Monthly Archive: May 2005

Charity Ball

Para sa mga party animals na nandito sa Germany gusto ko sanang ipaalam sa inyo na may gaganaping Charity Ball sa Düsseldorf ngayong Sabado, June 4, 2005. Meron silang mga guest artist na galing sa atin, namely Randy Santiago and Rachel Alejandro. I never heard of them :shock:, ang kilala ko lang kasi ay yong mga datihang famous performers noong alaw. May entrance fee pala na naghahalaga ng € 39,00. Mahal noh? Pero di bale…may kasamang kain na yan…eat ’til you drop baga. May yugyugan blues din, may raffles at iba pang programa.

Kaya kong sino man ang gustong sumali…hala ilabas niyo na ang mga gown niyo. Magkiskis na ng kilay para pagdating doon ay maging estareray. Dadalo rin ako para naman makakita ng ibang tao. Ich brauche dringend eine Tapeten wechsel.

Kong sino man ang interesado punta na lang kayo sa main site ko para sa kompletong detalye.

How to Grow a Friend

Just something to ponder :thinking:

The best time to grow a best friend is before you need one!
Written or compiled by Joy Stevens


1. People Equal Friends.

There is a certain chemistry with friends just as in a love relationship. Therefore, contact with other people is the first building block to grow a friend. Friends can’t grow in a vacuum. Best friends take time.

2. Talking Is Essential Among Friends.

Talking between friends requires reciprocity. In a mutually satisfying friendship, both friends talk and both friends listen. Friends talk appropriately to each other.

3. Friends Acknowledge Friends.

Friends acknowledge each other when talking. Many conflicts in your personal relationships can be avoided if you will take the time to acknowledge other’s feelings and points of view.

4. Friends Listen to Friends.

Listening to friends in an important step in building a closer friendship. We often take listening for granted, never realizing what it means to really listen to a friend.

5. Friends Attend to Friends.

Friends focus during conversations. Friends pay attention in conversations. It means that your ears, your eyes, your body and your feelings are all focused on that person at the time.

6. Friends Show Empathy With Friends.

Empathy is identifying with your friend’s feelings and seeing life through your friend’s eyes. Confidences are freely given when they are received with empathy among friends.

7. Friends Touch Friends.

Touching is a warm form of communication between friends. When you see best friends communicating, you will notice friends “listen with their eyes,” stand close together, and touch comfortably.

8. Friends Praise Friends.

Affirmation is a powerful tool for growing a friend. Genuine praise can affect your friends’ lives. Be liberal with praise for all of your friends, including your casual ones.

9. Friends Are Loyal and Trustworthy.

Trust and loyalty go hand-in-hand for friends. Friends can trust you with their secrets, both large and small, because good friends never break a confidence. Good friends are forever loyal!

10. Friends are Equal.

Friends are on a seesaw. In a healthy relationship, friends are equals. Not 50/50 every time, of course, but with a true, lasting friendship it always evens out in the end.

11. Friends Reveal Their Feelings.

We feel closest to our friends when we are suffering together, when we feel like our friend needs us, or when we feel a friend has shared something of great importance with us.

12. Friends Do Not Mind Read.

The person who thinks, “If you really liked me, you could read my mind” can not have an adult friendship. No friend can read your mind. And you can not read your friend’s mind.