower after a couple of weeks without the sun. I am no longer acting unaffected. Like Germans, I come to life during these few warm sunny days, and appeared animated and full of restless energy, thankful to be released from the dulling clutches of winter.

Today is one of those sunny days, I decided to wind up from my work early and spend much time outdoors instead…strolling and taking pictures.


Beng Hafner is my name. Well, most of you know that already. I am a mother of 3 and a granny of 3 cute kids. I am proud to be who I am and I am proud of the way I am. I am alive because I have a lot to live for. I have many dreams that I wish to reach for and I have many journeys to make. My life is like a soap opera, and you are the audience.

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26 Responses

  1. boksie says:

    o, say? ganda-ganda naman ni madame beng!

    yeah, yesterday’s weather was great and I took the chance to wash la peugeot, kya lang today’s weather’s nang-iinis, it’s raining!!! nabalewala lang ang 2 hours kong pagod kahapon! šŸ™


  2. Beng says:

    hello bok cheri, naks naman…you made my day šŸ™‚

    your car is lucky to have you as owner. ang aking sasakyan ay di ko pa ‘napaliguan’ since winter. i had been planning to go to the car wash, but since the weather was so bad during the last few months hindi ko ginawa. like u said nga, nabalewala ang efforts mo dahil inulan din šŸ™

    ingot talaga ang weather lately noh?

    missing you!

  3. thess says:

    aruuu, ang dalaga ganda poporma!! I’m glad you had fun w/ father sun yesterday. Pajg pageant ang posings, hihihi.
    I also like your flower subject and that windmill.

  4. Beng says:

    thess, i really enjoyed yesterday’s weather. i had a tight schedule nga kahapon pero hindi ko feel ang stress. iba na talaga ano kapag naarawan :). alam mo bang extra kong pinuntahan ang windmill na yan para makuhanan ng picture at maipagyabang sa yo (yabang ko tlg).

    di mo lang alam kong gaano kahirap ang pumorma. palibhasa not a born model kaya ganun. hihihi, nagandahan lang ako sa mga tanim. sa venlo din yong garden shop na pinuntahan namin.

  5. thess says:

    BOKS, cherie…wala pa kaming representative from france sa forum ni beng…wanna take a look? šŸ˜‰

  6. boksie says:

    di mo lang alam kong gaano kahirap ang pumorma ha ha ha!!! type na type ko talaga sense of humor mo benggay!!!

    love you!!!

  7. thess says:

    kung lahat ng tao ay may ‘kayabangan’ ng gaya sa iyo..aba eh, gusto ko ng lahat ng tao eh mayabang!

    isang beses pa lang ako nakakapunta sa german garden shop..may magagandang tanim din kayo dyan…pero mga summer flowers, sa austria ang dami kong nakitang magaganda…i wish to go and buy some this summer.

    may email ako ulit sa imo, kita na?

  8. Beng says:

    thess, got your last email at kapapadala ko lang ng aking sagot šŸ™‚

    psst sabay tayong pumunta ng austria para mamili ng burakrak? pero bago tayo punta doon, punta ka muna dito. sabay kayo ni bokski.

    ahehehe, kaw talaga thess pinapalaki mo lalo aking puwet šŸ˜€

  9. Beng says:

    ganun va bok? maraming salamat! i luv my sense of humor too (aba, na over dosed yata). joke lang yan ha baka maniwala ka naman.

    luv u

  10. KnoizKi says:

    the DIVA! i only see windmills on calendars but now i see it here taken by you. nice photos, ate.

  11. bing says:

    nice photos really lalo na yung flower at yung isang flower which is you… he he he. hi beng… looks like you’ve a grand day here

  12. atinna says:

    wow ! hanep sa posing posing si inday ganda ! sino kumuha ng pictures mo si darrling mo? talo mo talaga si michelle pfeiffer ng dalawang paligo pag ganyan hehehe…ciao bella !

  13. weather.. last night I was waiting for my husband to come back and we were suppose to go walking WHAT HAPPENED NEXT?
    am not mad about it but i do keep a thermometer outside my husband is good at reading the skies, clouds etc…
    hali kayo may pakpak na tinola dali.,.

  14. aba pa pose pose pa….

  15. Beng says:

    hello shatzi, ano nag hail diyan? grabe naman talaga ang weather ngayon. buti na lang di ka lumabas orelse may bukol ka ngayon šŸ™‚

    padad-i ko ug tinola bi. psst, huwag kang maingay ha pero umandar ang aking pagkasira the other day kaya medyo pumorma ng konti.

  16. Beng says:

    hi atinna, yong pinay friend ko ang kumuha ng picture. si darrrling ko that time was at work (habang ako naman ay nagliwaliw).

    harharhar, kong ganun maliligo pa ako ng ilang beses para lamang ako ng husto (ngeek!)

  17. Beng says:

    hi bing,

    maraming salamat sa iyong pagdalaw. i really appreciate it dahil alam ko kong gaano ka ka busy.

  18. stel says:

    naku how pretty the tropical flower under the German sun….talong talo nga ang mga celebrity kaya ka napapagkamalan lagi eh…heehee.
    i know what you mean about sunshine on the skin, it affects our brain and soul and all ….*sigh*

  19. Beng says:

    di ba stel, we simply feel different when the sun comes up. hmm, lagi po akong napagkakamalang si ai-ai de las alas šŸ™‚ happy weekend my friend.

  20. ai ai de las alas met her few years back in athens,,,
    dito ako sa Oslo beng 2months na… home pa rin ang athens sa heart ko

  21. Beng says:

    schatzi, i am so very nosy kaya i have to ask you this question. eh how come ipinagpalit mo ang athens sa cold norway (norway right)? sabagay maraming salmon diyan šŸ˜€ hmm, i luv sinigang na salmon. mahal nga lang dito yan kaya bihira ko lang niluluto. u met ai-ai in athens? gumanda na ang bruhang yan after several operations šŸ™‚

  22. Ting says:

    Mommy Beng, gusto mo ng salmon? daming ulo dito. Asus, mabuti ka pa puro pasyal habang ako subsob sa trabaho.

  23. CheH says:

    I luv that bisdak flower in these photos:D

  24. Beng says:

    Mommy Ting, nowadays we can all ourselves lucky here kong aaraw ng isang beses sa isang linggo. Kaya everytime the sun shines, I always take the opportunity to go out…bahala na muna ang trabaho šŸ™‚

    Pwede mo ko padalhan ng ulo ng salamon maoomy? I-email mo na lang bara medyo mabilis. Sarap ilaga eh.

  25. Beng says:

    Cheh, matay gyud ka bisdak noh šŸ˜€

  26. karina says:

    hi! gihimo nkong wallpaper ang pic na nay windmill. hehehe. salamat.

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