A Mom In Conflict

I admit that I am slowly getting bored at home. That would explain my being moody and luck of drive during the few months. I have been thinking of venturing a small time business (:happy: not monkey business). This plan is not only for my boredom but I also want to earn money in the first place. Dahil ayokong maging pabigat lang sa asawa ko. I was never before and wouldn’t want it ever happen.

Oo nga may maliit pa akong anak, and honestly when I was still pregnant I swear to stay at home and enjoy every single moment of being a mother again. My other two kids grew up without my full attention and it enormously bothered me every day when I got up early and left to work without seeing them. Kaya ko nasabing ibahin ko na ang lifestyle ko with the youngest. Pero kadalasan kaibahan ang lumalabas dahil what I think and what I really want does not coincide.

I am trying to conceptualize my idea of opening a business without affecting my obligations to my kids. Sounds difficult and complicated but I think it’s possible. There’s such a big difference when it comes to time flexibility between being an employee and being your own boss. So I think my plan is more favourable and suitable to my current position. Right now, I am still waiting for the right opportunity to materilize this plan of opening a small boutique. Luckily my husband is behind me and is willing to support me para lang daw ako maging contented ulit.


Beng Hafner is my name. Well, most of you know that already. I am a mother of 3 and a granny of 3 cute kids. I am proud to be who I am and I am proud of the way I am. I am alive because I have a lot to live for. I have many dreams that I wish to reach for and I have many journeys to make. My life is like a soap opera, and you are the audience.

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