The A380’s Maiden Flight

The world’s largest passenger plane, the Airbus A380, has taken off on its long-awaited maiden flight.

A truly enormous plane, an even bigger hangar to build it in, talk of a revolution in air travel, extravagant promises of airborne casinos, bars and shops.

The A380 took off from its production site in Toulouse with a crew of six and about 20 tonnes of test equipment.

Airbus, which is owned by European firm EADS and the UK’s BAE Systems, sees the A380 as the future of air travel.


Airlines will have to convince passengers they want to fly with as many as 500, and potentially 800, people around them: This is a plane that will have four aisles.

Perhaps to avoid criticism that its plane is designed to be ‘cattle-class’, Airbus has carefully marketed the A380 as a luxurious way to travel, its promo videos oozing spacious inflight shopping, showers, bars, and libraries.

The full size mock-up of the plane in Toulouse, France, even has an onboard waterfall. There is space for all this, but it is a brave airline that doesn’t fill that space with more seats.

Source: BBC NEWS

It is indeed a milestone in aviation history. Pero affordable din kaya para sa mga normal na pasaherong katulad ko ang presyo ng pamasahe nito? I doubt.


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3 Responses

  1. thess says:

    that was also my question when i first heard of this new A380, maa afford ko ba yan?
    pag hindi, tita beng, mag bangka na lang tayo ha ha!

    moosta na? busy ka ba sa projects mo?

  2. Beng says:

    hahaha, thess…yon na nga eh. pressumably only the super rich can afford it just like the “Concorde”. kaya like you said mamangka na lang tayo, may iba din akong ibang option. magpahid tayo ng langis ng niyog at kuhanin ang walis and up we go. i’m currently doing the finishing touch of that corporate template i mentioned last time nagalit na ang taong umorder dahil ang tagal ko daw. si mader in law ay uuwi na bukas, i have to drive her to duesseldorf tomorrow, doon ang train niya eh. finally i’m free. how about you? sus me, tagal ko ng binabalak na mag email sa yo pero hindi ko magawa-gawa. but never mind hahabol na lang ako ok? miss u

  3. thess says:

    olrayti, tapusin mo na muna template na yan…yung kay mister, malapit na rin ako mabatukan kasi hindi ko inaasikaso ha ha…o sha, sabitan mo ne lei si madir at pakabait kamo sya ;)…
    intayin ko call or email mo

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